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Hypertensive Crisis suffered by NootropicsDepot Tianeptine


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#1 jlancer

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Posted 26 December 2013 - 02:00 AM

Hey guys, I'm a long time lurker but never felt the need to post here until today as I cannot find any information on this supplier's tianeptine here or on Reddit's /r/nootropics.

Tianeptine is the first compound I purchase from NootropicsDepot after finding them on Reddit's trusted sellers list. I discontinued every supplement/vitamin/nootropic several days before using it to avoid any possible interactions and purchased a reputable microscale and a 100.00g weight to calibrate accordingly.

I measured out a 6mg dose and swallowed it with water. An hour and a half later I feel very jittery and my limbs are cold and it becomes more difficult to breath. There's no antidepressant effect and I get a mild headache later in the day, about 4 hours later.

I take it again 3 times once a day, hoping I would become tolerant to the side effects and because during my research I've read that it takes a week for the antidepressant effects to fully kick in. Again, I get the same unpleasant effects. On the 5th time I took it, my hands and feet started going cold and numb and I feel very dizzy. I use a blood pressure cuff myself and it reads 180/97, after I retake my BP on both my arms with consistent readings I tell my friend to take me to Urgent Care.

It takes me about 45 minutes to be seen by a nurse who takes my blood pressure again and it's at 170/87 and slowly descending. The doctor on call wasn't familiar with the drug and gave me the "don't use unregulated drugs without a doctor's approval" talk.

So my questions are,
- Did I truly take Tianeptine or was it some kind of cheap amphetamine?
- If it's real tianeptine, why did I suffer such effects? I'm 20 years old, 6'2, 185, 12% BF and do not take any prescription medications/pharmaceuticals that could have any MAOI effects. I take several racetams but they were discontinued long before.
- Has anyone taken their Tianeptine before? I'm going to make a thread on Reddit as they're more likely to know/use them.


J. Lancer

#2 fntms

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Posted 27 December 2013 - 02:51 PM

Bad anxiety reaction?
It happens to me all the time when I start taking a new potentially "suspicious" powder...I have mini panic attacks...high BP etc...but I use tianeptine to treat this general anxiety and it works pretty well...

Have you tasted the "real" pills?
The powder should have the same unique "chemical" taste...the one I have bought from ebay (nyles7) certainly does. I am extremely suspicious about powders (never trusted the powder I got from China, although the taste was ok, and chucked it out).

I (and others here I think) have noticed that the powder is slightly more stimulating than the pills (no binders), ie it seems to "hit" you faster so that might cause some anxiety...it's nothing like a stim rush though, not even caffeine...(I have never used amphetaminess).
But you are quite young and might be more sensitive to stims.

Btw tianeptine has very little interaction potential...I have used it with low dose modafinil and deprenyl with no side effects (except that they cancel out the "chill" effect of tianeptine...)

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