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Cerebrolysin Experiences Compilation

cerebrolysin experience anecdotes

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Posted 08 May 2014 - 02:32 AM

Although filled with invaluable information, I found the Main Cerebrolysin Thread a bit overwhelming at times.  Below is my best attempt to consolidate the personal experiences from that thread into one place. 


It is not conclusive.  Although the majority of individuals had noticeable positive effects, there were a handful of non-responders who received minimal or no effects from Cerebrolysin.  I have not included their posts in this compilation. 


I also have not included posts regarding the physical injection process.  This is another topic which is covered substantially in the main thread. 


Important:  This is not a substitute for the main thread.  If you are considering using Cerebrolysin, I highly suggest you read through the main thread numerous times.  It contains a mountain of information, statistics, studies, and instruction regarding the use of Cerebrolysin. 


Here goes....

As far as Cerebrolysine goes, yeah it's expensive as **** and it's also very effective. I've worked an incredibly stressful job where you have to work very very fast under enormous amounts of pressure, and one even small mistake can lead to you being fired or worse. Basically doing something that takes 10-15 minutes in 30 seconds was the absolute norm in the workplace at the time (24-hour television news, working in the directors gallery where the stuff airs from, what can I say it was crazy, glad I moved to a lower-stress department).

I was taking up to 10 ml of cerebrolysine daily at work though I/M injections, easily for a good 6 months if not more. (Usually in 2 injections, although I've shot 10ml straight up before in one large syringe) Since I worked in 4-day shifts, I'd usually go 4 days on and then 4 days off to cool off my neurons ohmy.gif That easily allowed me to handle all the stresses, and I was one of the best at that particular job. Despite having abused illegal drugs in the past and being a frequent cannabis smoker, I experienced little to no "stoner burnout" and was able to concentrate and perform tasks faster than most of my colleagues at the same experience level. After a long 12-hour work day, after which a normal brain turns to mush, I was still fresh and eager to go out with friends/ see girls etc, while otherwise I'd be drained and only wanting to sleep.

So instead of rambling on further, let me just break down some effects and side-effects, short and long term:

-This stuff has a MARKED anti-depressant effect. You basically feel like back in the happiest moments of your childhood. Everyone has had one of those days when they're just "on fire" and "on top of the game". With Cerebrolysine, pretty much every day is like that - you're not overly happy or vegetated like off standard anti-depressants, but you're "on point" at whatever you do. Stuff like your subconscious and conscious fears all go right out of the window, and it has a bit of a socially-inhibiting effect too.

-If you thought weed gets you the munchies, wait till you try this stuff. When you first start on this cycle, you get hungry as a SAVAGE. I usually eat just enough to be full, not overly gorged, but this stuff had me tearing up huge meals and not even feeling incapacitated by everything I just ate. I'd attribute this to the fact that with all the additional peptides and stuff, your body needs more nutrition. Sort of like adding B-vitamins to stuff like Pyritinol or even good old 5-HTP.

-Cerebrolysine helps alleviate most, if not all symptoms of post-intoxication syndrome for illicit drugs. I once gave my friend a shot after his most recent cocaine binge and he turned from a pale shadow who was about to pass out back to his normal self - energetic, enthusiastic, and motivated. Plus his foul mood and edginess were completely gone. It also seems to ease the alcohol-related hangover better than some other substances (although many nootropics are much better for that IMO since they're GABA-active). My other friend also liked taking it as a "corrector agent" for other nootropics/supplements, claiming it helped alleviate certain unwanted effects of piracetam, while preventing one from overloading on one particular amino acid too much. I personally avoid ALL other substances when doing cerebrolysine. It simply overshadows them all for me.

-They definitely put some kind of a painkiller in there. Shooting cortexin (which is similar, but I like it alot less, as it "vegetates" and sedates me too much to where I'm more mentally capable, but simply don't care) without a novacaine solution is literally a huge pain in the rear, while shooting straight cerebrolysine into my tiny tricep with a huge needle made my whole arm go numb for a short time, like an anastetic would.

-I've measured my blood pressure several times before and after the injections, and there is a slight blood pressure elevation. If you inject too fast, the heart rate jumps and you may sweat profusely. However it gives you a nice sort of a "rush" to where you feel very relaxed, but not incapacitated or drugged by any stretch of imagination. The headaches are there, but are very slight, and usually start about 2-3 hours after the injection. 

-The long-term effects aren't so pleasant. There is an increasing feeling of "mounting personal hell" as I like to call it. Basically, all the negative traits of one's character seem to be unnaturally emphasized and underlined in your mind, while the positives seem little and insignificant. It doesn't really manifest itself in a severe form to others, but you may feel "grumpy" and "dissatisfied" even when you seem to be razor-sharp mentally. A good comparision would be some rich spoiled kid who has everything throwing tantrums and breaking stuff, just because he is rich and spoiled. Several of my friends reported very similar mental side effects. This is what initially led me to stop taking it by "tapering down" (I don't think it's a good method by the way, but since I was doin it daily for a while I decided for a slower descent). A .5 ml less every day for several days, then a week at 1ml and then 0.5 and then you're shooting colored water for placebo effects smile.gif

- Some people report a HUGE boost in their sexual activity. I noticed only a slight boost tung.gif  

- When you're off the cerebrolysine, you feel like it's a bad day for no reason (see above having a top of your game day for no reason lol). I didn't notice any significant negative long-term effects on my cognitive processes. On the contrary I seem to be able to concentrate better at any time, without taking any substances, or even after smoking a lot of weed. I'm now able to "zone in" on something more completely and do better at focusing.

-This stuff has very strong and powerful overall effects, it is the most effective out of injectable nootropics/smart drugs that I've tried. Cortexin doesn't even come close, and various Cerebrolysine derivatives (we ahve a Cerebrolysate here) are nothin more than cheap imitations. 

I've decided for another mini-cycle just now, about 3 years after that last lengthy episode. I'm sticking to what the doctors here recommend: 5ml every OTHER day. Seems to be the correct dosage and schedule. 

I hope it doesn't sound too much like promo for the Austrian pharmaceuticals company which makes this stuff. It's really not somethin you want to mess around with if you don't know what you're doing.


I took another 8 ampules of 5ml recently - doing one a day. I also found some "expert opinion".

Turns out the official line on Cerebrolysin in Russia is: It is weak and only suitable for children; or It is totally placebo and not effective. None of those doctors who said it were neurochemists, I think one was a cardiologist, among other doctors my grandma visits - since she told me this. 

They all tow the company line like good boys though and promote the hell out of Russian-made Mexidol, which I dislike for various reasons, such as it's action on benzodiazepine receptors and on dopamine.

Either way, I completely disagree with them on CL smile.gif

My brain is not very well balanced due to past substance abuse, but CL seems to "restore defaults" in terms of balancing the brain the way it should be in it's "virgin state" if you will, for lack of a better term. Thus, if your psychological faculties are more or less intact, you may not notice a significant effect. You have to be pretty sensitive and aware of your own body and brain to notice it regardless...otherwise you'll mostly see the difference without, once it's gone...

However, if you don't think there's an effect...try adding some substance to the mix...Weed gets me waaay higher, I don't even think I'm supposed to be that emotionally lifted, but yet that mentally sharp at once, the euphoria is ridiculous and I've been smoking almost every day for a decade! You get way less intoxicated from alcohol too, and can maintain a clear train of thought even when you're barely able to walk straight...the hangover is also significantly less...

Basically the effects other substances/supplements have are similar to when you're trying them for the first time - that's why I came up with the idea that it restores defaults in the brain.

Since this is not my first time using the substance, I'm more desensetized to it, but also get more side-effects - as is the case with taking anything over a long period of time. 

Agression is definitely increased, but very controllable, sleep problems are possible, and the antidepressant effect is deceivingly addicting psychologically. It is a very powerful substance, and to be honest, I'm not going to be taking it for quite some time now, if ever. You can also get stuck in hardcore, nasty "thought loops" amidst sleepless nights, and I have a feeling if you do this stuff too much, you may not be able to get out.

There is a pronounced neurotrophic effect which only becomes evident about a week or so after you seize use. I don't know how to explain it really, but I definitely feel like I'm developing faster, in terms of some concepts and other things I've wanted to apply to my life, but was struggling with.

The biggest drawback: This stuff allows you to drift through your life effortlessly, and it's almost like "hacking the matrix". Seriously, I've come to a conclusion that it is just "too good". 

You have to be careful with that stuff, and you gotta know EXACTLY what you want to get out of it and be very comfortable with yourself. It's deceivingly addictive due to its anti-depressant effects, and one injection easily lasts around 48 hours...basically - it fucks with your mind...big-time...

To be honest, I underestimated how powerful CL is before. It's been a great catalyst for changes I've already wanted to make in my life, but it is a very powerful substance and best used in extreme stress situations.

Again, I'm worried about people following my advice as far as choosing noots/supplements, because you have to realize that I'm not qualified and a lot of this could be a figment of my imagination - since my brain has been through a whole lot of everything and I might as well be a delusional psycho by now. 

But watch it with CL - it's deceptively powerful and can sneak up on you. I have weed which will always be my number one substance of choice, so I'm not too worried about problems with other things. But this stuff had me thinkin: "Boy how nice would it be to just always be on top your game like that?"

I got the best results out of it when I was using it in extreme-stress situations. It's probably the only good way to use it.


How cere helped: 

I was working in a television studio where it's do or die under ridiculous circumstances, when stuff is happening live...I had tons of responsibility, about 30 seconds on average to complete a task taking 2-3 minutes of normal pace, and literally ZERO room for error, as it would mess up the rest of the "team". The shifts were 12 hours, 4 of those would be spent on air in said environment, while I had other responsibilities elsewhere.

Now, to use a sports-related term, I was straight up CLUTCH under all the said circumstances. I'd have to report upstairs to the studio at 12:00 AM sharp and would have a list of assignments before that.

I would routinely finish the assignment and report at 11:59:52 or so feeling relaxed and super confident that I'd make it the whole time. I'd even have time to make a few jokes with the sound engineer before going on about my business.

When the going got tough, I was a straight up MACHINE too, just working away...then I still had enough in me to go sex some girl, or get drunk and high with my friends (usually both)...I got tons of praise from very experienced colleagues too, so I know it wasn't just my illusion.

Nowadays I work in a much less stressful department and still excel at my job without any "help".

That's why I'm vary of revving up your brain to these extremes - that stuff really only asserts itself in extreme stress situations and I don't see why you'd want to take it in situations other than that.


The first injection to thigh went really smooth yesterday and I didn't feel any pain at all.

The aspiration did not go how it was supposed because I couldn't get the syringe's cylinder to move backwards once the needle was in my thigh. Anyway I decided to start inject veeery slowly because cerebrolysin is not oil based preparation and thus it would not be so devastating if I were to inject it in the vein for 0.001 ml. Everything went very well. I need to work on that aspiration next shot, I will try to pull the syringe's cylinder back and forth when it's empty so it would loosen up a bit.

