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Coluracetam Experience Reports

coluracetam racetams experience

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#1 knockout_mice

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Posted 04 May 2014 - 05:59 PM

The COLURACETAM - User Feedback thread is really messy. It's full of irrelevant/off-topic discussion.
Please, share you overall experience / dosages / source here! (preferably in a single reply)

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#2 knockout_mice

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Posted 04 May 2014 - 08:12 PM


The following is a list of any and all POSITIVE effects that I have personally experienced when taking COLURACETAM, wherein the potency of the individual effect ranged from WEAK to STRONG. Accordingly, I have allocated an indicator, comprising a number between 1 and 10, wherein the higher the number the stronger the effect and counterwise the lower the number the weaker the effect, (please kindly note that these are solely my own personal experiences and were not placebo controlled):


I have personally found that with respect to the NOOTROPIC effect(s) of all the RACETAMS, whilst I have experienced improvements in concentration and working capacity / productivity, I have never experienced a noticable ongoing improvement in memory. COLURACETAM is the only RACETAM that I have taken wherein I noticed an improvement in MEMORY, both with regards to SHORT-TERM and MEDIUM-TERM MEMORY. To put matters into perspective, the memory improvement has been mild, yet still significant; whereas I have experienced no such improvement at all with the other RACETAMS. 







- IMPROVED OLFACTORY SENSITIVITY (both sense of taste and smell): 4





This effect was totally unexpected; and first become noticable in that it partially rekindled the stimulatory effect of CAFFEINE when I was suffering a pre-existing state of CAFFEINE TOLERANCE; this effect remains as long as I continue to take the COLURACETAM, but quickly vanishes if I stop taking the COLURACETAM. As a consequence I am finding that I now drink less COFFEE and TEA and their stimulating effects are greater.



Personally, I found that at a dosage of 80mg BID I experienced daytime drowsiness to the extent that I had instances wherein I felt like I needed to go and lie down; this wasn't an unpleasant feeling, more akin to an extreme relaxation to the extent that it was sedating. Reducing the dosage eliminated this side effect entirely. 


I experienced intermittent manifestation of nausea which was most certainly dosage dependant, wherein reducing the dosage eliminated this side effect entirely. Also, the instances of nausea typically occured when I began experimenting with taking the COLURACETAM in combination with other substances, such as HYDERGINE and PIRACETAM.


OK, time for an UPDATE  :)

Firstly, please kindly note that I am not your typical HEALTHY INDIVIDUAL... I am a recovering LYME DISEASE sufferer with CONCOMMITENT BABESIOSIS and BARTONELLOSIS, and for this reason I am not sure how useful my personal ANECDOTAL REPORTS will be  ;)

Salient points as follows:

1) I have been taking COLURACETAM every day consistently for 10 MONTHS

2) My current dosage, which I have maintained for the majority of this period is 10mg TID (taken SUBLINGUALLY), TOTAL 30mg DAILY.

3) NO TOLERANCE to COLURACETAM's effects has occurred... All POSITIVE EFFECTS are just as when I started taking COLURACETAM (for details see my initial post within this thread)

4) I have undergone BLOOD TESTS every 2 - 3 MONTHS and I am pleased to report that my blood tests for LIVER and RENAL FUNCTION as well as TESTOSTERONE, DHT, and ESTRADIOL are all still absolutely NORMAL and there have not been any significant changes whatsoever versus baseline blood test results.  :)



After having been experimenting with Coluracetam for 2 weeks now, I feel in a position to submit to the forum my subjective experience with it, in order to add to the pool of anecdotal experiences.

I have taken Coluracetam in doses ranging from 10mg per day, to 30 mg per day. The below is written in relation to the former dosage (the latter was done only twice, and the effects were similar to 10 mg, but more intense... *too* intense, which is why I only did it twice).

Coluracetam does seem to share some of the typical general effects a user can expect to experience upon consumption of the other Racetams currently available in the consumer market; namely, greater visual acuity, increased focus and attention, increased mental work capacity (or "time to exhaustion"), together with a greater than usual tendency to experience delayed sleep onset if taken late in the day.

However, Coluracetam seems to impart a strong Antidepressant effect, unlike other Racetams. I would describe this antidepressant effect as a decreased propensity to become disheartened upon facing obstacles which obviously require significant effort to overcome, and whose successful overcoming is by no means guaranteed. Between having a reaction along the lines of:

A. "this is really difficult, & I am not resourceful enough to overcome it, therefore I will find a way to evade the consequences of this obstacle instead of dealing with it" and
B. "this is really difficult, but I cannot be sure that it is out of my reach to overcome it before I try, so I will try, and anyway, the possibility of my solution not working perfectlyshouldn't dissuade me because surely it is still better to have some aspect of it solved rather than none of it",

I am much more inclined to follow the latter train of thought than normally. I suppose a good analogy would be that if I were a rat in an experiment, I would show more favourable results on the famous "forced swimming test".

Of course this frame of mind tends to make one more productive and aggresive/assertive, which increases the odds of favourable outcomes, which reduces anxiety related to feelings of lack of control, which in turn increases positivity, effectively creating a positive reinforcement.

I have mixed Coluracetam with Aniracetam a few times, to good effect. The difference between the two can be illustrated using the "System A, System B" model of cognition expounded and explained by Daniel Kahneman in this book "Thinking, fast and slow".Coluracetam seems to improve variables which fall under the domain of System 1, such as quickly and accurately picking up on social cues, associative and intuitive thinking, etc. (more "automatic" functions), whilst Aniracetam seems to improve more the variables which fall under the domain of System 2, such as taking time to solve a problem from first principles and in a methodical manner, regardless of what our initial reaction to it might be. This means that each compound seems to fill in important gaps left by the other one, therefore rendering each other more effective, as the brain/mind is very highly interconnected.

I will continue my experiment, making sure to take regular breaks from both (I have already taken a 5 day break in my two weeks of experimentation, and I don't think I'd be comfortable using either compound for more than 4-5 days in a row, if only to rest my brain by allowing it to function at a slightly less intense level).

