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The Abolition of Aging: The forthcoming radical extension of healthy human longevity

david wood abolition of aging

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Posted 18 August 2017 - 03:25 PM

David Wood's 2016 book, The Abolition of Aging:  The forthcoming radical extension of healthy human longevity, is great.
I'm the organizer of a book club in Bend, Oregon. It is our Topic of the Month book in Sept 2017.
From the Amazon introduction...

"Within our collective grasp dwells the remarkable possibility of the abolition of biological aging. It’s a big “if”, but if we decide as a species to make this project a priority, there’s around a 50% chance that practical rejuvenation therapies resulting in the comprehensive reversal of aging will be widely available as early as 2040.

People everywhere, on the application of these treatments, will, if they wish, stop becoming biologically older. Instead, again if they wish, they’ll start to become biologically younger, in both body and mind, as rejuvenation therapies take hold. In short, everyone will have the option to become ageless.

The viewpoint just described is a position the author has reached following extensive research, carried out over more than ten years. His research has led him to become a strong supporter of what can be called “the rejuveneering project”: a multi-decade cross-disciplinary endeavour to engineer human rejuvenation and thereby enable the choice to abolish aging.

If David's right, and I believe he is, then it ought to be possible to Achieve Personal Longevity Escape Velocity by 2029.



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