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Is microchip implant in the hand the beginning of the mark of the beast?

microchips mark of the beast

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#1 william7

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Posted 01 August 2017 - 08:38 AM

A Wisconsin company offers to implant microchips in its employees for free. Would this implant qualify as the mark of the beast as prophesied in the Bible's book of Revelation if it were forced on the population as a requirement for doing business and as a new system of identification? Revelation 13:16-17 says:


16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.


Such an implant forced on the masses would most definitely entail a loss of liberty and property and infringe on the First Amendment right to practice religion protected by the US Constitution. I'm sure the beast power will argue it's a better system for law enforcement to control crime and terrorism.



#2 seivtcho

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Posted 03 August 2017 - 05:35 PM

 Obviously the situation from everywhere is getting darker

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