The book's central thesis is a dichotomy between two modes of thought : System 1 is fast, instinctive and emotional; System 2 is slower, more deliberative, and more logical. The book delineates cognitive biases associated with each type of thinking, starting with Kahneman's own research on loss aversion. From framing choices to substitution, the book highlights several decades of academic research to suggest that people place too much confidence in human judgment." Wikipedia.org




Method of Ingestion: All of my experiences have been via sublingual doses so far. I wait an average of 15-20 minutes before swallowing the remaining residue.

Dose: Initially I started with ScienceGuy's requirement of 10mg OD, 10mg BID, and 10mg TID, continuing 10mg TID for five more days, but I've found that 25-35mg at a time (once, twice, or three times daily) seems to be the optimal dose for me.

Taste: I agree with Raza in that the taste is easily tolerable, even at larger sublingual doses, and especially in comparison to other racetams.

Subjective Effects: 
I too initially noticed color pronouncement, but like others have mentioned, it seems like overall visual enhancement/acuity. The expectation effect appears to be intruding here, so I'd just encourage everyone to not focus too hard on anything that's been reported and try to be receptive to your own experiences (avoiding this forum until you've finished your tests can be helpful).

Feelings of contentment, peace, and increased ease around others and life in general is noticeable. Sometimes I have some situational social anxieties, but they essentially disappear with 30mg. I was in a cellphone store for two hours waiting to receive a phone upgrade, and yet I was okay with this. My internal dialogue was forgiving of the employees for their slowness, and I enjoyed talking to the people there more so than I normally would have. This effect might also be heightened due to me being more content, and thus more likable, thus leading to friendlier/deeper conversations that dig beneath the superficial layers I commonly experience when interacting with strangers (especially strangers who want your money). Anyway, this might be valuable to people with OCD-like head running thought patterns.

Motivation is slightly increased, but only to complete physical tasks, not so much cognitive tasks.

I have not noticed caffeine potentiation, although I don't have a huge tolerance to it in the first place (I drink maybe five cups of coffee or tea a week).

Measurable Effects: 
No significant differences in cogntive tests (cambridgebrainsciences and lumosity) were noted. Sometimes I performed slightly better than baseline, sometimes slightly worse, and sometimes my scores gradually increased, leading me to think that the practice effect was interfering. Maybe coluracetam increased my ability on the "Planning" tests on cambridgebrainsciences, but I remain unconvinced.

My optimal doses have been unexpectedly suppressing my gag reflex. I only have a basic understanding of brain science, but could this be due to some inhibitory action in the area postrema (ie. vomiting center of the brain)? I'm curious if anyone else can attest to gag reflex suppression.

I'm not as sure about this last one, as other factors may be interfering, but I think I might be sweating less during cardiovascular exercise due to coluracetam. Again, anyone else?

I found coluracetam to synergize with these substances: adderall, aniracetam, and cannabis.

Coluracetam may have taken the edge off adderall a bit, but more significantly, it greatly increased my sense of taste, perhaps even making things tastier, not unlike cannabis can do. I also experienced tracers, where lights would "paint" the space where they had been moments before in my visual field. Sometimes the tracers even became detached from the light source itself which seems especially odd now that I think about it.

The aniracetam combination improved my mood more than either alone. At first I felt somewhat sluggish/tired, but that feeling quickly dissipated. Sound/music experience was heightened. Could detect more detail in songs.

Cannabis combined extremely well with coluracetam for me. Basically I've recently kind of associated being high with being unproductive (or less productive) than otherwise, which has unfortunately made me feel anxious and unable to relax or enjoy smoking cannabis. With coluracetam these associations fell away as meaningless and I was soothed in waves of bliss. Music was incredibly powerful. Emotion was extremely significant in the music and... well it gets a little difficult to describe. I highly recommend re-setting any cannabinoid tolerance you may have (should be washed out anyway) and immersing yourself in Deadmau5.  :)



My initial experience with Coluracetam has been positive. Whereas my Cambridge Brain Sciences scores haven't really changed, my perception of the world around me has. It's not what I would call colour enhancement - it's more akin to an increase in visual brightness, much like turning up the brightness on a TV set. I've also found it much easier to remember certain details. For example, my other half recently changed his mobile 'phone number. Normally, it would have taken a few days to "sink in", but on Coluracetam I was able to memorise it almost straight away.




Hi everyone, I received a sample of coluracetam last year in 2012 whenever they were sent out, October I think it was. I didn't bother trying it for the longest time because 1) i was taking other meds/ supplements and didn't want to confound, and 2) my confidence that this would make any difference to my life was very low. I thought coluracetam was "just another racetam" (my opinion of racetams isn't the greatest, regarding their personal effects on myself).

However I've been experimenting with different doses over the past week or so.

I started at 80 mg since that's what the Braincells Inc. study used. I only used that dosage once a day though on 3 different days. Once was sublingual, and twice was oral. I have to say, the 80 mg feels like too much.

I went down to anywhere between 5-15 mg, once a day, and have tried this for about 3 or 4 days. I tried it a couple times sublingually and a couple of times orally.
My purpose for trying this has more to do with anxiety and depression, then with receiving "nootropic" benefits, though of course I am interested in nootropic benefits as well. I find that this dosage is working out for me and that I'm pleased with the results. It's having a noticable effect on boosting my mood and calming my anxiety down as well.

I wouldn't say that coluracetam is strong enough to stop panic attacks but it does give a sense of calm and also makes me feel more motivated and "okay". I am hoping it will be able to help lower general anxiety enough to eventually help the panic attacks, though I think my panic attacks may be from an unknown physical origin.

It's kind of stimulant-like except a lot smoother and cleaner. It seems to have its greatest effect from its time of onset up until 3-5 hours later. I haven't yet tried dosing BID (2x a day) nor TID (3x a day). If I did dose that many times orally I'd want to make sure I'm using 5 mg each time but it's hard to measure that much since we don't have the most accurate of scales.

Nootropic effect is that my mind seems clearer and slightly more versatile. I haven't done any objective test to determine this.