Last night I had little feverish feeling. It passed in the morning but I still have a slight headache and I'm kind of tired because of that. These are also the most common side effects of Cerebrolysin. Maybe these adverse side effects go away now once my body gets adjusted to it.

Well, tomorrow is the time for 2nd shot.


This is the fourth day after starting Cerebro, and I have felt great past two days, effect is gradually building up. Especially listening to music has been enjoyable, not in the way when you are stoned but you notice music's nuances somehow better. And this is just after two shots, I'm wondering could this be placebo wink.gif

Btw, after 2nd shot I got no fever or temperatura raise.

Yesterday my girlfriend did the first injection in my buttox. I did not feel anything. After the injection I think I felt a small anesthetic effect my butt. I did not experience any side effects at all.

Afterall injecting isn't a big thing at all, propably that is why most American are on steriods. (your welcome)

I can't say if I really felt something from the Cerebrolysin, maybe a little bit more relaxed.
I have been under very much stress the last couple of months and it seems the pressure I felt on my chest somehow disseapered after an hour. This might be placebo effect.

Yesterday evening I have had diner with some friends, I drink some wine and coffee. When I went to bed but I could not sleep. This morning I saw in the cerebrolysin thread that the effect of caffeine is enhanced a lot. Normally I don't have any problems with falling a sleep.

This morning I took another shot. I just feel fine today and also I am relaxed. I have the feeling that I am more aware. Something I notice a small headache, I can't says if this is related to the cerebrosylin.

Tomorrow it will be the third day and normally then the effect should kick in.


Today (Friday) I took the fifth injection, I started with the first one on Monday.

I take the injection around nine o clock in the morning, 40 minutes after the injection I start feeling "really, really" great. You can't compare this with anything else.
I have a feeling that the last two days the effect did not last the complete day, at 14.00 hours I could redose.
Maybe I should take a little more because I am around 100 kg.

The quality of sleep seems to be improved, I think sleeping time is reduce.
Anxiety is totally gone and stress is almost reduced to zero.
I can focus much better then normally, brain fog is completely gone.
My ability to speak is improved also, maybe I can start improving my English and Spanish.

Yesterday I drink half of bottle of wine during diner. The Cerebrolysin counteracts the effects of small amount of alcohol.
The effects of caffeine are increased.
I will test the effects on GBL/GHB soon and maybe something with a c later this month.

I will do some sport this weekend. I hope Cerebrolysin would give a little push in the right direction.

Next week I am planning to take it on Mon-Wed-Fry.

I am thinking about adding a choline source in the future.

I am thinking off adding a choline source and maybe some piracetam. I think this combines perfect with piracetam.

Beside this I only take: vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin C, omega 3, spirulina, chlorella, curricum, resveratrol for my general health.

This is my second week on it, I don't know what will happen when I stop with it.

It feels like the most natural approach for my ADD. I feel just normal but with a great focus.

In sport I don't feel a difference, but a fast car their is a very big difference. Your totally in control of the car.
I think it will be it defintely is somekind of doping for racing or playing golf.

I am located in the Netherlands.
I don't know people who have used it beside the some people of the Imminst forum.

I suspose/hope this stuff has been tested on BSE like prions.


I am using cerebrolysin for a week now. This is my third cycle. I have to say it is a life changing substance for me. It really makes me change my life.

I notice last weekend a "side effect". I have got the flu/a cold, but after the injection I did not feel sick anymore. This happened also the second day. Today I feel fine again.

Did my first injection this morning, used a 5 micron filter needle to draw up 5mL (ampoules can leave glass shards in the fluid!), then a 1" 23 gauge thin wall needle to inject in the vastus lateralis site. (I'm a tall guy, but have little fat in my outer thigh, so I think 1" is sufficient.) I inserted the needle extremely slowly (~60 sec) and injected equally slowly. Other than the initial needle prick, I experienced no pain or numbness.

"The authors found that patients develop several different strategies for the injection. Some insert the needle quickly, whereas others insert the needle slowly, perhaps taking 30 seconds or longer to reach the muscle, for an IM injection. Although injecting this slowly is certainly not taught in nursing school and may increase pain in patients who increase muscle tension in response to inserting the needle, there is no hygienic reason to avoid it." - Self-Injection Difficulties in Patients With Relapsing-Remitting MS: Treatment of Self-Injection Anxiety

I was a little agitated for a few hours after the injection, but that's easily attributed to self-injection anxiety. The rest of today, no notable effects, positive or negative, other than excitement about trying the drug. smile.gif


5th shot this morning, maybe there's an effect, maybe there's not, but I'm kind of sad that I'm not raving about it yet. *shrug*

I'm gonna go straight through the weekend and not suspend the injections for 2 days.


7th injection completed this morning.

It's a subtle effect, but I wanted to share what I've noticed that seems a bit out of the ordinary.

Due to my current schedule, I don't tend to get much sleep on Wednesday or Thursday nights, and so by Friday I'm usually falling asleep all over the place by mid-afternoon. This week, despite staying out later than usual on Thursday night, I still felt very tired by Friday afternoon, but took a quick nap and then ended up staying out very late Friday night as well. Got some (but not a LOT of) sleep that night, and then went on a first date Saturday afternoon. Normally I'd expect to be completely zoned out due to sleep deficit by that point, but I was surprisingly alert and cogent for a good 8 hours. I also felt unusually calm and confident throughout the date.

Also, I tend to sleep in as a mild depression-related "trying to avoid the world" type thing, and that desire to sleep in seems to be noticeably reduced.

Time seems to pass somewhat more slowly, I'll frequently look at the clock and it's somewhat earlier than I expect. (Even in the middle of the night; I doubt it's a daylight-savings-time effect.)

So it's not automatically making me psyched about studying for my other midterm next week as I hoped, but it does seem to have a subtle, pleasant balancing effect so far. I'm not sure I'd recommend it at this point given the need for injections, but I'm getting used to the injection process and will definitely continue to take it for the time being.

Full disclosure: I also got some blood tests back on Friday, which indicated the possibility of a reactivated EBV infection (equivocal early antigen IgG), and I immediately started Valtrex 1g twice daily. I also got some new shirts that I really like, and wore one on the date. huh.gif


Thanks for the update, 2150. I've dosed 5mL/day for the past 17 days, and I have a hard time positively attributing any effect to CL. It's possible there is an effect -- slighly less brain fog, better clarity, etc. -- but it is not a night-and-day difference. I am definitely not any more motivated to do the things that I don't want to do, and definitely still prone to a hangover after a night of heavy drinking. smile.gif

I will note that I weigh about 110kg, so I'm probably dosing on the low end of the scale.

I have ordered some more, and will try 10mL at some point after it gets in.

I do have copies of some of the old (1970's) articles in German and Russian; I don't read either, but if someone who does wants to take a look to see if they reveal anything about the manufacturing process, I'm happy to forward them on.


Update: Took 5 mL/day for 20 days, then ran out. tung.gif Today is my third day with no CL. There's no obvious crash, but I'm starting to feel a little less "on point", and am definitely eager to get my restock package so that I can continue.

In retrospect, I seem to have been making more "life decisions" than usual these past three weeks, moving forward the things that will get me to where I want to be.


Update: Took 5 mL/day for 20 days, then ran out. tung.gif Today is my third day with no CL. There's no obvious crash, but I'm starting to feel a little less "on point", and am definitely eager to get my restock package so that I can continue.

In retrospect, I seem to have been making more "life decisions" than usual these past three weeks, moving forward the things that will get me to where I want to be.


After a few days of no dosing, it feels more like a return to baseline than a crash. The effect isn't immediate; I can skip a day without noticing it, but after 2-3 days of no dosing, it becomes apparent. In general, I tend towards mild depression (haven't taken any antidepressants for 10+ years), it's been dark and rainy here for the last month or so, and the CL seems to prevent me from getting too moody. It was only unpleasant in the sense that I was a little crankier, quieter, and less funny when talking with friends. biggrin.gif

The two biggest effects I've noticed from Cerebrolysin are mood stabilization and increased facility with spoken language; I'm much more verbal and have an easier time putting complex sentences and thoughts together.

After 2 weeks of no dosing, I did 10mL/day for 5 days with no problem. The effect did not seem substantially more pronounced, but it usually takes a few days to kick in anyway. I reordered enough to do 10mL/day on a consistent basis, and plan to do that when the order arrives. Until then, I'm doing 10mL every other day just so I don't run out.

The lump from the 10mL injections is the injected fluid, and goes away in 10-15 minutes without issue.


I thought I would post some of the effects I noticed since I took my last dose of 10mL on Friday last week.

My dosing schedule was not regular but went something like this:
week 1:Fri 5mL
Wed 9mL, Fri 9.5mL
Mon 5mL, Wed 4mL, Fri 10mL

So I took about 45mL in two weeks.

The 10mL days were noticably different than the 5mL days.

The most distinct effect was how much it increased my productivity. Subjectively I might attribute the difference in feeling between the previous 2 weeks and this week to circumstances rather than the cerebrolysin, however, I think looking at it subjectivley is useless. Objectivley, the fact is that I probably had two of the most productive days of my life while I was taking the cerebrolysin, I belive 1 day was when I took 9.5 and the other was the day after that, and in fact that entire week was very productive. During that day, I thought that maybe this was just me reaching a turning point in my time management because I had had some insights into time management the previous day while reading a book, however now that I have some prespective, it seems that the difference was not the insight, I have had many insights about time management before but it had never changed my behavior significantly, but it was the feeling and effects of the cerebrolysin.

On that day that I considered the most productive I wrote a to do list and finished probably 23 out of 25 things, only skipping a few things I decided were not neccessary, and the next day was similar. That was amazing because there were many, varied things on that list which normally I would not be able to shift gears and do these different things. Normally what would happen when I would write a to do list is I would either give up on it after a couple hours of not really finishing anything, or I would finish a few things and then get into a overly pleased state and would waste the rest of the day. However, on cerebrolysin I do not think this ever happened which is amazing. Instead I would just keep doing things and if I finished everything I wrote down, my first thought would be "what else can I do?" Normally, if I finished everything I wrote down (don't know if that has ever happened), I would feel exhausted and just want to surf the internet or watch tv.

On one of the days I had been doing things for about 10 hours straight and still felt completely energized.

I would say that after taking it a few times the effect was to the point of being as effective as a 200mg caffine pill, as far as increasing my activity, except it seemed that unlike with caffine, that activity was being directed toward completing the things I wanted to comlpete with focus and efficiency, wheras with caffine I might be highly active, but doing something I don't need to do.

Only negitive I can think of is that it increased my OCD almost as much as caffine does.

Overall, I am very interested in getting some more. Does anyone know of a research article which mentions in the materials or procedures section that they used some cerebrolysin from a chinese manufacturer? I would like to see if the effects with the chinese cerebrolysin are the same or similar to real cerebrolysin because from what I have seen the chinese cerebrolysin is much cheaper. It cant be that hard to make if they have been making it for 40 years, and they don't even know what is in it, and don't understand how it works, meaning they must have simply stumbled into it, when applying some basic procedures to pig brains.

