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Could policy revisions lead to a healthier nation?

Posted by YOLF , 26 July 2017 · 608 views

weight loss

So, I was reading this over at the FDA and it dawned on me that these safety side effects were only likely to occur in people who are aged. In young people, it would very likely not be an issue. So here's the bigger issue:


If you take these away from young people or dissuade them from using them altogether, the young people will lose the opportunity to be healthy. Could it be policies like these that are fattening up America while Japan enjoys the slimmest healthiest lifestyle the world over?


Instead, I propose that we put age limits on supplements like these. We have minimum ages for alcohol and tobacco, so why not require carding for maximum ages and put in place a system to allow regulatory authorities to print a max age code on retail boxes and bottles. This of course leaves the looming problem of agism still at play and these regulations may negatively impact those who grow younger, but we can cross that bridge when we get there. For now, we just need to ensure that young people don't get fat and that those who are unfortunate enough to be fat when young can get to their optimum weight and experience that while they are still young.

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