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Introduction - framework7

introduction group buy itpp foxo4-dri myostatin dec2-p385r epitalon navitoclax n-pep-12 ngf

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#1 framework7

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Posted 10 January 2018 - 06:13 AM


Just pinging in the USA regional forum, as I am currently residing in the United States.

Copying from my original introduction post here: http://www.longecity...ion-framework7/




I am making an account on LongeCity since I realized that I did not have one.  I am much more active on Reddit, under a different handle, but I have only lurked here so far.  I have been reading for a few years.

My interests are mainly in the areas of longevity-related treatments, with a particular focus on senolyticstelomerase activators, growth factors, and hormone modulators, as well as nootropics and a background interest in emerging cancer therapeutics and particularly anti-cancer-stem-cell treatments.

I have already tried over 100 different substances and supplements, sourced from various countries domestically and abroad, and have a regular stack of a couple dozen.  I am very familiar with available suppliers in various domains.  I am also fairly familiar with the available research literature in most cases.

I expect to be interested in participating in group buys for particular substances from time to time.  I also expect to be interested in posting experience reports for particularly uncommon interventions, when potentially useful to the community, although I also do so on Reddit.

Items I am currently researching further: FOXO4-DRI, Navitoclax, P21, N-PEP-12, intranasal NGF, intranasal insulin, GHK-Cu, various weak myostatin inhibitors, irisin, WAY-267464/carbitocin/demoxytocin and other oxytocin analogues and related compounds, various Russian peptide preparations.

I am also very, very interested in anything that can reliably emulate the effects of the DEC2-P385R 'natural short-sleeper' mutation; see, e.g.: https://en.wikipedia...HE41#DEC2-P385R

A few of the less common things I have experimented with or continue to use, in case anyone wants to ask anything about them: dihexa, 9-Me-BC, Jiaogulan extract, NSI-189, 7,8-dihydroxyflavone, sarcosine, d-serine, Nardostachys jatamansi extract, ITPP, Epitalon, cycloastragenol (TA-65), BPC-157, PRL-8-53, various stimulants and CAEs and selective MAOIs, chitosan for intranasal sprays, shilajit, d-cycloserine, etc.

I do not like racetams or AMPAkines, though I have tried almost all of the readily-available ones at this point to make sure.  Personal quirk of neurochemistry it seems.  Perhaps already high levels of cholinergic activity.

Also, please PM me anything you know about the reliability of various Chinese synth shops.  I would really like to find a bulk source for about 50-100g at a time of ITPP myo-inositol trispyrophosphate, which is one of the most useful-yet-underused compounds of which I am aware.  If anyone would be interested in splitting a kilo of it from some reliable lab, I would be up for that as well.

Nice to be here.  Hope to participate in interesting group buys and discussions of unusual compounds, as available.

Nice to meet you.

#2 PeculiarKid

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Posted 20 June 2023 - 10:30 PM

This is my first post - I have been scouring for info on dihexa - nobody has ever really given a very detailed account as far as I can find...

Would you mind to elaborate on your experience(s) with dihexa, and roa, as well as any other views and information you care to share?

Thank you for your help and time.

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: introduction, group buy, itpp, foxo4-dri, myostatin, dec2-p385r, epitalon, navitoclax, n-pep-12, ngf

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