Thanks a lot science guy for exposing us to this new molecule as I am very treatment resistant and have been losing hope, but this actually works to some degree.

Comparison to other racetams:
I find that most other racetams either cause mind fog, insomnia or worsened mood on some level or another. I have tried piracetam, pramiracetam, oxiracetam, and nefiracetam. I don't find that coluracetam, so far, has caused any of those issues at this low 10 mg dosage, and I find it to be the racetam that seems to be easiest on my system in that regard. I'm not sure that noopept is a "racetam" per say but I also feel that coluracetam is superior to noopept in its side effect profile. However I would say that I found some of noopept's nootropic and mood effects to be stronger than coluracetam (it was more stimulating and caused more on-the-fly behavior-less inhibited, more confident); it's just that for me its risks outweighed its benefits. (noopept worsened my insomnia, also it caused some agitation as well as confusion or memory loss at times).

Side effects:
sublingually, I'm not sure I noticed any side effect...
orally, as ScienceGuy was mentioning, causes a bit of nausea and stomach upset. Other than that, a slight headache/neck ache, that's about it.

If my opinion changes I will edit this post directly and add as an appendage. If not then consider this my final word.


My Coluracetam from NSN arrived a few days ago. So far, this has been quite enjoyable!

The first few times I took it (I took one slightly heaping microscoop sublingually - oy, I really need to get a mg scale with all this noot voodoo I like to get up to), it made me extremely drowsy, and I ended up taking a nap. It wasn't a foggy, out-of-it sort of drowsy though, just a deeply relaxed and pleasantly sleepy sort of drowsy. The next few times I took it, I made sure I had a decent amount of caffeine in my system to counteract any sleepiness but not enough to make me full-on hyper or rev me up.

The biggest thing I noticed about the coluracetam was a definite mood lift. This wasn't a manic or blissed out feeling at all, and it didn't feel like I was "on" something or in any sort of altered state of mind - it was just an extremely pleasant sense of being at peace with the world. I also noticed my vision became sharper and crisper. FWIW, I'm extremely nearsighted and wear corrective lenses. The coluracetam didn't seem to *improve* my vision per-se (I did a "read the time on the oven clock from across the room" test on myself before\after dosing, and had to stand the same distance from the oven in order to read the clock both before and after dosing), but there was a definite enhancement of some sort, sort of like someone ran everything through a subtle but noticeable Photoshop filter. No negative effects whatsoever other than a very slight racetam headache. I didn't seem to experience any noticeable cognitive benefits from this one, but I'm going to keep taking it and see if I experience any cumulative effects. Nearly all of pramiracetam's effects on me were cumulative rather than immediate, so I'm going to see what coluracetam does after a few weeks of regular use, as it might be a similar story.

Also, I LOVE this stuff stacked with Oxi. It seems to amplify both the mood lifting and visual effects off the Colu, plus dumping some Oxi under my tongue immediately after taking the Colu helps chase out the nasty-ass Colu flavor. (Oddly enough, Oxi also used to make me extremely sleepy, though it no longer does and hasn't in quite a while. Just random but odd observation.)



Just received my 500mg of Coluracetam. It looks like its density is pretty low. I measured 7mg and it looks like 7mg would be way heavier than that. That's why you should never eyeball.

It is dissolving under my tongue right now. I'll keep you guys posted. So far the only thing I notice is how awful it tastes. It doesn't smell like Noopept at all but it tastes the same.

T+30 EDIT: Feeling a very unique mental effect. My mind is very clear and colors are enhanced. I never got color enhancement from Piracetam or any other racetam but I have always responded well and got great benefits.

Strangely enough music is not enhanced, one might even say that it is a little dulled. It almost feels like I am listening to the song in 128kbps instead of FLAC. Definitely helped with my hangover, though. As a college student, I haven't felt this good on a Saturday morning in a while.

My memory recall seems a little better too. I don't have concrete data but when I am trying to remember things, I am recalling them in a more visual fashion.


The 10mg of Coluracetam seems to have worn off completely now (after almost 5 hours). The effects got quite a bit stronger after half-an-hour in. I was somewhat skeptical about experiencing synaesthetic and sub-psychedelic effects as 3AlarmLampScooter's reported, however, my experience seems to have been distinctly similar.

At approx. 30 minutes in, I noticed my heart briefly started to race. I didn't feel like I was panicking, just like my metabolism got a sudden jolt.

At approx. 40 minutes in, when turning on the tap to get a glass of water, I was shocked to see a visualization of the sudden sound of rushing water. It was this hazy grey, nebulous shape, really complex and chaotic. It disappeared almost immediately after noticing it. Having never experienced synaesthesia before, I was quite surprised.

All the noots I've tried so far, both racetams and racerams, have noticeably increased my appreciation of music alongside the other cognitive and perceptual benefits---but the effect of coluracetam is more like a mild psychedelic, where the music seems to flow through you and play your body like an instrument. Listening to Tool's Lateralus on vinyl turned out to be an excellent choice.

After 2 hours, the initial "wow" dissipated and it began to feel distinctly more like a nootropic. I didn't much feel like working, more in the mood for daydreaming, letting my imagination roam, and reflecting. My thoughts weren't scattered, however. My mind felt clear, sharp, peaceful, as if I had just spent the past two hours sitting Zazen.

I briefly did some work on some software I'm writing, until it felt like time to watch Doctor Who. I also made tea.

At approx. 4 hours in, I started feeling somewhat tired. This was 10pm, so not altogether out of place or time. I will be able to get a better indication of the effects 4 hours after dosing tomorrow, when I take it first thing.

Altogether a positive experience. It seemed to pair well enough with tea, but I'll have to see tomorrow morning how it pairs with coffee.




Good, but not perfect.

Why I take these-

Prize social over intelligence.
Tend to be introverted but can step up to the plate to be "the guy" in certain situations, more so with nootropics. I really only need a boost between working hours - 9am -3pm ish.

So far I like it - 3mg 1x day, with nothing else.

No huge kick - tried it 3mg x2 a day but memory degrades big time- have to almost play charades.

