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One-A-Day™ Alternatives to Multivitamins

one-a-day™ alternatives to multivitamins multivitamins

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Posted 24 October 2016 - 09:59 AM

For more than 70 years, One A Day has been innovating personal nutritional support to create multivitamins made specially for you.
Supplementing the diet with vitamins, minerals, and calcium. One-A-Day Within is a multivitamin and mineral combination. It increases the amount of calcium and vitamins in the body. (from Drugs.com)
Multivitamins have been the subject of harsh criticism due to a couple of recent high visibility studies that showed little to no benefit from them, leading many to believe that multivitamins are useless. However, as you can see from recent multivitamin studies on Pubmed there's at least an equal amount of research indicating a quantifiable benefit of multivitamins. However there's a couple of good reasons by smart consumers and Biohackers wouldn't use this kind of multivitamin product.
No Quality Control - A single ingredient product manufacturer has a significant incentive for the ingredient to be high quality, legitimate and verified by 3rd party analysis. A multivitamin that contains numerous ingredients has a whole lot less reason to source high quality individual ingredients, indeed there's very little reason to believe that most multivitamin and supplement stack products actually contain the ingredients on the label.
A/B Testing - Biohackers use individual supplements in isolation to ascertain specific desirable effects. Combining a bunch of different ingredients may help but leaves a significant degree of uncertainty about what's actually helping.
Insufficient Dosages - Many multivitamins simply don't contain the individual ingredients in the amounts that have been demonstrated as effective in human studies.
Questionable Absorbability - In the multivitamin format it's questionable whether our bodies are even able to absorb the helpful ingredients. Funnily colored pee is commonly reported after taking multivitamins, indicating that they just passing through our bodies.
Alternatives: Given these downsides I wouldn't spend money on multivitamins or supplement stacks that don't have 3rd party COAs. I created this flowchart breaking down individual supplemental ingredients by effect(s) desired, it's a great place for smart consumers to start researching what they should be taking.
Alternative Drugs: Centrum, Nature Made, Garden of life, Megafood.


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