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Intimidation: creative wildlife/human ways to passively get respect and discourage/warn competitors/potential aggressors

tattoo intimidation competition psychological warfare psychology symbolism

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#1 Seganfredo

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Posted 25 January 2016 - 02:29 AM

"Passively" - without actually having to lose my cool or act without peace.


I'm interested in applying this for:


a) getting a psychological edge in physical competition (MMA/submission fighting, etc)

b) believe it or not, even though I'm 30 yo, being able to shave my face and use cool, peaceful, relaxed, friendly body language in public while keeping pestering street gangs/thugs away without having to utter a word (I live in Brazil, near a favela, and the favelados can get really annoying/ disrespectful if you louse your toughness for a second.)


Some examples I've found:

In the human world, tattoos can certainly discourage/warn potential aggresors and competitors; Bearing oneself with great dignity and assertivity too.

In the natural world, the red color and the black and yellow color combination have precisely this effect. (There are studies that suggest that red does have an impact in humans).

The many Eyes on the wings of butterflies and in the fur of animals too, if I'm not mistaken (I'd guess it has effects in humans, as the Eye symbol has been used so many times and with such importance throughout history)




Anyway, I always wanted a good excuse to tattoo myself, so I'll do it before it's a bit too late to enjoy it - I just turned 30.

My gameplan for now is tattooing both my arms (left sleeve ttill just before the elbow and a band or something of the sort around the right biceps).

I'm researching what are the most effective shapes/symbols/optical illusions/etc to make it look more intimidating but haven't had any great findings.

(TBH I'm secretly thirsting for the heavily psychological, optical illusion, techniques/tactics that will totally mindf*ck and discourage competitors and no one will really be able to fully consciously realise/tell. But anything that works is awesome.)




Any input will be greatly appreciated,


R. Seganfredo

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#2 aconita

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Posted 25 January 2016 - 11:12 PM

Hypertrophy is quite discouraging, shaved head or very short hairs, many intricate tattoos (it doesn't really matters the theme, actually the less evident the theme is the more intimidating are), neck or face tattoos, looking straight in the eyes, standing with straight posture and wide stance, always move around without hesitations as if you perfectly know what you are going to do next, don't speak much, if bothered look bored as if you already know the outcome because you already have been there a lot (you'll beat the shit out of the annoyer without any doubt), always move very sure of yourself even if apparently nobody is watching, black color is going to make you look a bit smaller but is not a friendly message (if your size is not an issue it may be a good choice).


Some other self defense tactics include:


if bothered act as a crazy person, talk weird, act weird, etc...nobody like to mess with crazy people because they are very impredictable, for example start talking with yourself at 2 or 3 persons at the same time totally ignoring the real person in front of you, talk plurale maiestatis (refer to yourself as "we", not as "I").


Be well aware of your surroundings, always check for an escape route, always look around, check everybody out, give the impression of being very aware and be very aware.


Avoid unfriendly situations, change side of the walkway if a group of youngster is in your way, avoid troublesome areas, if you end up in those situations show perfect ease and awareness, never look intimidate, actually try to do the opposite: look intimidating as if you didn't end up there by mistake but because you really want to and are on a mission (it may implicate you are a really bad guy better left alone),


Always pick up the biggest nastier looking guy of a group to interact with, friendly or fighting (you show the rest of the group you are not intimidated and are tough), ignore the small fishes (you are to bored to deal with those loosers) but keep always an unnoticed eye on those too.


Go your way as if you have more important things to do and have no intention of wasting time with loosers without giving out the impression you are scare, worried or running away, you just have more important things to do and nobody is going to stop you.


If you have to hit first and hard, never show to be worried about hurting people, actually make it looks as if you really enjoy it.


Read Sun-Tsu "The Art of War".







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