Last week I was trying to describe power lines- like how they always fall down in big storms- pretty wacked- so I cut the dosage to 1x day. Stuff along those lines as well as names.

A 3mg its pretty subtle, seemed more pronounced when I first started taking it 2 weeks ago.

Trialing it for a month to see if I like it more than aniracetam (750mg x2 day) and sulbut (250mg x 2 day).

If I had to rate it, maybe 60-70% of the effects of my old above stack. I am still trying to sell myself on this, way easier for capping and cost and only 1x a day. Does wake me in the morning.

Really like the ana and sulbut stack- kind of that "analog" confident friendly vibe to it. But with coluracetam its a bit more "hard" almost like a slight anti-depressent to it- like a mao inhibitor (deprenyl 1.5mg eod) - kind of a flatline of emotional quality like a quieting of mind.
Find its less creative more "do'er" type nootropic, find it harder to "change gears" when I am stuck at work.

Definitely not as "blissed out" as I am on aniracetam and sulbut stack (also like this with noopept 12mg 1x day every second month) but get small snippits of memory of my childhood often with Coluracetam.


Got a chance to try 10mg today while on selegiline, with 200mg Phenylpiracetam.

Effects similar to before, but clearly stronger. It is sort of like someone turned on the contrast on real life, haha. Seems to work well with phenylpiracetam, I like the stimulated feeling on top of vision enhancement and clarity. The I almost feel slightly dissociated, kind of a very slight disconnect between the physical world and my mind. Kind of like watching a color-enhanced movie of life in a weird way. Regardless, great for studying. I'm visualizing 3D functions better than I ever have before.

The only really odd/negative part is my reaction time shot up from ~220ms baseline to ~350ms. Phenylpiracetam alone generally lowers my reaction time, but it appears coluracetam is raising it.




I continue to take 10mg BID, sublingually, - maybe I should try increasing that dose, but I suspect it will be 'overkill', and would numb my creative thinking too much.

I want to add here: As another poster has mentioned, it really feels like PRAMiracetam without the sides. (PRAM 'sides' for me: procrastination, harping on nothing, life eventually dies out and becomes numb)

Coluracetam does some wicked stuff to caffeine dependence.
I'm dependent on some source of caffeine in the morning for so many years now, usually just a cup of coffee, or cocoa, or even some commercial caffeine mixture. If I don't have my 'dose' I get a slight headache 4-5 hours later in the day. TODAY (local time) I didn't have my morning coffee, and very surprisingly NO headache AT ALL 5 hours later. Only now I'm enjoying a cup of coffee.  :) I haven't tested this for several days, I do't even know if it was a coincidence. And, I enjoy my coffee to much. But this was a very interesting experience.

Colu seems to strengthen my short term memory at work.

I didn't find any effects stacking Colu with OXIracetam. But, ANIracetam was interesting.
Also I've tried phenibut with Colu which resulted in a very 'glowing' experience (hard to explain).


I"ve been experimenting a little bit with oral dosing instead of Sublingual. I just don't care for the after taste and find it takes more effort than i'd like to get rid of the taste. Last night I ingested around 25 mgs weighed in a capsule. I weighed the capsule about 3 times to get the average weight then put the powder in and weighed it. I have a 25 dollar scale so I think it tends to be off about 5-8 mgs. I was somewhat sleep deprived and over stimulated but at the same time tired from lack of sleep. Its effects were what someone mentioned as cleaning up the rough edges of caffiene. I felt more clear and lucid and decided to meditate. A 1 hour session was no problem. I was to the point where I couldn't feel my physical body but my energy body started vibrating which is the early sign of the energy body moving out the physical body. Yes its possible to leave your body during meditation but I'm not going to get into it. Don't want to start a skeptical argument and still am experimenting with it myself. There is much of this world that we don't know about. The intellect only goes so far. I do have healthy skepticism and don't believe anything until I experience it for myself.

I slept like a baby last night. I also do remember having a nightmare of getting extremely beat up and my face was completely swollen.haha. I honestly havn't been dreaming all too much and Coluracetam definitely helps in regards to dreaming. It also definitely enhances meditation which I have mentioned. I'm more into Spiritual stuff, meditation, introspection, contemplation rather than linear thinking and trying to become smarter. I must say though when expanding your context one does begin to know more or get a better sense of the meaning of the overall situation whatever it may be. This could be interpreted as becoming smarter but in regards to seeing the big picture rather than the details. I am a right brain person. Piracetam helps me to enhance my left brain qualitites. I'm hoping Coluracetam wil help enhance focus similiar to piracetam.

One last interesting effect which I forgot to mention was Coluracetam seems to have some Anti-Sinus congestion effects which is similiar to phenylpiracetam.




I havn't been getting the same euphoric effects that I received the first time I was over cholinated by Coluracetam. But I've been doing low dose Coluracetam 5-10mgs mixed with Piracetam with very good results though I must say. I had one of the best days focus wise at work today. In the morning I dosed 7 mgs Coluracetam then took about 4-5 grams of Piracetam 4 times throughout the day. Then I got home and dosed 10mgs Coluracetam. The visual enhancement is pretty intense at times like Golden has mentioned similiar to Psychedelics but there are no tracers or anything moving just everything looks really bright and sometimes certain scenes look more like a high def painting or an enhanced picture like some of the Photo programs they have that enhance the quality of pictures making the scenes look somewhat fake to a certain degree due to the enhancement.

I have to agree Coluracetam is def an interesting drug and it is the first one i've taken that has kept building like this with seeming permanent effects. We will see after I stop taking it. I am thinking that the best dosing schedule for safety may be 5 mgs 3-4 times per day.

I'm really happy about the improvements in Social Situations because I've struggled for a very long time with this issue and this seems to help in confidence and ability to say what I want without studdering. At other times though I feel somewhat anxious which is strange. Its like the drug doesn't feel like it has anti anxiety effects until after I realize how confident I was. I really need to get off the caffiene or at least taper down because it interferes with the effects. Drinking too much caffiene spikes blood sugar levels causing them to crash which can cause a headache. That headache could be blamed on the Coluracetam when in fact it isn't. It is best to not have too many outside distractions that could contribute to shitty side effects. It is prettty obvious though when dosing too high on the Colu that a headache presents itself within 15 mins.