Ok, day two i am using cerebrolysin. As i inject in the morning, i can definetly feel extra energy and less anxiety during the day. Interesting thing, that i felt this effect even on the first day. Also this extra energy has helped me with concentration and motivation during lectures writing down notes, as usualy i don't write much of them, but on cerebrolysin it is much easier and not so tiresome to do it.
Also there is a feeling i can't describe... Like something is different, i just can't identify what. For me it seems that this unnatural feeling somehow really reduces my anxiety. Its somehow like being drunk without dizzyness? Also i haven't noticed any mood improvement.


So i just ended my last injection of Cerebrolysin today. It was 5 ampoules of 5ml each for 5 days, 25ml total. The first day of injection of what i felt all that reduced anxiety and energy was probably only placebo, as injecting expensive drug into muscle seemed something that should really work. Now i can say that it hasn't done much to me. Maybie the effects will come later, or maybie they already are there just i don't recognize them as they are subtle or need specific situation to show up. The only effects i can recognize are that i can wake up easier in the morning. Sometimes i see more rich colors. Also sometimes i get really annoyed about someone for no reason, glad i don't express that smile.gif



Ok, since i can get cerebrolysin quite cheap, i decided to continue using it for one month. It will be 5 days 5ml each, 2 days off, then repeat this for 4 weeks. I have used 7 ampules so far, 13 to go... As i got pissed that cerebrolysin still haven't done much for me except for the first day, i also added pramiracetam (600mg), lecithin(2400mg), omega 3 fish oil, amino acids complex in tablet form and a nicotine patch.

- almost a month have passed, and only 2 of 20 ampoules (5ml each) are left to go, so i think i can post the results for one month of cerebrolysin use as i don't think these 2 ampoules left will change anything.

In first uses there were reduced anxiety and increased ability to stay focused during quite boring lectures, both of them vanished after few days.
Sometimes i can see richer colors. I can wake up early more easily.
However sadly i can't recognize any significant improvements in cognition or attention. Also it must be kept in mind that later i added other nootrops as i couldn't feel much of effect from cerebrolysin. Now that sucks, because if i would feel the effect, i wouldn't know to what drug i should address it.

Maybie i am too young (23 years) and there is not much cerebrolysin can do to repair my brains, as there is not much to repair? smile.gif
Overall sadly month usage (5 days on, 2 days off) of cerebrolysin didn't do much to me.


Update on my CRB Therapy:

I have injected all 20 5ml ampoules. It was a great experience. Myself and my girlfriend agree that I was and am far calmer/less worried now than ever before.

My story: 10 years of extremely high stress seemed to have left me neurotic, something I never was when I was younger.

I also have been experiencing memory problems for the last 5 years or so. Things that I know I know, but can't think of (tip of the tongue) were happening way too frequently.

This was very disturbing and sad for me, because my brain was always my best asset.

It was so frustrating to not be able to think of a famous actors name, like John Travolta, and to have this happen to you over and over again.

I may have had sleep apnea for about 5 months 2 years ago when I gained a lot of weight. That is when the bad memory problems started happening.

During my treatment I definitely did not have tip of the tongue moments like I have been having.

I have tried almost every racetam there is, and hydergine, but cerebrolysin is definitely a more powerful nootropic than any of them.

It didn't make me feel sharp like adderal or adrafinil does, it just made me feel calm and contented and creative. I still have a motivational deficit sometimes, which leads me to drink coffee which doesn't realy ehlp

This calmness has stayed with me for a week now after I stopped injecting. I know that I need to shoot more though to get the full regenerative effects.

Does anyone know how to get a prescription for this in the US? I would love to order from that Austrian pharmacy, because the prices are half what the others charge.

5ml vs 10ml: 10ml is a pain as a dose because you have to do two injections. 10ml in one spot is doable, but you can feel that it is too much, and your thigh will hurt for a while after.

INJECTION TECHNIQUE: Definitely use filtered needles. I felt almost no pain in the injection areas after I started using filtered needles. Before, I was having thigh pain for a day after injecting sometimes. The filter needles I used were stainless steel monoject 5um ones, be very sure to get all the air bubbles out if you go this route as the filter seemed to make the solution bubbly.


I just injected 5ml of CRB into my right thigh, massaged the area and hot damn I feel great! I feel so fucking good right now.

I'm going to turn on Brainworkshop and try to bump my dual 4 back score from ~ 50-60% to 80%.

Also, every night I watch jeopardy and keep score with a Ruby on Rails app I created. I track how many I get right in single jeopardy, double jeopardy and whether or not I get final jeopardy right.

Before CRB treatment I was averaging about 25 correct per game. Now I am almost done with my second course of CRB and am averaging about 33 right per game.

I have a lot of knowledge in my head, many of the questions I get right on jeopardy are through deduction, elimination and educated guessing.

CRB has definitely helped me eliminate possible answers quicker, and make the associations needed to get more answers right.

This is not a subtle effect.

CRB, meditation and dual n back really work.

I don't know if everyone would have the same results, I was born gifted and suffered some brain damage along the way, and CRB has been the best therapy I have found.

I want to thank RussianBear and everyone else who gave their reports on CRB. Thank you for all of your research, it made me feel comfortable injecting pig brain soup into my thighs.

My life has changed, I feel like I have my brain back now. Thank you imminst!



I have been very busy working on my new business, and I am about to move to a new city with my girl and the future looks very bright.

I am very much looking forward to my next rendez-vous with cerebrolysin. Cerebro is the kind of drug that I would like to hole up with in a lakeside cabin for a few weeks and write a novel on. I think I will do that this summer.

I think that I will do a cycle every three months for the next couple years or so. The original problem that I started nootropics for (tip-of-the-tongue too often) has been solved, but I see no reason not to continue.

It's been almost two months since I took any cerebro, but much of the improvement remains. On cerebro I averaged 33 right per jeopardy game. I now average 30 correct per game, which is a good improvement from my pre-cerebro average.

The days you use cerebro, you are totally on, but lasting positive changes are made. I hope that the effect is cumulative over a period of years. I will see.

Your jeopardy score can be improved by studying certain topics that come up often on the show. I have not done that so far. I find my jeopardy scores are pretty consistent and a good indicator of my cognitive health on any given day.

Being stressed or worried will cost me 5-10 correct answers, as will sleep deprivation.

I have about 23 kilos of piracetam from Smart Powders left. They are sealed in 3 kilo jugs that I bought when the FDA ban was announced last summer. If anyone wants any, I've got the hookup.

It would be a win-win, you would get cheap bulk piracetam, and I would use the money to buy my next round of cerebrolysin smile.gif


Thanks for the report Aldousnow !

Finally ! i received 10 vials of cerebrolysin from antyaging systems and am expecting 10 more from drugspro. It took 15 days for antiaging to deliver to canada (I was beginning to think it would never get here) Both companies have a pretty good customer service and both replied to my concerns.

My goal for the 1st cycle is to note observations on the desired following improvements:

- better memory (Right now I feel slightly below average, maybe beacause of stress)
- remove "tip of the tong" issues (happening more and more but normal i guess)
- Augmenting speed of thought (I hate having to think for too long when being asked a spontaneous question)
- clarity of thought
- general well being
- verbal skills (good choice of wording ...dont judge me here cuz I speak mostly french smile.gif)
- motivation
- social skills
- physical skills
- meditation and mindfulness skills
- comprehension
- intuition

let me know if you have other interesting aspects you would like me to keep in mind. I can comment on the short and long term benefits/side-effects

I took 5 ml today and definitly felt something. Even if this is placebo, I have clear thoughts and a some energy. it's too soon to comment on my improvements but 1 thing i can says is i felt compelled to clean up the whole place around here, but it just may be my present state.

I will take the 2nd vial tomorow am and update the forum.

Bonne Nuit !


OK 2nd injection, and 3rd today... and nothing. The first reaction was definitely placebo. I'll keep you posted when i notice changes/improvements


4th injection done 1h ago.

I feel energized but i'm unsure if it's the cafeine. I'm clear, no anxiety... but that's it. I was expecting something more drastic but this is fine for now because i'm not looking for a buzz... From the posts i've read earlier there is a buildup aspect with Cerebro.

I am starting a day of work. I will update you on my productivity at the end of the day.

5th vial taken earlier today.

I'm still at work today and I'm now able to discern some accentuated concentration. I would compare the feeling to piracetam. I see a slight clarity improvement and speed of thought but I don't notice any verbal skills improvements like piracetam provides. I feel a bit agitated but, again, this may be caused by cafeine from green tea.

Some improvements from yesterday but not much. Neuroplasticity may be going on at this time so i try to stay sharp, concentrated and use my mind as much as I can.

I may try another 5 ml ampoule around 5pm.


after 2 weeks (10 vials) it's still hard to pin-point improvements. I see some but they are not as evident as I thought they would be. the benefits appear after the 5th and seems to accumulate slowly.

I have a bit more energy (a lot more on caffeine), I wake up slightly more rested, i don't fall asleep around 2 pm at the job, little to no anxiolitic effect and hangovers are almost not existant... almost. My concentration levels seem to be the same but i'm able to keep it up a bit more sustained, this may be because of increased energy ?

No verbal skills improvements, no noticable speed of thought improvement, ... in short, so far, I only see a general well being improvement. I had higher expectations from cerebrolysin but keep in mind that i still have 10 other ampoules to go.

the so-called "improvements" seem to stay during the "off" days.

we'll see


after 16/20 ampoules I clearly feel the difference.

It took 13 doses to see that this nootropic is actually effective. All my personal test points seem to be affected when on it. I remember Russian Bear saying he was able to go through stressful periods without feeling too tired and exhausted and I have to says that this is very true. I don't have a stressful job but I can definitely say that I have been on top of my game for the past weeks.

For concentration it's pretty hard to describe the improvements. I still have to work at it but i feel i'm able to sustain the effort for longer periods which allows me to observe/study more deeply. in a related subject, tip of the tong syndrome seems to have dissipated. Even if I have difficulty finding a word I seem to be able to drive my concentration up a notch and I come up with a name or a word I wanted to use.

My memory is better. clearly.

oh and hangovers are still non-existant (almost) and i remember every details of the night.

That's pretty much it... concentration, general well-being and confidence clearly improved so everything else is affected positively.

If I notice anything else i'll post. If not I will let you know if the improvements stay after the cycle is done

By the way, anyone knows how often I can cycle cerebrolysin ?

Continued in next post

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Posted 08 May 2014 - 02:38 AM

I just finished my 1st month (1 cycle ) of cerebrolysin. The "on" days were focused, very productive and the "off" days were ok, as simple as that. On this last day I can say that the following test points were all improved except 1 :

- memory
- "tip of the tong" issues
- speed of thought
- clarity of thought
- general well being
- verbal skills
- motivation
- social skills
- meditation and mindfulness skills
- comprehension
- intuition

I did not notice any physical skills improvements. I do Cross-fit, which is a very intense military type of training, and I felt i was more exhausted while "on" cerebrolysin. Maybe this is due to the brain consuming more energy than usual. don't know.

