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religion quality posting

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#1 caliban

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Posted 05 September 2015 - 11:07 PM

LongeCity has a defined mission and an overarching topic. LongeCity is not a chatroom and not a 'free for all' for easy banter. We expect certain standards from our members and visitors, and generally those are adhered to. 


Occasionally, we accept that in certain topic areas, a degree of emotion and stridency cannot be avoided, but that is no excuse for lazy, incoherent, ad-hominem or aggressive posts. 

For some time now, the level of discussion in this sub-forum has been below par. 

This is NOT the fault of any particular individual or faction - almost all who post here have been guilty of breaching the general posting guidelines.  


Some general points:  

  • If you hold to a religion or faith: LongeCity is primarily interested in the conquest of death by scientific means. We do not entirely discount or exclude spirituality and religion from that discussion, but you must realize that the 'scientific mindset' attracts a number of skeptics. It is your responsibility to represent a religious position with respect, dignity and openness to alternative views in a manner that genuinely advances the discussion. 
  • If you prefer one faith over the other: LongeCity has no interest in being a platform for religious disagreements that are not directly and practically relevant to its mission. Unless you can establish and maintain that link clearly, please take your argument elsewhere.          
  • To those of an atheist disposition: LongeCity is not the forum to vent your frustrations with what remains a global phenomenon. This sub-forum is as much a place to discuss and critique religion as it is to encounter religious views. If you find all religious arguments extremely spurious or frustrating, do not visit this sub-forum. 
  • Irrespective of your position: Make your point and move on. Do not react to provocations and do not participate in name-calling.  


Please take this as a final warning. In the coming weeks there will be severe moderation penalties issued for all posts that appear to perpetuate the current low quality. 

These may appear unfair or arbitrary to you, but there will be no appeal. Unless you are 100% sure that your contribution is worth making, do not make it. 

We would rather have a very slow sub-forum on religion than one that is damaging to LongeCity's reputation for serious, respectful discourse.       


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