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Looking for a third party from the UK to help me attain TTA


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#1 Qowpel

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Posted 18 November 2015 - 05:42 PM

Hello everyone. My mother has diabetes type 2 and is not doing well at all. We have tried many many things in order to lower her blood sugar effectively and they al work very marginally and erratically. My mother has used cassia and Ceylon cinnamons, metformin, berberine, chromium, you name it, it has been used. There is one substance however that works Very well for her and that is TTA. TTA is a supplement that generally promotes rapid fat oxidation but it also has the effect of lowering blood sugar. I was using my last bottle to cut some extra fat until I read about the TTA being useful I diabetes. I immediately let my mother use the last 3 weeks worth, and lo and behold, her fasting blood sugar dropped back to Pred Diabetes levels!!!! We have not seen that since, well, she had Pre Diabetes. No other substance has been able to produce that result. The problem is the bottle ran out and I bought another but it is rancid and does not work. (you see, TTA was banned in the US 3 years ago because of Big Pharma......) Meaning the last remaining ones had an expiration date of roughly mid 2014. The only reason my bottle still worked was becase of very precise storage. But I just bought another bottle of TTA 500 (the name of the product) and it is rancid, expired, and after 2 weeks of my mother using it, she saw no effects........


The only place I could find TTA, in a powder form, still obviously being manufactured actively since it is legal in the UK.... I found this powder on Bulk Supplements.com, a UK company. I love my mother and relly need to get my hands on it. I cannot continue wasting time  purchasing the last remaining bottle here in the US, knowing they will very likely be rancid and useless. I need to act now. Because my Mother's health is steadily declining....  The UK company bulk supplements does not ship to the USA


I really need somebody from the UK to obtain this supplement via ordering from their site, receive it, ad then ship it internationally to the USA, to me. I will pay the shipping fees, as well the cost of the supplement, plus extra for the convenience. Would anyone be interested in helping me here (I obviously will buy in bulk in order to basically have a long term amount for my mother to use). If anyone would help me I would appreciate it, and I encourage any of you who hae diabetes or high blood sugar, or know someone who does, take a look into this substance. You cn either post here or PM me. Thank you. I cannot simply sit here without making an attempt to ultimately make sure my mother's health remains afloat.

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