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LongeCity Now Sponsoring Meetups in NYC

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Posted 08 October 2016 - 08:18 AM

LongeCity is now sponsoring existing meetup groups in NYC as part of a plan to market LongeCity to active meetup group participants and create brick and mortar social events for interested people to explore. Event sponsorship could be anything from arranging for guest speakers to go on our behalf who would mention us and give out fliers, to sponsoring events food, or prizes. Events should promote our mission, curing aging and all that goes with it (aging is responsible for 95% of the US healthcare bill), and virtually any event can be supported.


At each of these events people would be introduced to LongeCity and Local Chapter Grants. LongeCity's name would be part of the event title. Each event would be announced during meetups for 4 weeks preceding the event.


Some examples of possible sponsorship:

Chess and Other Board Game Enthusiasts - Sponsor a chess competition with a custom LongeCity Chess board (~$30-50) or LongeCity themed set of pieces.

ACM NYC - Association for Computing Machinery. Provide volunteer speaker and materials for something in our community that affects our research. Perhaps the Rinkle app, or some such thing.

Anime Cosplay etc - Sponsor food or have a drawing for a custom jewelry accessory (~$30-50) at an immortality themed screening.. IE - show stuff like the episode of Cowboy Beebop where Faye Valentine is thawed from cryostasis and more. These groups are usually run by libraries and colleges who are able to screen such things and we could have them read our "about us" page.

New York Tech Karaoke Meetup - Provide food, beverage, or a tab of up to $100 (+$20 tip) for a Longevity themed event. Something such as singing Forever Young, or Figure 8... Perhaps would could even get Infy to do a Karaoke edition of Vanishing, or have them play the Vanishing music video and talk about how it evolved from LongeCity.

Astoria Geek and Sundry - They do board games, we could repeat the chess set or use some other game.

Uptown NYC Boardgamers - more chess boards? Rejuvenation Monopoly? Can get these for around $30-50.

Business Idea to Conception - Reduced or paid admission for first $50-100 worth of guests ($3.00 admission to this event).


We will also make donations directly to meetup groups.

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