I will now see if the effects last in a "long term" way ... the next 2 months (before the 2nd cycle)will be without cerebro. I am almost certain that the concentration levels will not be as intense as during the cycle, but i will be able to compare Before/after the treatment. Let's hope there are long term benefits to all of this.



*) 1-2g of omega-3s (four to six fish oil capsules)
*) 4.8g Piracetam
*) Cacao Nibs
*) Vitamin D

I'm taking 10ml IV Cerebrolysin 5 days a week. I'm currently at 10 out of 20.

Day 1:

"The injection was followed by a burst of euphoria and immediate sharpening of sight. Only notable side effects were extremely mild dizziness, a feeling of warmth and a slight tremor in my hands for roughly 10 minutes. All negative perceptions have subsided.

All my neurological functions seem significantly amplified. Physical and speculative perception is greatly enhanced. Audiovisual frame-rate has also been increased. I'm feeling permeated with brilliant natural serenity and am experiencing great fluidity of thought.

Memory and logical reasoning have also undergone considerable improvement. Furthermore, It seems that both my mood and stress threshold have been positively affected.

Day 10:


I'm having a lot of trouble sleeping on the days that I get the injection, but it's getting easier. Light and all reflections of light are more vivid. I seem to not have such a distinct 'spot of focus' but feel like I am aware of all my surroundings simultaneously. The combination of Piracetam and Cerebrolysin makes me feel more Sherlock (from the BBC series if you've seen it) than human. I am automatically analyzing everything. Reading body language of other people comes naturally without effort. Sometimes I deduce extremely awkward things that are not obvious to anyone else. I'm extraordinarily pleased. The anti-depressant effects are incredible.

I have had a refractory depression for 8-9 years and this is the most noticeable improvement I've experienced out of any medication.

If reality was a dial, it's just turned to the right by several ticks. Everything seems more 'real'. It's like upgrading your graphics card and turning up the graphics settings on a video game. It's much easier to distinguish overlapping stimuli such as multiple ongoing conversations. It really hits straight to the ego, and I feel like a computer.



I took a week long break from Cerebrolysin injections. I've had 10x10ml IV so far. Its effects on piracetam and cognition are still present. The antidepressant action diminished a little bit, however the situation is more complex. The cerebrolysin seems to have made the piracetam a lot better. Not stronger per se but more all-encompassing. I used to get headaches from doses higher than 2g, but now I can take 9.6g a day without getting any. It seems to make a positive difference on the effects of piracetam.

I will continue the Cerebrolysin in a few days.


I've only had 10x 10ml injections because it was becoming nearly impossible to sleep. I never felt tired. However the cognitive effects are still mildly present, but only really noticeable in the amplification of piracetam.


Thank you for all the extremely thorough information! To clarify I've been doing IM in split doses AM and early afternoon. I really don't feel comfortable doing any IV type injections or even setting up the butterfly method the picture shows. Intra-muscular is no big deal though. I've been doing the same thing you mentioned above, switching between the glutes and quads.

I noticed on most online product info for cereb that nausea and GI issues are the most common side effects. So I wasn't too worried about it. Also, something probably foolish of me, but which could have added to the sides is that I've been taking Melanotan II 0.5mg SQ injection daily. Not until after I'd been taking both together for a few days did I read about the possible interactions with short peptides and cerebrolysin. Although I'm not sure what the risks are.....

So I'll just keep doing the 10ml per day until I run out. So far I haven't noticed much that could be distinguished from placebo effect. The only pronounced effect I've noticed so far is increased emotional sensitivity. It seems I'm much more susceptible to getting my feelings hurt over things that aren't necessarily even directed towards me. I have cycling sensations of feeling ultra sensitive and insecure. Feelings I haven't really had since high-school, LOL.

At this dosage and from the source I purchased from this cycle will cost me $600USD+ per month. Do you have a cheaper yet reliable source? I'm pretty sure that's the most common question related to this stuff.


The social aspect is definitely there and lack of anxiety and depression. Not feeling quite as good today but my sleep schedule is really bad right now which likely has something to do with it.

Empathy and moral support to my friends seems to be much more fulfilling as well. I'll update more in a few hours hopefully, quite busy at the moment.

Actually on day 7 (yesterday) I started feeling really awesome. I'm quite certain I'm hitting IM spots, it just seems to have taken a while to acclimate in my system.


Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that my shipment arrived on July 14th, the evening of my first post and I ordered the item on June 25th. I also got an email notice form the company on July 16th from the company stating that my item is at my local post office and to please pick up the item, but is so happened that it was delivered already. The item came in a three sealed packets with the hieroglyphic seal and with 5 vials in each sealed packet, stated that they were made in Austria and an expiration date of 2017 including the manufactured date of 2012. The medication identification paper was in a russian language. With that said, everything looks legitimate!

Anyway today was the first day that I delivered the med via IV route. The supplies for the IV start kit was bought online including the needles, filters, and sterile saline. I found the lowest prices on syringes btw on ebay. I mixed 10 cc of Cerebrolysin with 15cc of sterile saline (ss) for a total of 25cc in a 30cc syringe and administered via IV slow push in increments of 2cc every 2 minutes so ruffly it all went in in approx 30 minutes. Prior to administering I flushed with 3cc of ss and again with 3cc after the completion of the med.

During the course of the day, I felt that I may have felt a very mild anxiolytic and antidepressant effect. This is good. However, I did not or still do not feel more focused or being able to remember better which is my main goal, that is to grow and extend dendritic branches permanently for an overall awesome memory and recall, which I hope will happen soon.


Hi guys, just wanted to update you all. first of all, this is my third day of taking cerebro and it has been a bit of a different day. First off, I slept way less last night and then crashed durning mid day. I also have been having localized headaches that last for approx 5 min and then subside. This occurred 3 separate times today. No big deal. As far as mentation goes, no change as of yet.


Hi guys. I've switched to the IM route as I was unable to get the parts needed for a proper IV and keeping a needle in your vein for twenty minutes by taping it down is not the least fun, it's brutal! This is my 5th day on Cerebro and I have not felt the effects as all yet! Can someone please tell me what you are suppose to feel?


An update guys, finally after 6 days of usage I started to feel and notice a difference. Here is the positives:

1) Depression is slowly dissipating

2) More clarity of thought

3) More mental energy

4) Much less anxiety

5) Libido

The negatives:

1) Some diarrhea

2) Slight intermittent short lasting localized headaches

Now, everyone responds differently and I for one have had suffered from depression/anxiety since I was 15 years old. I have tried many different medications, most of which hardly worked. I am on viibryd now. The viibryd has no sexual side effects by the way, as all the other serotonin reuptake inhibitors have, which causes people to give up taking the med. I believed that the depression caused my brain to atrophy and work inefficiently. The cerebrolysin I feel is repairing the damage and causing regrowth as I feel this is occurring slowly, as a lot of repair work is needed.


Guys, after completing 50ml's a couple of weeks ago, I have started my second round, this time IV route. Supplies can be bought at Allegro's Medical dot com. The first day, I felt nothing, the second day of 10ml's and my depression has been wiped out. I don't get a high feeling at all, just a clean depression free state. This is exactly how I use to feel before depression ruined my life at the age of 14. I still did manage to become somewhat successful and dependent, though it was a struggle. As far as feeling smarter, that is still to be seen. Overall, I give Cerebrolysin one thumbs up, and two thumbs up once I feel smarter and my memory excels.


I'm in a clean depression free state.

Overall doses up to date has been 7, 10ml ampules.

Will continue to update...


Now that I'm in a depression free state, I am going to focus more on assessing the cognitive intellectual factors derived from Cerebrolysin. Though I have noticed a subtle change in that department, I feel that it will take time to notice a progressive to a significant change.

I have now used 8 ampules as of today.

Progressive changes in mental intellect still pending...


Guys, Cerebrolysin is most likely the best nootropic out there.

- First, of all, I have for the first time since the age of 13 to 14 have been depression free. Trust me, I have been through almost all the different antidepressant drugs, most of which takes months to work and when they do work only cuts the depression by less than half. Viibryd is the only drug that I take as of now and has NO sexual side effects as all the other ssri have, trust me! Recent studies have shown that the effect from the antidepressants may not be from a chemical imbalance from serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine or what have you, but form the lack of the ability for the brain to regenerate itself by way of neurogenesis, which could be due to a lack of BDNF, NGF, GDNF and other chemical factors. These drugs in the process of blocking the reuptake also stimulate the factors but only to a degree, is what scientist are finding out. Ketamine, which is a drug given to induce sedation is know to spurr on neurogenisis and dendrite growth and depression is obliterated away within 3 days! Scientist think this drug is the ultimate in getting rid of depression, but unfortunately it is a controlled substance, and was not made for the use in depression.

Also, as I had mentioned in a previous post, the effect I received from Cerebro is not at all a high feeling but a clear and clean feeling. The lingering sadness for no apparent reason is just not there! This I believe is due to the regrowth of the missing needed dendrites and the upgrading ablility of the neurons to fire effectively. BDNF and other nurotrophic agents in cerebro, which btw crosses the blood brain barrier is what is spurring on the neurogenesis. Unlike other supplements like lion's mane only indirectly stimulates the production but is not the product itself, cerebro has BDNF in it and acts directly on the neurons.

-Second, my ability to recall is improving. I just went over study lessons and in the process have tested my ability to recall information, and I am recalling. Now as far as testing the actual results will be known after I take the test. And overall improvement is still in progress....


Hi guys, today I finished my 2nd round which equates to 10, 10ml ampules, and I feel great! I feel like my brain has been embedded in a sea of satisfying nutritious food. Thinking ability is picking up day by day. My ability to understand paragraphs and topics in my lecture studies have improved. I seem to engulf ideas better. I will have a better gauge of this once I take my exam, however. All other nootropics to me is like comparing the quality output you get from a VCR player to a Blue Ray player or like the energy you get from a bottle of vitamin mineral water to a power carb shake, it's just not the same.


Finished with 4 boxes so far and my brainI feels as good as new!!!

I am able to effortlessly recall things that I would not be able to do before. It's spontaneous!

I am contemplating weather I should go one more week for a total of 5 boxes and then rest for 6 weeks or not at this time. :-D


Just an update guys. There has been no relapse in depression yet. Even when things don't always go my way, I don't feel down. In addition to being off Cbl for 4 weeks, I have started taking 2 grams of Lion's Mane a day from Fungi Health. I notice that I feel on point, but didn't before when I use to take it minus Cbl.


