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Metergoline - Serotonin antagonist, D2 agonist

serotonin antagonist pssd anhedonia emotional blunting social anxiety 5ht1a antagonist 5ht6 antagonist 5ht7 antagonist d2 agonism 5ht2 antagonist

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#1 Bockemossen

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Posted 30 September 2017 - 10:49 PM

Does anybody have any experience with metergoline? This compound is an agonist at D2 and potently antagonize 5ht1, 5ht2, 5ht6 and 5ht7. The antagonism at 5ht1a autoreceptors could resensitize it, leading to a reduction in overall serotonin transmission and possibly help against PSSD, anhedonia, emotional blunting and social anxiety. It also reduces serotonin synthesis and lowers prolactin independently of D2 agonism.

Read this thread for more information: https://raypeatforum...-for-r-d.12908/

 I’m not trying to advertise anything. I have no idea if the site he is linking to is reputable so purchase it at your own risk! Nevertheless, it’s a really interesting substance. If anybody have tried it, please share your experience with it.

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