I wonder what would happen if one were to take an Anti-Cholinergic like Benadryl. Would it take away the headache proving the problem is def choline overload. Would it cause an interaction and an immediate death,lol?


2nd day taking this: 10mg/day

* Visual enhancement
* Improved sociability
* Improved patience
* Better right brain activation - I can image stream fiction more easily.
* Stacks pretty well with CILTEP. It might be too much stimulation for some people though.
* Cambridge Brain Science scores improved slightly. Most significantly in Paired Associates and Odd One Out.

Somewhat Negative:
* It was a little too much in the foreground. The perception changing is a bit distracting.
* Mood changes and day resets (when earlier in the day seems like a different day) were more frequent. Nothing radical but just felt like switching between moods was a bit too easy. This effect is a bit like Lion's Mane.
* Night vision is better but the intensity of lighted vs non-lighted areas is a bit disconcerting.

All in all.... interesting, but not something I'd want to take every day. If we go by The Edge Effect's categorization I would definitely consider this a very strong choline targeting supplement.



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#3 knockout_mice

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Posted 04 May 2014 - 08:18 PM

Today's my first day on Coluracetam. I've only been 5 days clean of nootropics and other potentially confounding influences, but with my drug schedule this'll have to do for now.

I generally respond noticably to racetams. I played a couple of CBS games as well as Dual-n-Back on only ~30mg of caffeine this morning, then took 10mg Coluracetam sublingual with another 30mg of caffeine and re-played each of them this afternoon. I'm feeling sharp, motivated yet calm, but I'm not sure inhowfar that subtle shift in mood can be attributed to the coluracetam. It's nice, anyway. Colors might be slightly more saturated, but it's not something I would've noticed if I weren't looking for it.

Dual-N-Back and Digit Span (both memory) remain unaffected.

In Paired Associates (memory), my score went consistently one point up (4/3/4 vs 5/5/5 - my short term memory is pretty poor)

In Rotations ('concentration' more like visual processing imo), my scores were markedly improved: 132/87/98/112 (avg 107.25) in the morning vs 120/157/109/213/184 (avg 156.6) in the afternoon.

In Feature Match (concentration/visual differentiation) my scores were improved: 144/123/144 (avg 137) vs 158/172/169 (avg 166.33)

In Polygons (concentration/visual differentiation) my scores remained much the same: 109/114/120/116 (avg 114.75) vs 112/106/120/120 (avg 114.5). It bears noting that my baseline scores in this one were already very high.

In Double Trouble ('reasoning' - selective attention) my scores are improved: 48/45/39 (avg 44) vs 50/61/63/58 (avg 58)

There's little I can do to rule out practise effects; I tried to keep playing the games during the baseline round until my last three-to-four scores didn't show a clear rising line, but except for DnB I didn't play any of them before today.


After a 3-4 days use of coluracetam, I've decided to take a break from it. I feel like there's a lot of potential here, but there's also a lot of potential pitfalls. It's a double-edged sword, it seems. Here are my experiences:

My first dose of coluracetam (~20mg sublingually) felt like my first dose of noopept (10mg sublingually). In a matter of about 20 minutes, I felt profound drop in anxiety I didn't even know I had. The difference was so pronounced, it really caused me to think about my lifestyle and how I normally carry about so much anxiety on a day-to-day basis. I then pulled out my homework and decided to make some progress! Except... I wonder what other people notice about coluracetam... time to look at the forums. 4 hours later, my eyes feel tired, and I'm a little groggy. Definitely more than just monitor fatigue; I think I took too much.

The next day, I tried the dose of 10mg TID sublingually and added 100mg of oxiracetam TID. I didn't notice the Oxiracetam at all (as expected). The anxiety reduction was lessened, but that was probably a good thing. Without any anxiety whatsoever, I felt no reason to worry about the HUGE assignment I was working on. In the morning, I got a little work done. However, around my third dose, I found it really, really hard to concentrate. It felt like the problem was just too hard to grasp. There were too many moving parts and the problem was too open ended. I just couldn't choose where to start. Thinking back, this was yet another effect that was similar to noopept: my working memory got totally blasted by the drug.

The next day, repeated the same dosage, but without the oxiracetam. I got pretty much the same effect, however, something peculiar happened in the evening (a few hours after my last coluracetam dose). I began to get really stressed out at the fact that I couldn't finish my assignment. The fact that I had only a few days remaining dawned on me and I spent the evening pacing back and forth, trying to decide what to do. I could drop the class before the deadline, but then what other class should I take instead? Which other classes haven't had homework due yet? Will these classes fit into my plan? So many options... (pace pace)... can't decide on a course of action... Again, I recognized the tell-tale signs of my working memory getting blasted.

The next morning, I skipped the coluracetam entirely. I just needed a break. In the afternoon, my curiosity got the better of me and I paired 900mg of Piracetam with 10mg coluracetam. The effect was profound, especially on my mood. I was talkative and carefree and just plain enjoying life. Regardless, I still was failing to get any work done on my assignment. The Piracetam seemed to amplify the anxiolytic properties a bit, so part of me just wasn't sweating the impending due date of the assignment. The other half was discouraged that I couldn't figure out how to start the assignment.

For the next few days, I went without 'racetams entirely and finally started making progress on my assignment. Also, one other thing I noticed was that I was sleeping MUCH better at night. Not sure why, but I kept waking up feeling refreshed every morning, even though I was getting less sleep than usual (~5.5hrs).