About a month ago I ordered 10 X 10ml ampules from Superhumangear (great site / service BTW), two and a half weeks later the shipment arrived here in South Africa. Customs seized the product as unregistered medicine and I had to really put my mind to work to get it loose. I got a note from a friendly, open minded, doctor and with a bit of persuasion and sweet talking at customs they decided to give it to me, but warned me not to try to order it again. So if you're in South Africa I wouldn't even bother, Cape Town customs is a nightmare... Anyways so I started my schedule of 10ml per day (5ml per 2 injection sites first thing in the morning) 4 days on 2 days off. There wasn't a build up phase for me, I felt effects from the very first day. Immediate mood enhancement including anti-depression, reduced anxiety, positive energy and you have a cool, calm, ready to take on anything attitude. As the days went by I noticed the following effects:

  • Mood enhancement (easier to shrug off negative thought patterns)
  • Clarity of mind and thoughts (more meaning to thoughts)
  • Auditory and visual enhancement (sharper, clearer)
  • Slight headaches, but a good kind (like your brain is being restored/renewed in that area)
  • Memory increase (didn't feel exclusively like short or long term memory but "medium term" increase if you will)
  • Brain doesn't get fatigued (at all)
  • Caffeine and all other noots had potentiated effects (ALCAR, Piracetam and Gerbil stack on off days)
  • Slightly more difficulty falling asleep (probably because of boundless energy, and its natural energy, not the stimulant kind)
Furthermore if you decide to do a Cerebrolysin course, I would strongly advise 10ml per day as I believe 5ml would be too weak a dose IMO. I used 23G one and a half inch needles without filter, 21G was painful... Oh yeah, I had a great e-mail conversation with one of the professors over at EVER Neuro Pharma GmbH, who gave me an excellent product monograph which should be able to answer most of your questions (download here or PM me to send it to you via e-mail), I also asked him about the storage instructions once the ampule has been opened and his response was: "Regarding your question, unfortunately your Cerebrolysin should be used immediately after the ampule is opened, because the solution contains peptides and the risk of contamination is high. So in other words you should use the ampule as soon as possible when you've opened it, better within less than 1 hour. Thank you and best regards." So yeah, opened ampules are rendered useless after 1 hour.

I would definitely recommend Cerebrolysin to anyone looking for overall brain enhancement/restoration. I would love to do a second course, as recommended in product literature, but I fear it will be too difficult to get past customs again. These days ALCAR, Piracetam, Lithium Orotate and the Gerbil Stack works wonders for me, looking to try out the CILTEP stack too. Hope this helps, peace out.



Hi everyone. It´s been a while since I was active in this forum. However, seems like much of the discussion about the best route to administer cerebrolysin has continued with some great posts!

It´s been almost two years since I tried cerebrolysin for the first time and have been cycling it ever since. For those of you who are concerned about long term side effects (even though my case is actually mid term) here is a good anecdotal statement: there have been none undesirable sides.

Now for the bad news: Seems like tolerance does develop. I upped the dose to 10 ml a day for the first time about six months ago, and haven´t got to the "sweet spot" ever since. I might have been getting too little "off" time so the effects of usage are not nearly as noticeable or strong as the first year and a half of cycling cerebrolysin. Any thoughts? I´ve waited as little as 15 days between cycles. It´s been a month since my last one, and I wonder if I should wait more in order to get full benefit from the substance.



Well...between the very first time of usage and the second time around, passed almost a year and I retained much of the "gains". Specifically, the improvement on visuospatial skills, enhanced recall (not as strong as when on the substance but still much more that before first usage) creativity (defined as new possibilities for action popping constantly in my head) and visualization skills.

About something being permanent...our bodies just don´t seem to work like that. We need a continuous supply of water, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fat, carbohydrates, sleep, stretching, physical excercise (or else atrophy comes along) and so forth. We could think cerebrolysin´s action in analogy to muscle training: you could develop strength and volume with or without pharmacological aids, but that bodily state depends on active usage. The important thing with this substance is that, so far, doesn´t seem to cause withdrawal or suppression syndrome. It´s really worth it. I´ve come to the conclusion that even if I "needed" to use it for the rest of my life to reap its benefits, I´d be worth it in every single way. Think about how many "unnatural" things we consume on regular basis that don´t benefit us much, or that cause flat out harm.


I'm now on day 2 of 10 ml a day. The IM injections are more challenging than I expected. My first was fine, but on the second one, I had trouble penetrating the skin, and I had a vasovagal episode that nearly resulted in me fainting. I was able to complete the injection, but I had to lie down for a few minutes afterwards. I have experience with subcutaneous injections on myself, and I've even done sutures, but sticking a needle in 1.5" is quite a bit more demanding. Today when I was inserting the needle for my second injection, I hit a nerve that made my knee bend involuntarily. I tried again in a slightly different spot with a new needle and was successful. I haven't had any trouble aspirating, at least. Could anyone with more experience with IM injections tell me how to avoid hitting any nerves, and if it matters if the needle is inserted quickly or slowly?
Also, my injection sites from yesterday are still slightly sore - it will definitely be necessary to rotate sites.

As for the effects, they're barely noticeable so far, if they're even present yet. Maybe some increased clarity and an improved sense of well-being. I also slept through the whole night last night for the first time in months, which was great.


I just finished my cycle of 10ml a day, 5 days a week for 4 weeks. I was very disappointed with the effects. I did not experience any substantial nootropic or antidepressant effects. I am unsure if my focus is improved, but my productivity has actually been going downhill (which is probably unrelated). My memory may be somewhat enhanced, but the effect doesn't come close to what I've experienced with piracetam and CDP-choline. Cerebrolysin did not make piracetam or any other nootropics work better, nor did it reduce my tolerance. Overall, I'm not sure if Cbl had any effect on me at all. This thread made me think it worked for pretty much everyone, so my results have been very surprising.

Given the cost of Cerebrolysin and injection supplies ($410 for me), the difficulty of administration, and the lack of a pronounced effect, I will not be using Cbl again.

I did learn quite a bit about IM injections, at least.
For IM injections, I highly recommend avoiding the glutes entirely (you risk damage to the sciatic nerve and dorsogluteal artery, plus you are much more likely to inject into fatty tissue, plus it's a really awkward angle). Instead, I recommend the vastus lateralis and rectus femoris. Each can be divided up into three injection sites about two inches apart, centered on the middle of the thigh. I find it works well to stretch the skin and pierce the skin quickly with a dart-like motion, but then to slowly insert the needle the rest of the way. You need to be able to feel when the needle is in the muscle and stop at the right depth - usually about 1.25". Sometimes it's difficult to pierce the connective tissue surrounding the muscle, and if you're on the edge of the muscle, you also risk going through it entirely (hence the need to stop at the right depth). Wait at least a week before injecting in the same site. With good technique (including pressing the plunger slowly - 1 minute for 5 ml), the site will be sore for a few hours, but the next day it'll feel fine.


Today was my fifth injection and injecting 10ml/day. I'm guessing I'm still in the loading phase since nothing dramatic has happened yet. Sleep has been really crappy the last 5 days but that's probably because I just started school and had to switch sleeping schedules, I have problems sleeping when I have to go to sleep before 12-2am my sleep deficit could be interfering with the loading phase time. It's so annoying not knowing if it'll work or not since there are some people in this thread that have reported not feeling a strong effect from Cerebrolysin which worries me.

I'm a little doubtful, but am hoping that it'll work.


End of week 3 on my Cerebrolysin course
During the last couple of days I started to get this head rush after injection as well as a clean stress free feeling, it was like a burden off my shoulders was lifted or something, it's a really refreshing feeling. I can really tell what one other poster felt when they said they could handle stress alot easier at work. No noticable nootropic effect yet but I'm glad I'm finally getting at least any kind of effect.

If this matters at all, I switched my injection schedule to 5ml x5days x whatever amount of weeks I got left of it.


Yesterday I started my 20 x 10 ml cerebrolysin cycle. I'm taking it varying times though the week; 5 times a week. Im using the cere to recovery from a severe concussion i received in a car accident 3 months ago. Althought most of my symptoms have subsided I still have residual cognitive deficits. Ordered from superhuman gear extremely fast shipping to us.

I could feel the cere working minutes after I im'd it, geuss I'm a responder. Small amount of pain at one injection site which subsided the next day.

It's honestly such a great feeling its kinda scary. The stuff makes you feel like a kid again. Extreme hunger, alleviates boredom, stress free and an increased ability to fight stress. Great anti deppressant effect as I didn't feel drugged I actually just felt more alive. I went out the whole night and while I'm usually dead tired by 12 o'clock I was still ready to go at 3 in the morning. As for a nootropic effect I felt very sharp yesterday and word fluency was much better than usual. My cognitive deficits were slim to none. I think this stuff is the solution to healing a concussion especially if this stuff has lasting effects.

I've only taken one dose but the effects were profound I'm curious to see how these "accumulative" doses are going to turn out.

Ill be posting updates regularly


Cere definitely has been helping my sleep so far. I've read that cere has high levels of magnesium; and magnesium is known to induce good sleep.. who knows though. Day 5 and i can definitely feel the effects building everyday. I'm experiencing some sort of carelessness from the cere, at times i can almost consider it a form of apathy. I Really don't know if its a good or bad feeling.

On the bright side cere has sharpened my cognition to the point where i feel like i don't even need to study for school. I sit in class listen to the lecture and miraculously remember everything about the lecture the next class. The memory enhancement is a very nice effect.

Surprisingly i have had slight cold symptoms since starting the cere however they're getting better. I wonder if its possible that the foreign organic peptides and amino acids have somehow been presumed as a threat and activated my immune system??

I have felt far less mental/cognitive deficits since I've started the cere and every day it gets better. There is just some sort of clearheadedness that cere gives you, surprisingly it lasts up into 3rd day no injection.(I took a 2 day break after my first 2 injections) With how strong this stuff is i could see myself ending up smarter than i was pre concussion.


First day of Cerebrolysin 10mL yesterday. Good: there's a subtle feeling of returning back to my old self, bad: did get a massive headache and was particularly sensitive to sound and anything slightly stress inducing for a few hours that day [is it the cerebrolysin? because I have been getting headaches the entire weekend before cerebrolysin, just not as bad as that day].... good thing that I didn't expect: didn't disturb my sleep at all.

The only thing I don't really like is the injecting part. We will see how this all goes in the end, I'm incredibly glad it didn't disrupt my sleep as I have very sensitive sleep. Let's see if this continues.

PS, not currently taking any other supplements, besides the occassional ginger if I've eaten something that bothers my stomach



Cere definitely has been helping my sleep so far. I've read that cere has high levels of magnesium; and magnesium is known to induce good sleep.. who knows though. Day 5 and i can definitely feel the effects building everyday. I'm experiencing some sort of carelessness from the cere, at times i can almost consider it a form of apathy. I Really don't know if its a good or bad feeling.

On the bright side cere has sharpened my cognition to the point where i feel like i don't even need to study for school. I sit in class listen to the lecture and miraculously remember everything about the lecture the next class. The memory enhancement is a very nice effect.

Surprisingly i have had slight cold symptoms since starting the cere however they're getting better. I wonder if its possible that the foreign organic peptides and amino acids have somehow been presumed as a threat and activated my immune system??

