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Donate to our Cryo Research!

Posted by caliban , 10 February 2012 · 4,572 views

cryonics research fundraiser
Cryo Research- Please consider a donation NOW!  

Our cryo research fundraiser continues this month, but we are a bit worried that we are running
out of time

We realize that these times are tight for many and you have to think carefully about where to invest your resources for an optimal return on life extension research.

If you have not yet donated, the following points may help you decide
1- href="http://www.longecity.org/forum/donate/goal-8-cryopreservation-research/">EVERY
DOLLAR YOU DONATE WILL BE DOUBLED from LongeCity funds (money that we collected from google ads on the site - lets turn these annoying banners into something very worthwhile).

2-the research project has been very carefully chosen: It was selected after an open call for applications, in consultation with expert peer
reviewers and after a referendum by LongeCity members.
3- The 
winning project is "Uncovering the mechanisms of
cryoprotectant toxicity". Cryonics expert Brian Wowk has stated on LongeCity in 2010 "The biggest single basic scientific advance that would benefit the science of cryobiology is better understanding and mitigation of cryoprotectant toxicity". 

The winning project is led by face="Verdana" size="2">Joao
Pedro de Magalhaes
. JP has a proven, long-standing commitment to the LongeCity mission and a track record delivering world-class research.
You may have come across his website senescence.info, with many useful resources- you can get to know him on his personal section or follow him on twitter. We know he will not let us down.

5-The team will report on research results in the LongeCity forums and answer your questions and suggestions. What other research donation gives you that engagement?

6- BONUS! If we can get the project funded by MARCH
we will also fund the runner up-project by the cryonics research experts Ben Best, Aschwin and Chana de Wolfe with a kick-start funding
of $1500. Your money will be more than doubled!

Cryonics is not for you? You'd rather live forever than be frozen? Well, that is true for everybody! But please consider: bad things may happen, people like us were working on indefinite life extension decades ago. Some of them are now in cryonic suspension. If cryonics as a process is in your view flawed and uncertain, considering it may one day be the only option, why not take the opportunity NOW to actually make it BETTER!?  
In the portfolio of life extension research efforts, cryopreservation is a field that is very poorly funded. This is precisely where even a small community like LongeCity can make a real impact.

PLEASE consider making a donation, however small, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE spread the
word as widely as possible to other potential donors!

>> Cryopreservation Fundraiser

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