So, in summary:
* A powerful anxiolytic, especially at higher doses. Perhaps too powerful.
* Seems to impair my working memory. I wonder if even 10mg is too much...
* Improves my sleep.
* Piracetam seems to pair the best with coluracetam for me. (Though I know this varies from person to person)


Unfortunately, like all the other racetams and most nootropics, Coluracetam disrupts my sleep within a few days of consistent dosing quickly causing its beneficial effects to be severely outweighed by the effects of sleep-deprivation. This is a shame as the effects I noticed were really quite nice, and this was only after one dose! I noticed increased sociability, mildly increased abstract reasoning skills, massive mental relaxation and a profound effect of visual acuity and appreciation of natural and intricate forms. At one point I was enraptured by a passing cloud for a few minutes, just absolutely lost in its beauty and complexity. Its a damn shame :(


I’ve been taking 20mg of Coluracetam twice daily for a week now, though I’m thinking of dropping the dose to 10mg three times a day, like ScienceGuy suggests, as 40mg a day makes me a touch sleepy. The strongest effect seems to be anxiolytic. I can see why this was being developed to treat depression and anxiety; I take this, and I am a lot more calm and relaxed. Also, like piracetam, it makes being happy easier, and makes music better. It seems to boost productivity, but that is hard to say, given how subjective this is. I don’t get a drugged up “I’m going to work hard now” feel, I just seem to be to be working or doing something productive or meaningful after I take it. Whether this is a placebo or not, at the very least I’m confident it isn’t making me less productive, the way piracetam sometimes does.

I’m not sure if my vision is any different; the question is too subjective, too prone to the placebo effect, for me to answer with any confidence. That said, I’m not 100% certain that my vision is unchanged, unlike piracetam, which I am convinced has no effect on my vision.

I do think I’m enjoying music a little bit more, but it’s not nearly as strong as the effect I get from piracetam, on which I can zone out while listening to music for hours.

I’ve been using the cambridge brain challenge to gauge any mental effects. Without Coluracetam, I usually score a 43-44. I’ve gotten a 45 with Coluracetam every time I’ve taken it. The results, while not impressive, seem to be consistent and positive, and I have set several new records while on Coluracetam.

I have taken Coluracetam in conjunction with caffiene and modafinil, and not noticed any special interactions. That is to say, I get the usual Coluracetam effect, and the usual effect from the other drug.

I’m still experimenting with adding choline. I was never quite sure the effect it had on piracetam even after months of fiddling around, so I’ll doubt I’ll be able to say anything for certain about this either.

I went and read what everyone else has to say, and here are my thoughts. Science guy talks about Coluracetam reversing caffeine tolerance. I have no caffeine tolerance; I don’t drink soda, energy drinks or coffee. So my lack of effect may be due to this.

I saw two other posters compare Coluracetam to pramiracetam, and I think it is a good comparison. The main difference is that Colurcetam makes me calm and relaxed, while pramiracetam makes me empty.


Okay so update:
With coluracetam alone I wasn't able to really focus on the cambridge tests so I found it really hard to try my best and hence didn't notice improvements. I will try with piracetam + coluracetam as I found out they highly synergize for me, removing the restless feeling I'd get on and off from coluracetam and replacing it with a semi-euphoric extremely relaxed focus(it feels like a low dose of amphetamine.. pretty unexpected). It seems almost like piracetam activates coluracetam for me in some way..(or at least changes it drastically in a positive way, not that it was bad before, just much better with piracetam). I also noticed head tension/ache before adding piracetam and now it is gone. The extremely relaxed focus feels like nefiracetam, but with a motivational drive to it rather than a flat/neutral feeling.

The vision effect is still growing to the point it's on par with how psychedelics enhance vision(obviously without the distortions hahah). I have had no negative thoughts at all, which is somewhat odd, I'm not a depressed person, but when you are tapering off benzos... you tend to get negative thoughts now and then and slightly depressed at random, but it seems to have stopped both of those from happening.

Mixing it with aniracetam I couldn't really tell what happened in terms of difference, I no longer felt the headspace I normally do with aniracetam, but it wasn't negative I just didn't really feel the aniracetam.

That is all I can think of atm, I'm really liking the pir+colu combo though which is odd since science guy had the opposite effect in combo.



Tried 1000mg nefiracetam + 2000mg piracetam + 20mg coluracetam. The high definition vision is apparently enhanced GREATLY by nefiracetam. So is the calmness, but I expected that(intense calmness has always been the main effect of nefiracetam for me). It's definitely like HDR photography, in that the dynamic range of dark and light colors is increased. It's finally surpassed the max visual enhancement I got from aniracetam by a rather large amount. Simply looking in the mirror I look as if I am looking at myself through the lens of a professional photographer..with perfect lighting and shadows haha. If you can't tell, I'm more the creative type, so things like enhanced perception and creativity stand out more for me.


Alright, a couple updates:
coluracetam seems to increase my desire to get high, possibly to balance out the acetylcholine and relax.. I'm not sure, but I had quit before now and had little desire to smoke weed. Although it also makes being high even more pleasant and way way more clear headed and you feel more on top of things instead of on a drug. Also seems to last longer.

coluracetam + psychedelic = saturated colors to the point they seem like you can feel them in your head... or taste them or such. extremely crisp vision and 3d perception. Less distortions than usual, but more visual enhancements, if that makes sense. It was pretty much an additive effect on most levels. Sound felt like I was in a sea of the music surrounding me for what felt like miles. It certainly enhanced the perceptual elements of the psychedelic to the point it felt extremely amazing, more so than usual...ha.

Caffiene is much much nicer on coluracetam+piracetam, still. The only problem is that it seems to be messing with my sleep schedule, which luckily isn't important because I'm recovering from benzos for a while and lucky enough to not have to do much.

Camera I used for the above pictures is actually nothing special really, bought it two years or more ago for $200, it's a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W150. Mostly automatic, but it knows how to make shit look good and I've learned how to take advantage of it's automatic algorithms to take shots it wouldn't normally do. It's really good at macro shots, especially for the price and especially two years ago. I'd recommend it, but I'm sure by now there are much better cameras hahah.




