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Help picking a racetam

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#1 spacetime

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Posted 15 July 2017 - 07:07 PM

I've use piracetam in the past at doses ranging from 1-3g/daily. I ultimately settled on 1g ED. While the effects were mild and built up gradually they persisted for the 2-3 months I was taking it. The results were more noticeable after cessation as I noticed a diminishment in verbal fluency, color acuity and concentration. 



I'm looking to take a racetam again but there's far more choices and I'm unsure if one may be better suited towards my goals. I'm undertaking new studies and trying to pick up sw development. The study materials can be quite mundane and tedious to the point where it literally puts me to sleep. This is something I've never experienced before. As such I'm primarily looking at something that increases concentration. I'm not sure if the increased verbal fluency would help in the creative dev process but it could be an added benefit. I'd like to avoid anything that makes me irritable or anxious. Noopept seems to get mixed reviews in this regard.     


I would like to use at least 5x per week for 2-3 months and hope it provides a consistent effect. As such I intend to dose it at the lower end of the recommend dose for several weeks to try and assess the effects. 


I've briefly read various experiences and have concluded the following about the various racetams. Still trying to find out what the general negatives are. 


Aniracetam-more anxiolytic and not as good for boosting focus. more for social interaction because of increased verbal fluency or because of anxiolytic effect? also enhances music appreciation.

Coluracetam-primarily enhances visual actuity some mood and focus boost 


Oxiracetam- good for focus. blunts mood so some people feel robotic.  

Phenylpiracetam-energizing and increases focus/concentration. short duration of effect and quick tolerance formation. 

Piracetam-does a bit of everything to a moderate amount. increases concentration, visual acuity, verbal fluency

Pramiracetam- best for concentration/memory retention but short duration of effect and doesn't have the visual or creative boosting effects   


Noopept-hit or miss. Some claim brain fog while others say it improves memory/concentration. Could lower libido.


If anyone wants to state their own experiences with each it would be greatly appreciated. I know there's a variability in response that reflects the variability amongst individuals so it's a try it for yourself and see approach but perhaps I can garner some common responses/experiences.   


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