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Severe HPA dysregulation, need help

hpa adrenal anxiety

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#1 Maurice McGrath

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Posted 07 May 2017 - 12:54 PM

Hi all, given the wealth of intelligence on this forum, I'm hopeful someone can help me.

I crashed my nervous system pretty badly, taking high dose caffeine pre-workouts and living on junk protein bars for a year, this stupidly having recovered from severe psych meds withdrawal, taking 3 years to come off benzodiazepenes.

I was overtraining 6 days a week on olympic rings, and went through an emotional trauma, which you'll appreciate is private and I went cold turkey on all the pre-workouts caffeine, etc.

My system crashed hard, severe night sweats (for one night then barely sweated since). Cannot control body temperature, blood sugar issues, I crash on things like soluble fibre, sensitive to sugar alcohols in supplements, waking with startle reflex following a period of severe insomnia.

My stomach is shredded. If I eat some carbs, like sweet potatoes, stomach inflammation eases, but feel blood sugar drops between meals, and always feel like not enough is getting to my brain. If I cut all carbs then I'm in an adrenalised state. It's near impossible to find a happy medium.

I was losing the ability to digest proteins and fats, so added in digestive enzymes, a half capsule of Udo's choice, which helps, but blood sugar issues crop up more now.

I took a teaspoon of glutamine the night before last and last night and slept deeply, but blood sugars crashed this morning.

I took niacin, and this calmed me, helped me sleep at 300mg, but I crashed when it wore off in the morning.

When I crash, the lack of oxygen getting to my brain is scary, digestion slows even more.

I had a cortisol saliva test done and it revealed really high AM cortisol, and high normal curve the rest of the day, this when I was eating strict paleo, no carbs, but thinking all I had to do (as per the nutritionist) was add in more carbs, I had a blood sugar crash two days in.

I think this is HPA axis dysregulation, and cortisol is being sent up and down on extremes.

Flaxseed seems to be mildly soothing, but my nervous system is on a knife edge.

I need something to sedate the nervous system long enough, so I can taper off it slowly then, looking for a long half life sedative (not benzos though).

This is beyond meditation and with my stomach inflamed, even deep breathing hurts.

Hope someone can advise me on anything that might help. I see an integrative doctor in two weeks, but even things to offer as a suggestion to him.

Sincerely, thank you.

#2 Maurice McGrath

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Posted 07 May 2017 - 04:40 PM

I should also add my diet is very limited now. Any help anyone could provide, I would be really grateful. I am a dad to four young kids, and I just want to be capable to look after them.

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#3 Mind_Paralysis

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Posted 08 May 2017 - 12:52 PM

This honestly seems to be more of a metabolic or auto-immune issue, than a neurological or psychiatric one. Your symptoms are, alas, not my speciality. I would like to try to read up a bit and help you out, but I'm currently in a state of dissolution from the drug Atomoxetine.


But, if you want something that calms you down and gets you to sleep, as well as lower cortisol drastically, then MIRTAZAPINE is the go-to drug.


Side-effects include the greatest amount of weight-gain of any psychiatric drug - HOWever... unlike other compounds, the weight-gain is highly personal and genetically dependent - only 20% of the population get any weight-gain from it - which means there's an 80% chance that you WON'T get it.



There is a long thread on the forums regarding a fellow who has Aspergers, it goes into great detail on how to heal the gut, and improve gastrointestinal health, lowering inflammation. Try to find it, and see what his regimen was.


I believe one of the compounds mentioned as especially beneficial was N-AcetylCystein (NAC).

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#4 hdl_1

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Posted 09 May 2017 - 11:27 AM

To lower gastro inflamation and repair the lining it is NAG (N Acetyl Glucosamine). I suggest you add probiotics to replace the microbial fauna which may be disturbed by your previous eating habits.
You can make probiotics at home. Buy a bio-K, pour 1 can in about a gallon of milk and put it in an oven at (110F). Leave it for the night. If your oven doesn't support a constant 110F, just heat it up to about 140F and turn it off. You may have to leave the milk longer (24H) but it will still work out.

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