Been taking 10mg 3-4 times a day for about 5 days total now, with the last two days where I used 80mg and 40mg along with the regular 10mg doses. I fell asleep/got tired a few times @~10mg, but it's stopped having that effect and the 40/80mg doses didn't make me tired (nothing else taken except current benzo dose and 1 tea with 90mg of caffeine which made me it feel more like 400mg or so.. wasn't that pleasant but it didn't stop me from doing things and pretty much just gave me random caffeine jitters as if I took a lot. It did seem to help my endurance while biking even with the negatives and such. Piracetam also increased the effect of caffeine a lot for me when I first started using it, it still does but at the start it did to an extreme point)

The visual enhancement and extra clarity+swiftness of mind reminds me a lot of lions mane, both which for me just keep growing with each dose. it happens slower on lions mane though. My vision, mostly outdoors, now pretty much always appears in high definition HDR with a bit of...an indescribable magic/fantasy/artistic look to things mostly outside(I suppose almost exactly the same as a low low dose of a psychedelic, no distortions just a very similar if not better extreme enhancement of vision that also makes things, mostly nature, have that indescribable awesome looking feel). I get this effect even when it's been a while(24hrs+) since I've dosed and it seems to build with every dose. The fantasy/awesome look to everything is a lot like aniracetam(of which the effect also builds for me but coluracetam's has already surpassed the visual enhancement I get from aniracetam, and I don't believe aniracetam's visual enhancement lasted after most of the other effects left). The visual effect also started out very similar to piracetam's visual enhancement of very bold colors and detail enhancement(this effect grew very very slow for me but eventually got very obvious, not sure how long it lasted after I stopped taking it, since that was awhile ago). I went to two concerts and the music and lights, while awesome anyway, were incredible... it was like a low-medium dose of mdma or other serotonin+dopamine releasers except without the euphoria and mostly in those respects. It also really made me feel the beat to even the most complex dubsteppy/glitch acts and made dancing to it feel very easy and natural. I noticed I was a lot more sociable too at the second concert which was Major Lazer(they basically gets the crowd going completely insane.. quite the experience) and I was fine with being in the front middle with the craziest of them all.

It feels like it's able to much better work while on benzos then the other racetams which have lost a decent amount of their max strength since being on benzos. I also like that the effects, at least my visually obvious ones last long after the last dose, it's very cool. Oh I also am getting a more vivid and flowing imagination and an increased sense of desire and reward for things that benzos had made me numb to(such as walking through nature, so many things really, I guess you could say it brings back my joy to do the things I used to do before benzos(oddly once again both of these effects are similar to a low low dose of a psychedelic).




As I'm running low, I figure I'll mention everything I gathered[the following are my personal experiences]:
- effects build over time greatly, but effects were still felt the first few doses.
- semi-extreme visual enhancement/embellishment when in aesthetically interesting places(nature, music event w/ lights and such, fireworks)
- music becomes more full and you can hear the different layers better and feel the beat to the music strongly(enhances urge to dance haha)
- moderate pro-social effects(less "over thinking" what you are going to say and more desire to socialize)
- small to medium anti-anxiety benefits, much more noticeable when taken with piracetam, or more so, aniracetam(which is rather good at this too, I'd say they synergized in this area for me)
- makes tea, coffee, caffeine powder, etc feel much more relaxed instead of mildly jitterish and also shifts the effects more towards something like amphetamine, but not at all close just reminiscent of it. Similar to aniracetam and piracetam in this respect where aniracetam>coluracetam>piracetam. All of them having significant effects on caffeine.
- stimulatory effect in the sense that it keeps your mind clear and awake, but there is no conventional stimulation and I could easily sleep on it
- positive motivation and enhanced reward when doing enjoyable things
- an almost mystical feeling of clarity
- higher doses(>30-40mg) would make me randomly want to lay in bed to relax and next thing you know I'd wake up 1-4 hours later.(only if I was doing something alone and non-physical such as browsing the internet, when with people or doing activities involving any physical effort or lack of a bed stopped that from happening ha)
- sometimes I had tense muscles around my neck, but this was rare and not really notable.
- It seemed to create imprints of musical rhythms/melodies when on high doses which I would then randomly be able to remember and associate when hearing similar rhythms or melodies(it also created some pretty colorful and vivid memories that I can almost hop back into and reexperience(can do this with most memories with enough effort, but with these they seem to pull you in with their clarity.
- Semi-helpful when tapering off benzos, however I found out that aniracetam dosed @ ~5grams was much more helpful to the point that I only felt like 20% of the side effects I normally do and recovered much faster after lowering the dosage of the benzo(3-6 days of moderate, but completely bearable side-effects as opposed to 7-9 days of pretty nasty side effects). I think coluracetam would help a lot if I dosed much higher for the relaxing/sleepy calm effects, but I don't want to waste it when aniracetam is doing a decent job.
- let two friends try it, both noticed the visual effects and one noticed the social and musical enhancements(@20mg twice for 2 days)
- optimum dose: 20mg-30mg 2-4/day(or possibly >50mg if I was able to test higher doses without feeling like I was wasting precious material.. haha. I tried 80mg twice to see, since the trial used that dose and it seemed like it could hold promise possibly even at higher doses.. I would not be scared to take say 300mg or more really, it felt very very benign at all the lower doses I tried too bad that will be a mystery for a while or possibly forever.. lol)
- bottom line: Would order and take daily if ever available. Am going to miss it when I run out lol.
I like aniracetam slightly more, but it's always been much more amazing for me than most other people(except I have to note most of my friends responded very positively to aniracetam and bought some for themselves, so it clearly has varying effects, myself receiving the strongest enhancements Ive read about). Same with piracetam, I'd say piracetam is equal in utility as coluracetam for me, but that is mainly because it has a more positive effect on my feeling of well being(which I highly value) in comparison to coluracetam which has stronger effects in every other area... so coluracetam still has an important place. The other -racetams(oxiracetam, pramiracetam, nefiracetam, noopept) I don't like nearly as much as these three.

As for objective effects, the tests end up pissing me off too easily before I feel like I can master them in the coluracetam state because of the benzodiazepine tapering, so I really don't know. I did do better on some, but only marginally.


