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Salvia Divinorium Experience Kappa Opioids System

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#1 vaarmen

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Posted 22 November 2015 - 01:37 AM

Today I had one my first experiences with Salvia.
I will be telling the experience soon and hope to get opinions about the following:

The KAPPA OPIOID SYSTEM, how it affects behavior and whether up or down-regulated state is more beneficial for a 21st century smart human.

First of all this is the first hallucinogen I have had an experience with and was not sure what to expect in general. I thought I would get something like virtual reality and I will be in the observer's point of view. What happened was quite fascinating, though.


The first time I did it was weird, it took me by surprise and I got into a dream like state where I could still think.


The third time I did salvia, after a few minutes of the dream like state I was back in the reality. I soon realized however, that my state of consciousness is alter. I felt like I am PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, other people have called this "death of ego". The feeling of SELF was not the entire body and mind but the PURE CONSCIOUSNESS only. 


Imagine you have a large human like robot, of a size of a large building, and you are sitting somewhere in the head of the robot. Visualize your view of the world at this point. How would you see the world ? What would you feel ? This is what I was feeling during the experience. The robot was my BODY and the driver - the "you" in the example was MY CONSCIOUSNESS sitting in my head, observing the world. The feeling of my eyes closing seemed like you would feel if a large door was shut in front of you.


A lot of my subconscious processes, that work PARALLEL to the consciousness to produce behavior were barely present. Anxiety, fear, shame was basically nonexistence. There was only PURE CONSCIOUSNESS. I could do and say precisely ANYTHING I wanted to do. Have you experience social anxiety or discomfort in social situations, when it feels you don't have control ? When it feels your voice, your face expression or your behavior is partially out of your CONSCIOUS control, being governed my circuitry of fear, anxiety, social acceptance, anger or anything else ?
Salvia was the EXACT OPPOSITE of that. All those were inexistent. Every part of the behavior was under complete control.


My BRAIN FOG and DEPRESSION was gone. My thought was CLEAR and CLEAN.



Now here is my hypothesis of the neuropsychiatry that was happening:
Salvia has a very clean action - KAPPA OPIOID AGONIST.
Kappa opioids and Mu opioids have somewhat opposite effects. Kappa Agonist are supposed to have no euphoria whatsoever.

One of recent Depression models is that it's a state of UPREGULATED KAPPA OPIOID SYSTEM.
Kappa Opioid System is hypothesized to represent the APPROACH / AVOID spectrum of the person towards challenges.


I read about the above and decided to give Salvia a try. I wanted to AGONIZE the receptors to achieve LONG term DOWNREGULATION of the system. I was expecting to feel fear and dysphasia after few minutes of administration, but was stunned to achieve the full control and pure consciousness I was talking about.


One explanation is the following. Kappa neurons are usually coupled with dopamine neurons. Dopamine in the anxiety and fear systems creates anxiety and fear. Kappa neurons have inhibitory action on dopamine neurons. Increased Kappa activity caused by Salvia my decrease the activity of the subconscious areas of the mind, causing fear and anxiety leaving a feeling of PURE CONSCIOUSNESS.


Here is the DILEMMA, however !
Why is it then that previously, DOWNREGULATED KAPPA SYSTEM was considered preferable ? This is inconsistent with what I observed. 


Some people have experimented with JDTic which is a KAPPA ANTAGONIST. I would love to hear how they felt during the acute and withdrawal states. Any parallels ?


Anyone else has similar experiences with Salvia ?


P.S. I previously associated DOPAMINE with increased CONSCIOUS control. However being high on Salvia, I snorted some RITALIN which had NO EFFECT on the drive, motivation or thought process of my PURE CONSCIOUSNESS. Had I not have Salvia in my system I would feel the effects of the Ritalin a lot.

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#2 PalmAnita

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Posted 24 November 2015 - 06:39 AM

What dosage, concentration and route of administration did you use? I'm really curious about salvia again, I've used it once several years ago but back then I was quite naive and the extract I've used was too powerful combined with me being a non-smoker, this led to a dysphoric experience.


The experience you describe, the human robot and the abstraction of consciousness, along with the disappearance of anxiety and fear is remarkably similar to my experiences of other, NMDA antagonising dissociatives like ketamine, methoxetamine and dextromethorphan. These substances tend to have uniquely positive effects for me ranging from relief and some true nootropic-alike effects in very low dosages to really consciousness-expanding trips in higher ones (but when going above that, it's becoming heavily and utterly dysphoric- a good safety mechanism, at least for me).


Have to say here that I don't tolerate the usual cholinergic nootropics - racetams make me very tense, anxious and depressed. Feels over-excited and somewhat toxic. Suspect to have some genetic predispose for glutamate over-activity inherited from my mother.


I remember of salvia having pronounced dissociative after effects too, so it's really intriguing. Unfortunately they banned the plant all over the world despite it not being physically dangerous - fuck the war on drugs and people's ignorance once again. 


Am really curious about the relationship of the kappa opioid receptors too, in regards to the other (mu, delta) as well as to the NMDA receptors etc.. some say that kappa agonism is the opposite of mu agonism, but then again both ones seem to be analgesic. Would fit because NMDA antagonism / dissociation definitely is analgesic too, and could be considered dysphoric by these who like opioids - but this is a really strange thing that I'm not yet sure about. Very interested to read other's experiences and theories about!

Edited by dopamimetiq, 24 November 2015 - 06:43 AM.

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#3 jacobjerondin

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Posted 21 April 2019 - 05:12 AM

This is quite fascinating, can anyone else share some insight or experiences with using salvia in this manner?


I've been dealing with some serious, soul crushing anhedonia for a couple months now since getting off being dependent on phenibut and it's killing me. I believe that the problem resides in my kappa opioid receptors being upregulated from all the stress and trauma I went through, and I need to downregulate them by using salvia in low doses consistently over a period of time. I've read a ton of users reporting very promising antidepressant/anti-anhedonic effects from salvia (from the afterglow, after the psychedelic effects are over). That makes sense given that the kappa opioid receptors inhibit dopamine functioning and so downregulating them thru a powerful agonist like salvia has the opposite effect!


I'm wondering in particular how smoking salvia versus the longer lasting quidding method would compare for inducing the best afterglow state that OP described as "pure consciousness" for the longest period possible, or in more scientific terms, how to downregulate kappa opioid receptors for as long as possible. Also, I'm wondering whether salvia or LSD microdosing might be more effective for anhedonia, in particular, for my stress induced anhedonia.

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