I have felt far less mental/cognitive deficits since I've started the cere and every day it gets better. There is just some sort of clearheadedness that cere gives you, surprisingly it lasts up into 3rd day no injection.(I took a 2 day break after my first 2 injections) With how strong this stuff is i could see myself ending up smarter than i was pre concussion.

I'm experiencing the apathy thing, in terms of the apathy thing. It's like I'm less likely to get moody. Instead I'm just calm and tired, but so ready to rest. I've never heard about magnesium being in cere, and mag didn't help me very well in the long run. So far I haven't experienced any super mind-clearing or sharp mind effect, nor any enhancement of memory. Actually I've found that my cognition is still pretty disorganized I've been doing 10 mL a day. I would say that overall it's making me feel more rested and in a more stable mood. It could be a fluke so I will continue to update.

It's almost like I haven't Gone "into the positive" yet. But frankly there's nothing horribly wrong. I get headaches and it hurts to pin myself. That's about it. Strangely this might be the supplement that saves me from insomnia, and I'm glad I had the guts to take it even though I had a resistance to every trying to self-medicate again because of possible complications. Because it looks like unexpectedly I may sleep better all week. But we will see, Ill keep in touch.

Another interesting fluke is that prior to this my heart was beating fast [avg. 90 bpm] , worsened when laying down, and my blood pressure was low and I was getting chest pains. Since Ive been taking the cere that condition has been moderately better. Could be coincidence.



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Posted 08 May 2014 - 02:47 AM

c60 tester, for me personally it didn't effect my libido at all.

This is my 4th day on 10mL and I don't find this substance particularly "strong" at all.

I've been mostly tired the entire time i've been on it [but I'm almost always tired and sleep deprived].

good news is that today i didn't get a headache at all.. the first 3 days the headache was pretty bad.

I hope I will feel better in a few weeks. I'm fantasizing and imagining that this is having a subtle long-term healing effect even though I don't feel much right now. All I can say is that I've been both tired and calm while taking this substance. not much mood fluctuation. That is what stands out to me right now.

The other things that stand out, yet are sparse and i'm not sure if they are related to the cere, is that I feel more like I would feel 10 yrs ago [hard to describe], and also I experience faint "jumps" where i can perceive on a different level [for example I can imagine the realm of relativity that say, my superiors at work are in], again might just be coincidence.

Sleep sucked last night, I'm sure it had nothing to do with the cere though as my sleep usually sucks, and it happened to be better than normal on the cere one or 2 days, so it isprobably just the regular course of my bilogical sleep patterns.



Day 5: I had a good amount of sleep, though it was broken up. The day went by pretty smoothly , I was tired but able to handle my obligations. Yet again, mood wise I was pretty stable and calm. There was no cognitive sharpening though

Day 6 [saturday- no cerebrolysin taken]: Last night was the first night in years that I slept for 6 hours straight without waking up. Therefore I believe cerebrolysin may be playing a part in repairing the physical part of my nervous system that does not allow me to sleep properly.



Day 7- Sunday- No cerebrolysin taken [doing the weekend cycling]- Slept really good the night before, from about 11pm until 6am , woke up once for maybe half an hour. Then had a groggy sleep for the next few hours, then was depressed and anxious all day. [the depressed/anxious part = normal for me]...

Day 8- Monday- Will be taking cerebrolysin shortly, but wanted to comment on last night's sleep. It was horrible and all broken up. A lot of those moments where you're sleeping but awake at the same time. It's when your mind is racing with all these dream-thoughts or things that dont make any sense what soever. its like being awake during certain sleep processes . So last night I just slept horribly. Keep in mind it seems that I slept really much better on the days I was taking the cerebro and the one day after. Perhaps it was helping with sleep.

Good thing: My heart's been going really wonky on me with arhymthmias, chest pain and racing heart, but ever since I got some sleep on the cerebrolysin it has improved, therefore I think i might have had developing heart problems or mounting anxiety that sleep helped to resolve.

Just hope I can get back on the sleep wagon, also I really hope cerebrolysin can help with the depression part because I really literally felt like doing nothing at all on Sunday, could barely even cook for myself or do anything useful and was thinking a lot of negative hopeless thoughts.

I am wondering if I had got up exactly at 6am on Sunday if I would have felt better, I am thinking maybe I stayed in bed too long. [but still, I dont think a person's mood should be so frikkin sensitive to things like that.. oh you stay in bed a couple more hours and it ruins your entire day and leaks into the next one?? pssh please..]


so far i have taken 10 doses of 10 mL. The sleep benefit did not persist so I believe this may have been plain coincidence. I don't feel the effect of cerebrolysin is strong enough to help me in my life path. But I will persist with the dosing as I do notice subtle improvements in function or mood. It's just that they arent drastic enough to be therepeutic right now. But I still have pretty bad sleeping issues [not due to the cerebro, it's a seperate problem]. Overall it seems to just make me calmer. My day passes a bit easier. But most days that I'm alive are really difficult for me so this will have to be much more overpowering if I am going to consider it therepeutic.

Hmm. Ok. The other thing I noticed. Is that there is some inconsistent improvement. I forgot about this but just started thinking about it. On random days I just feel better. Like last night my depression level was pretty low. I didn't feel particularly outgoing or anything. I'm still pretty introverted. But it allowed me to initiate certain things that I needed to get done. and I was more on top of those things, doing them in a responsible way. It's a strange thing because I didn't feel like that all day but the fact that I had the chance to feel like that for the night seems good.



felt happier than normal today, more calm as well. still didnt sleep very great. was quite functional at work, .. one thing i notice on cerebrolysin is that sometimes it makes time go by very slowly, which can be a good or a bad thing depending on the state I am in at that time. generally speaking I enjoy "time dilation" or whatever you want to call it because I hate when time slips through my hands or slides away from me fast, that feels like I am not in time but that time goes on without me in it.

I decided I'm not going to cycle but I'll just continue taking it until the full 20 days is done. I'm on day 11 today and this is the first week that I've taken 10mL a day for more than 5 days.

Again I am surely noticing an antidepressant effect with this substance , but it is inconsistent in the sense that I have no control of when it is working and when it is not, and it only works sometimes. The way that it works is that I become more optimistic and bright eyed and kind of motivated. But it doesnt always last.

I would love to give an update of much value a few weeks down the line. i notice good effects waning in slightly and I"m hoping that they mount up to something better, instead of just being random flickers.


so after taking cerebrolysin for another 7 days straight [have taken cere for 12 days so far, 8 left to go] , my sleep continued to be pretty bad - short sleeps anywhere between 40min-2 hrs at a time, mostly intense dream sleep, but not quite the same intensity as noopept dreams. Still it was cuttin close. Monday was the first off day of the cycle. Sunday night i had some kind of anxiety attack at night, then during monday I felt quite confused [bordering clinical confusion] , depressed and anxious, wondered if I had to be put into the loony bin in my condition. I am not sure this has anything to do with the cere as it has been mounting up since long before the cere. Also I think it may be related to either a pre-existing heart condition or just simply a neurological condition which further compounds itself with loss of sleep. I think it's important to note that I have had pre existing mental conditions to begin with, and even experienced a stretch of schizophrenia about 5 yrs ago. Someone did mention a concern about the raised BDNF or NGF being a factor in psychosis [schiz.], and I think this is a somewhat legitimate concern, though it is still speculation since cerebrolysin has also been used as an adjunct to antipsychotic medication in clinical trials, and I don't remember it causing any specific worsening of these conditions.

So anyway , my confounding factor is not only possible pre-existing neurlogical conditions, but also , there may be something wrong with my heart as my heart rate has slowly risen over the past 5 months [far before cere], and now is usually between 90-100 BPM resting rate.

Okay, now for the good stuff. Even though I've been going through these problems, it seems I have a much more logical approach to handling them. Not sure if this is just me maturing or what. But also, it seems I am able to communicate with people a lot more effectively [my boss, co workers, girlfriend, doctor, people online]. And it's easier to be optimistic when I'm in my 'uptime'. Even though I'm pretty hopeless a lot of the time, I just realize that even though maybe I'm not exactly where I want to be in life, that I am making rational decisions, even if those happen to be the wrong ones. Being more decisive. Anxiety is still there but I am being a lot more mature about it when I can.

Another interesting effect I wanted to note was that I keep having these random childhood memories, like remembering details that were completely buried away inside my mind and probably never to be found again.

My injections are much easier now. I found out exactly where the needle goes and realized that you have to shoot it in quickly [if you have the right spot] and things will go much more smoothly.

I will continue the cerebrolysin and hopefully have good news later or even months down the line. Hopefully I can sort out whatever's going on with my heart/ anxiety in the mean time.

Anyway guys sorry for flooding the main thread I probably should have just made a blog lol.


Day 14-
What I noticed is that now my body seems much more sensitive to cerebrolysin. Not in terms of specific side effects such as headache which were present in the first 3 days, but in terms of an actual psychiatric effect. I am now finding that the substance is more activating. However I noticed that I am also restless at night time. At this point I believe it might even be rational to knock my dose down to 5mL rather than 10mL as I feel that an effect would be sustained.. . cerebrolysin does have a certain effect that's similar to noopept's, but more subtle and built up over time, as well as a more subduing feeling even though its still activating. Like I'm feeling a specific sort of deepening of the senses, lifting the mood from depression and easing a certain part of my anxiety. Anyway, this night of day 14 was one of those nights where you lay there, and you're relaxed, but you feel a kind of Akathisia, one that you try to decide not to move about, but you just cant help that your limbs feel uncomfortable and you're not dozing off. It is possible to dose off it's just that every time youre awake there's a kind of uncomfortable restlessness in your body. It's like any position you go into doesn't seem like a "sleeping position" so you have to keep changing positions and hoping you find the right one, or, just stop moving and hope that you will lose awareness of your body.

day 15- pretty much the same, I'm not at the night time part yet though.

There's a certain sense of being more "back to the world of senses", or even back to the original briskness that you felt when you were a kid. Like, back to the "outside world" where stuff is going on.

I don't necessarily feel a strong involvement in the world but I at least feel like I am back to it.


Night of day 15- going to sleep is a bit hard, it's like the body is hard to get into a comfortable sleeping position. This has happened most nights on the cere nowadays. However when I do sleep I actually sleep either a) for a few hours straight without getting up or b) I wake up but only briefly and fall back asleep i average half an hr, depending on what time I woke up.

Day 16- Day went well. Slept pretty good this night, maybe about 4 hours uninteruppted, and then maybe another 3 later on. Pretty rare.

Day 17- I feel the effects of cerebrolysin are in fact building up. Ok, what happens is, I can think about certain events in the past [memories], or situations in the present, or future things, and I can think of it with new insight. It's like a "whole new world" is exposed to my senses. Still, I don't feel like I am fully a new man, or that I fully function in that world, nor that it is wholly crisp and clear. However, I am definitely closer to it, it brushes my senses, and it is definitely more present to my senses. It's as if I'm able to process certain variables of the outside world and connect the details more thoroughly. This happens in a kind of automatic fashion. The thoughts and senses just process easier.