After having two days with likely ACH overload headaches and generally feeling anxious after taking 10mg coluracetam for two days I was getting a little worried. However, I had a great day today taking 1.4g piracetam and skipping CILTEP. I think this makes Piracetam work really well. I feel very intelligent and my memory was great today.

I really would say that coluracetam is in a different class of nootropics from the racetams in that it modifies choline metabolism in a semi-permanent way. I'd theorize that in doing so it really provides the choline for piracetam to work in the brain.

Nevertheless, in my humble opinion, it would be unwise for me to take it again in the near future as I think I've reached a point where taking more will probably put me above the ACH headache threshold. It's the same reason I don't take galantamine on a regular basis as ACHE inhibitors tend to do the same thing to me after a while.




My results after 5 weeks of use:

I tried Coluracetam in varying doses from 5-20mg orally and sublingually.
The optimal dose indeed seems to lie somewhere in between 10-20 mg sublingually 3-4 times a day.

Orally it seems to give me a certain amount of restlessness which I didn't experience when consuming coluracetam sublingually.
I experienced better short-term memory, heightend fluency of speech and quicker thoughts. Cognition seems generally improved.
Sublingually it seems to be a lot stronger as well as to considerably boost my mood and to lessen anxiety.

I did not experience enhanced vision or colors.

This is the only racetam I have reacted positively to.

My degree course at university is fairly challenging and I am highly aware of changes in cognition.

Considering the perceived benefits and the fact that Coluracetam is said to positively influence neurogenesis this is one of the few nootropics that I will use regularly and in the long-term.


Just tried 5mg sublingually, here are my thoughts on it thus far...

-Whoa, thus stuff tastes foul. Like really foul. One of the worse tasting racetams, I think I'll be doing it in capsules from now on. I wish they all tasted like Oxiracetam, I literally use a few hundred mg of Oxiracetam as a drink sweetener sometimes...  :laugh:
-Even at 5mg, I noticed significant color enhancement and slight synesthesia within a half hour. I've seen the same thing with piracetam, but at doses 2,000 times higher. Similar to a sub-psychedelic dose of psilocin. I had synesthesia as a child, so I'm probably still more predisposed to it than most.
-Seems to have anxiolytic properties. Not super strong at 5mg, but roughly comparable to .5mg klonopin, obviously minus the derp.
-Makes visualizing stuff easy. Like really easy. I'm looking at 3D vector valued functions, and their graphs just pop right into my head.
-Doesn't really stimulate. I'll be interested in trying to stack it with phenylpiracetam, for example... or classic stims. I like stims.




Informal review: this is a very active substance. Indeed, there are changes in visual perception of color. I have tried oxi, ani, pi and prami -racetam without any color enhancement that I could perceive consistently above placebo status. However initial test of this mystery substance that came in the mail to me has got me saying "whoa" even just looking around my room. Driving around outside with these fall colors on the trees is an absolute pleasure.

Sublingual taste is not completely off-putting, especially if you are used to putting any kind of raw powder in your mouth. It does tend to clump together though, so I end up chewing up the tiny bits and probably swallowing some in the process.

I feel content and clear-headed. The effects of caffeine seems greatly improved and far more enjoyable.

I will gladly investigate this substance thoroughly after seeing its initial effects.


I did not measure my first dosage correctly and accidentally took 130mg around 4PM yesterday. Surprisingly, while I felt a slight improvement in my thinking I didn't notice much else. Then, I took another 50mg before bed and slept like a baby. When I awoke I had very little dream recall if any at all.

I took 50mg again today around 11AM and went about the rest of my day. Again, the effects were subtle. I would say I felt generally pretty good in terms of my cognition and mood but other than that I have nothing substantial to report. I am pretty sure I noticed an enhanced verbal fluidity and more "high def vision" like I do when on Piracetam. Also, I did experience what felt like a "come down" effect around 4PM while I was driving home. An overwhelming fatigue descended upon me. If eventually lifted when I got out of the car and started walking around but it definitely felt like a sort of crash to me.




This morning I took 1200 mg of Piracetam on an empty stomach along with 10 mg of Coluracetam, 150 mg CDP Choline, and a cup of coffee. This seemed to work pretty well as I breezed through my Tuesday morning meeting. Four hours, I repeated all items I previously mentioned, and have to say, this is one amazing productivity stack. I worked feverishly for about four hours straight before I even noticed how much time had passed. A couple of days ago I combined 10 mg of Coluracetam with 100 mg of Oxiracetam, 150 mg CDP Choline, and a cup of coffee, and repeated four hours later - this stack had a similar effect to the stack I took today, but maybe not quite as good in terms of productivity, verbal fluency, anti-anxiety, etc. I have also recently tried 10 mg Coluracetam with 5 mg PRL with not so good results. I just don't seem to respond well to PRL at any dose. The first day I took PRL, it blew my socks off. Each additional time (at least 10+ attempts), it has ruined every stack I've tried it with. Also gave Coluracetam @ 10 mg this morning to my two sons who are also big fans. So far, I would have to say that Coluracetam is the single best nootropic I've used. It appears to be synergistic with several substances, and has a decent half-life. I will be reordering soon from NSN... I should also mention that I always cap 10 mg, and have never taken sublingually. Anyone else find this powder kind of difficult to work with measure? It's sort of an odd consistency.


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Thanks for cleaning up the thread. It tends to happen where people add unneccesary replies.


These days I use coluractam occasionally for 2-3 days then break due to my past experiences where too many days in a row would result in stifffness in the neck.

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Tried 5 mg coluracetam once 2 days ago :


The plus :

- Definitely improved memory. Right after dosing, I can visualize in my mind very easily the faces of the bank's staff I met yesterday. Not something that I can usually do.

- Definitely improved verbal fluency.

- Some relaxing feeling


Minus :

- Make me depressed for about 24 hours. Initially I was excited about the anti-depressive, improved sociability and probably increased motivation that people reported. The result was the opposite. I just wanna lie down and not do anything. I dont want to talk to people. I became anhedonic. My outlook on life is bleak. Dont feel like taking it anymore.

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Does coluracetam have the possibility of making you depressed because of too much ACh?
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