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Supradyn™ Alternatives to Multivitamins

supradyn™ multivitamins

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Posted 26 October 2016 - 10:11 AM

Complete multivitamin and multi mineral formula. High dose of essential vitamins to give you an effective energy recharge during demanding periods.
Supradyn contains 12 vitamins in balanced proportions as well as essential minerals and trace elements. Supradyn is recommended in all cases where there is a risk of vitamin or mineral deficiency: during convalescence following an illness or operation, with long-term slimming diets or special restricted diets.
Taking a multivitamin is kind of like a person who finds religion on their deathbed just before they pass away. It's probably not actually going to help you, but considering how low the cost of doing so is and given the ever so slight chance that it will do you tremendous good... hey why not!
Alternatives: A Biohacker would never rely upon a multivitamin to enhance their performance or improve their health. 
Via thorough research identify a desired effect from a specific ingredient 
Acquire that ingredient from a high quality source
Take that ingredient in isolation for 5-7 days to ascertain the effect resulting
Experiment with raising and lowering the dosage
Cycle off the supplement
Repeat with another ingredient for 5-7 days to determine the subjective difference
Then combine the ingredients so see if their combined effect is desired
Use individual ingredients and combinations of ingredients episodically for specific demands and goals.
Start your research with this infographic!
Alternative Drugs: Nutrichews

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