This similarly happened on noopept except when this happened on noopept it was more abrupt and its intensity was greater, and I think on noopept there was more irritability.

It seems that if there were any side effects from the high dose of cerebrolysin, that over time they have become less. Either that or my bodys natural biological rythms are in a stage where it affords the cerebrolysin effect to be more positive than negative.

I am still having the heart/ anxiety /stress/ and insomnia problem , however, its own course of disease is waxing and waning, hence I don't relate it to any cerebrolysin usage. [for example, I described the attack that I had last week on monday- this has not re-occured and I am feeling much better at the moment.].

Other confounding variables: currently taking Mag. Threonate 500mg per day, and started testosterone cream about 5 days ago.

However A lot of the postiive effects I'm describing I have felt building up with cerebro before I was taking these other therapies, though these have helped to certain degrees as well, it just ain't the same.

One thing that really hit me hard was that for a couple of days I became a lot more socially uninhibited. I was talking to every person [strangers] in elevators, stores etc which is not characteristic of me. [Actually, it is in my character to be social, but my depression and anxiety severely cuts me off from being social]. Even my GF has noticed a difference for these last few days. I feel that my confidence level is higher than it was before.

I would like to mention that I feel these benefits are kind of waning in and out , kinda slowly washing in in a rhythmic fashion. Remember before I was saying that I wasn't sure the effects were consistent? Well the same is true but like, now, some effects are more consistent, while others are becoming more frequent. So it seems there may be some underlying increase in effects going on in a rhythmic fashion.



So, Proto, what's your personal verdict on CBL?

i give it a thumbs up. Ive noticed a sustained increase in intelligence. I am processing things I never processed before. Most of all, there is something socially different about me. This is probably due to being able to process things from "another person's point of view" more often, as well as an increase in general intelligence and an ability to "continue" lingering trains of thought.

Of course this is all subjective, but still.

Note that I took 10mL for 3 weeks [took 1 weekend off, another week i took 7 days straight, another week i took a couple days off, its been kinda random], then I took 5mL for 3 days, stopped for a couple days, then 5mL for a couple days again, my last one is tomorrow.

I think I am fine with 5mL doses and 10mL may be more prone to side effects building up. iull explain later i have to go back to work, later.



Coming back here to update on my progress again. Fifth day in, I've been skipping taking this weekend off and my days off will start tomorrow. I took only 5mL today to test the effects before going to work (I work as a server at a restaurant) and it was absolutely fantastic. Felt much better than I do on 10mL. I actually retained the "enhancement of colors" that I normally only feel after 4-6 hours after the initial dose, everything about my mind just flowed perfectly, I didn't have to stop and think about *anything.* It was almost like my day was a long meditation. Interactions with people flowed completely naturally, everything was wonderful. This day so far has certainly cemented into my mind that I think I'd rather do 5mL every day. Which is great, because that now means I'll have a total of about *40* days of 5mL cerebrolysin. As far as I know thus far, this is the longest anyone here has taken it consistently? Not totally sure. I'm going to wait and see how I feel after the end of these 6 hours and go from there. I'm still possibly considering 10mL for the next 3-4 days that I take it, just to compound the initial dose like an "attack dose" to sensitize my TrkB receptors. That way, although the initial feelings of the cerebrolysin may be uncomfortable, I may cause some quicker, better lasting neuronal changes that I can work on after I switch to the 5mL a day.

Either way, every day the Cerebrolysin continually reminds me every day that it is a good idea. And it only gets better.


Quick update: I am thirteen days in at this point. The effects are compounding, however the initial effects post-injection are not quite as great as the lasting effects I feel without any injection. With the injection, I still feel a great feeling of calm, but certainly some brain fog. This is even after having switched to 5mL a day. Could be somehow semi-related to the fact that I'm 20 years old, but I'm not entirely sure. That said, my general cognition is in an entirely new state. Today is my first off day in about 5-6 days, and today's the day I've noticed the benefits the most. Perhaps the best way to describe the new fluidity of thinking would be to compare linear, vs. multi-directional thought. Although this may be a bit of an abstract way to describe it, it's the best way I can think of right now. Let's say that, before the induction of Cerebrolysin into my supplement regimen, I was thinking linearly. My thoughts were comparable to a person on this earth, walking down a sidewalk. That person could walk forwards, or backwards, and move left to right slightly, but the OVERALL capacity for changing direction wasn't very large. In terms of my thoughts, it now feels as if I were more likened to a fish in water. My brain has been "woken up" so-to-speak. Not entirely, as it feels as if there's more to come. Granted, this is using a spatial example to try and represent a relatively abstract concept--that which cannot be so described through spatial means. But I would hope that it makes some bit of sense.

To try and explain it in different terms, it's as if the river that is my thoughts now branches into multiple other rivers/streams, if you will. When I'm riding my canoe down my thoughts, I now have multiple path options. It's almost as if I can literally feel the new neuronal connections that were created, solely on the basis that my mind is giving me new directions to think in.

This may be nonsensical, but I see it as the best way to describe how I'm feeling at this point. Fortunately, I've also got another 25-30 days to go!


Honestly, I've seen little in terms of memory improvement. What I've noticed the most of is an increase in critical thinking ability, and generally enhanced capacity for abstract thought. My thoughts feel a lot more fluid, a lot clearer. It's a continual improvement though. I've slacked off more than I would have liked to in terms of working out every day, meditating every day, etc. I leave my family to go back to my normal life in a few days and plan to go at it with full force with everything I initially planned. The best effects are certainly most noticeable *after* the doses have been completed. I believe that after working on dual-n-back daily for the next couple weeks, working memory should be vastly improved. I'm also considering taking Magnesium L-threonate alongside for the purposes of long-term memory enhancement.

I'm trying to fix what were the results of five concussions over my lifetime. The last one I received happened a little over three years ago, however I've felt the impacts since then. It's just a real shame I didn't know about cerebrolysin around the time or shortly after my last concussion. It's sad to me that it isn't more well-known :( So many people receive life-changing concussions that could be very well ameliorated quickly and easily with a cbl regimen shortly after receiving the concussions.



I just posted this in a message to another member on the site, but I figure it's worth posting here as well for those of you still having questions about Cerebrolysin and its effects, the injection process etc.  The question was asked to me whether or not CBL has mood enhancing effects, and what the benefits are, in greater detail.  So:





The effects are best felt after 10+ days of dosing. It really takes time to accumulate in your brain, and your brain apparently needs some time to acclimate. After 10+ days though, the benefits become huge. I'm not there yet in my dosing as this is my third day today (I still notice some effects...albeit small in comparison to what they are in full force).  But, what I recall from previous dosing was this: My constant, persistent anxiety? Gone. I was completely relieved of anxiety, and in place of it felt a confidence combined with vastly increased thinking ability. Depression was gone as well. I wasn't experiencing much depression at the time I was using CBL last time, but as with the anxiety, any and all bad feelings were removed and replaced with this sense of "presentness" and being "on the ball."  That's not a very descriptive way of saying it, but if you've had a day where it seems like you're literally able to think better, faster, and you feel so much more like "you," it's like having that, but every day with CBL. 


Post-CBL (after using it for about 35-40 days) the power of my memory was ridiculous.  I remember going to my university classes and, without really studying for the tests as much as I usually do, scoring like 90+, 95+, easily.  I mean, I do well in school, but I've never scored A's on my tests so easily in my life. The more distance I gained from the CBL though, the more the benefits were slowly disappearing. This wasn't just due to CBL having a diminishing returns effect though, I started drinking a fuck ton and doing other really, really unhealthy things, so I kind of caused it. The best benefits were seen during and post-CBL for about 10-11 months. That's why I'm starting it again, to regain said benefits.


In summary, CBL reduced my anxiety 100%, I didn't have much depression at the time but I couldn't even imagine feeling depressed on CBL, it increased my cognitive functioning dramatically, increased my cleverness, made my thoughts more fluid, and generally made me feel much more connected with myself. It does take 10+ days though, and I recommend that anyone considering CBL just save up their money enough to afford 20+. Ideally, have 30+ days. I was using 5mL a day because I found 10mL/day to actually cause slight brain fog, though 10mL a day for 3 days was good for a "preloading" phase. 


As for injecting, I use a 23 gauge needle for injecting, and a filtered 21 gauge needle for drawing the CBL into the syringe (needle and plastic syringe are separate pieces).  Most people say you don't need the filtered needle for drawing up the CBL, but I do so just as an extra layer of protection against glass particulates that may be in the preparation following breaking the ampule.  I bought my supplies from allegromedical.com.  The needles I used were Luer Lock needles. As for the injection process, it felt really weird the first 2-3 days, and ESPECIALLY the first 2 times (I did about 6 injections in the first 3 days considering 10mL a day and 2 syringes/day), but after the effects come on you almost look forward to the familiar process of the injection. It's like a  Pavlovian thing. It doesn't really hurt much at all once you get the hang of it, breaking the skin is the most painful part and the part that makes you question what you're doing. After the skin's broken, the process of moving the needle further in isn't painful at all.  Just have to make sure you inject very, very slowly, or else you can cause scar tissue to build up and you can cause a fairly painful "muscle soreness" experience. I used the ventrogluteal injection site.


Another interesting effect I've now noticed: Caffeine is like crack with CBL.  My heart rate, despite the equivalent of about 4 shots of espresso, is sitting at 55 BPM. Really relaxed. This is, however, while my mind is feeling ridiculously stimulated, though not in an uncomfortable way. Just wanna keep drinking coffee.....


Edit: Seriously though, I keep drinking more caffeine and I'm slowly getting more body jitter feelings, but my HR is still staying sub-60 BPM. Crazy.



My updated opinion of Cerebrolysin is as follows:


5x5mL Cere dosing in the morning, taking weekends off is ideal for me. 


Initial pre-loading dose of 10mL, 5mL in the morning and 5mL at night, for two days, seemed optimal for me to jumpstart the process. When I first started using Cerebrolysin, it was immediately followed by a dramatic clarity of thought, quickening of speech and dramatically increased cleverness that could not possibly be associated with placebo. (After having used cere times in the past and used many other supplements, I can more or less completely rule out placebo when it's happening) It was very, very noticeable. My thoughts felt much more malleable.  




After about three days of consecutive dosing, the immediate effects fell by the wayside a little bit and led to what I consider to be a multimodal effect of the drug.  I remember saying this last time I used cere too, about a year and a half ago. Acute Cere effects (after 3 days of consecutive dosing) include a great anxiolytic effect, accompanied by mild brain fog. The initial acute mental stimulation I received did not last past the 3 day mark, and was instead replaced with mild acute brain fog accompanied by said anxiolytic effect. That said, however, it is multimodal in that after the 3 day mark the acute effect seems very different than the effect 12 hours after dosing. 12 hours after dosing the acute brain fog is lifted, and instead replaced by a very refreshed, clear state of mind quite like the initial brain boosting effects I experienced the first 3 days. Not as strong as the initial effects, but nice and enjoyable nonetheless. This is one of the reasons I suggest two days off for every 5 days on. 


My reasoning for this multimodal effect:


The initial boosting response I received was largely due to the flood of amino acids into my brain. That flood of amino acids by itself won't cause dramatic neurogenesis, but it certainly will boost the effect of neurons already present. Neurogenesis isn't very apparent for the first couple days, and that loading phase is the process by which my brain is acclimating to the Cerebrolysin and preparing for neurogenesis to a larger extent. After 3 days, however, is when the neurogenesis really begins. Any neurogenic compounds I've used so far (Lion's mane, Cerebrolysin, NSI-189, others that I can't remember) have all given mild brain fog as a result of what should be increased neurotrophic factors and increased neurogenesis.  There are many others who report brain fog as a result of neurogenesis/neurogenic compounds as well. As such, when the actual neurogenesis begins to take full force after 3 days, brain fog becomes apparent during its acute mode of action, and this is later followed by the delayed response of clarity caused partially by the remaining amino acids, as well as relaxation from the exhausting effects of neurogenesis.


Increased neurogenesis increases use of available resources, which is why I might guess it causes brain fog.  After the mostly neurogenic/neurotrophic compounds have been used (I believe I remember reading that Cerebrolysin maintains action in your body up to 18 hours. I can't remember the source for this, I'll link it if I find it) then your brain relaxes from building neurons and you are no longer using a higher amount of resources. This is what leads to the clarity, as neurons are built for use and you still probably have some amino acids maintained, but you're no longer in that *extreme* building phase.


I liken it to physical exercise and working out. When you're building your body, it takes a tremendous amount of energy when you're actually working out. You might feel exhausted after you're done exercising. But some time later, after you're no longer using extreme energy expenditure, you feel fantastic in comparison and you've built strength.  I hope that makes sense in regards to Cerebrolysin.



Anyway, this is all ultimately conjecture. It's conjecture based on the neuroscience I know and have learned through my University, but it is conjecture nonetheless. If anyone agrees or disagrees with me, obviously feel free to say so as I think it's an important topic for discussion.

So day 4 of my cerebrolysin regimen: - 10ml a day- figured I would give a quick run down on the past 3 days-

First of all I was very aware not to expect any immediate results and also aware, due to my excitement surrounding cere, that a placebo effect was entirely possible. First day didn't feel anything much. The 2nd day I did feel like I experienced some effect from it, though it was not the clear lucid thinking that I had desired. The only way I could describe it was the feeling I get in my head immediately following intercourse, Kind of a dirty, fuzzy feeling, Only my libido was very strong, On the 3rd day I had drank the night before and woke up with a slight hangover. I figured no big deal and continued to go about my injections. The rest of the day my frame of mind was in spaceland, worst yet my brain felt hollow, like there was no density to it and an ever so slight kind of ache to boot. It was strange space to be in and by the end of the day I was seriously considering dropping my regimen (at least temporarily) I knew My brain was deficient in something and took a stab in the dark and dosed some choline ( but was skeptical because I haven't yet read that cerebrolysin needs to be taken with it) So it's new years night I was supposed to go over to my friends for a little get together- My plan was to show my face say hi and leave. Of course that didn't work out and they talked me into staying for a little while. As the night wore on my mood started to drastically improve and I could feel my intellect increase, the lucid, clear thinking I had so desired was there! Conversations were engaging and my thoughts were on point. At 3:30 in the morning ( I usually would of left before this) I was still there with with my friend who hosted the get together, still talking and good to go for god knows how long. I could see he was fading out and I felt it was best If I left. So I got to bed at 4:30 woke up at 9 and didn't feel the least bit tired, which I normally would of. I am not really one for the placebo effect (have tried many combinations suggest in this forum with limited success) and would have to chalk this up to cere. Today I decided to cut back 5ml and see how it goes. Sorry for the "all thoughts in one paragraph" posting but figured I would just spit it out, I am pressed for time and will articulate my thoughts in more detail in the future, peace.


I have been administering Cerebrolysin now three weeks IM, yesterday was the first IV injection, effects are much more noticeable than IM. The dosage has been 5ml 5 times a week and I'm going to run it 4 weeks on 8 weeks off.

The effects has been:

-slightly anxiolytic feeling from the first day, I can handle more stress now.
-tolerance to stimulants has lowered significantly.
-better response to Piracetam. Before I didn't respond to any racetams and Noopept or the effect was so slight that I barely could feel it. Now I can feel mild increase in concentration and mildly stimulated feeling with Piracetam. Haven't tried other racetams or Noopept yet.
-clearer mind and better verbal fluency with IV injection. About 10 minutes after I start injecting intravenously I can feel a refreshing and clear feeling.

Just got my 2nd order of Cerebrolysin from nootropic.eu. The shipping took 5 working days. I will definitely reorder from them as the price of Cerebrolysin and shipping is very affordable compared to other suppliers.


Second week - It is definitely restoring something. I am feeling more like my younger self. Keep in mind that I am 20 years old but think that I have a certain amount of cognitive decline to recreational drug use.

However, this is pretty subjective. Fortunately, I am observing an objective effect too. I had LASIK surgery last summer and as you may already know, this surgery comes with a common side effect: dry eyes. It stems from the fact that the laser is burning the neurons on the surface of the eye, resulting in weaker tear film formation. Up until last week I had to use artificial eye drops at least twice a day, otherwise I would have blurry vision along with itching. I am no longer using these eye drops and I don't have any of these problems anymore. Cerebrolysin restored the 'damage' done by the operation and fixed my dry eyes.


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Posted 08 May 2014 - 02:53 AM

My mood has become erratic lately.. Not sure it's the CB though. Sometimes I just have mood swings.

People at the office where i work has noticed more changes about me that i have myself. Or so it appears.

The last thing that someone noticed was how fluent my spoken english was. I was showing a guy from London around and didnt realise that i was speaking english perfectly fluent with no trouble finding the right words..
It's easy to hear when a Dane tries to speak english.. We know the grammer, but suck at pronounciation. Before i started experiementing with every drug i could get my hands on, i was "the top of the class" in english, both written and spoken.. Not long ago, at a bar with some friends, we met some people from england.. One of my friends who hadnt heard me speak english since "back in school" pulled me aside and told me my pronounciation was horrible.. And he was right.. So i started drinking some more, as that sometimes help to "ease" the conversation, thus perhaps improving my vocabulary and pronounciation. I was wrong. It got so bad my friend said I was kindda embarrassing.. I sounded like a someone who learned started english lessons at age 50!

Now, after having taken 125ml of CB, i speak english fluently. I have no trouble finding the right words. I dont even think about it anymore. The fun thing about it is, that i didnt notice until someone from the office asked me how I learned to speak english so well. Then it hit me. I had just had a 30 min conversation with a native London'er(is that what it is called?) without me noticing how easy it had been..

I talked to him on the phone several times before I started taking CB always feeling a bit ashamed at how bad my vocabulary was..

That makes me wonder.. Have my written english improved or is this status quo :/

Looking at the text above I can see i really need to rethink me use of "
I use them ("""") way too often.


Got done with my 20 ml IV injection which took roughly an hour. Right after, I felt a sense of serenity. During my Chinese exam, I noticed my hands weren't shaking as violently as usual and I was able to recall most of the words I hardly studied with ease. I felt very focused and calm throughout the test which I can attribute to Crebrolysin. I notice an increase feeling in "clean energy" and realize what the others meant. I don't get the headache/fatigue I normally get after taking exams and talking all day. I did have some brain farts e.g. took the train the wrong way, almost got on the one way escalator, etc. but nothing out of the ordinary. My 2nd IV will be on Fri, then on Mon, Wed, Fri (if nothing more significant happens I'll probably stop). Side effects: noticed mild heart beat irregularities, and heat sensation on face.

A question to those who felt the effects of Cerebrolysin- does it get stronger by the day, or by the injection? Will it hit me all at once after a while?

I'm trying to decide if I should split up the days more especially when I'm doing 20 ml / day IV.


Day 4:

It's been 2 days since my 2nd IV and I believe I'm starting to feel the memory boosting effects. Over the past few days I noticed I was pretty tired all the time which I attribute to one of Cerebrolysin's side effects. The other side effects were flu like symptoms which occurred shortly after the IV and lasted very briefly. After a lot of short naps, I felt pretty energetic- more so than I felt since my first Cerebrolysin injection. During a long train ride back to my hometown, I noticed myself going over flash cards on my iphone much faster than normal, and my retention scores were higher. I started reminiscing about all the things I did, all the places I went, and all the things I saw in a timetable format, all the way down to minor details such as what I had eaten. This is coming from someone who used to have trouble figuring out what he had for breakfast... I think its effects are somewhat comparable to Pramiracetam's effects except more natural.

Tomorrow morning I'll have my 3rd IV, and possibly try some Green Tea (which usually has enough caffeine to kick my butt)


While most of the memory enhancing effects of the drug is still present, I've come to realize that it is no fix for my Bipolar II disorder. I've been able to reduce my lithium dose from 600 mg to 300 mg which is insanely low. Lately I've noticed some feelings of anxiousness, but I believe it is due to the rainy weather rather than the dose reduction. I also notice that I'm slightly melancholic and have made some really stupid impulsive decisions, but again this is probably due to the weather. Although Cereb hasn't cured me of this SAD, it certainly has made it more bearable. I'll update in the next few days when the weather gets better.


It has been pretty profound for me. Before I could barely remember with any clarity what I did yesterday, now associational memories pop into my head unbidden. Granted, this is along with doing Memory specificty training everyday, but I doubt I would have made as much progress as I have without it. I'm also not debilitated by a lack of sleep whereas before I would have been zombified for the day, incapable of anything that demanded greater cognitive power than tying a shoelace (only a slight exaggeration). The extent of the gains you'll see depend a lot on your starting point, although other people here who had no previous ailments seem to have made progress too. All in all, definitely the most effective nootropic I've tried.


I think my working memories improved a bit, but I haven't noticed much in the way of reflexes. Although I haven't been playing sports as much as usual. I did notice a massive increase in my ability to remember things in general, and also better associational abilities, pretty much the cornerstones of effective mental abilities! Hopefully I'll notice more improvements in my working memory once I've sorted my sleeping out. Today's my last day of my first proper full cycle of cere, and my sleep's been a bit impacted although my ability to deal with less than optimal sleep has also increased. Back to the CBT-I to fix my sleep, then I'll be superhuman again! Oh frabjous day, what an endeavour we've gotten ourselves into :laugh: NOOOOOOTS<3


A little update on my Cere journey :)

This is the third day, however I have chosen not to do today the injection, as I'm going to have a relaxed day. So, I have done two doses.

I don't know why some people seems to miss Cere's effect, but I theorize those with some ADD or ASD disorders respond inmediately, due to some neuron growing anomaly, maybe.

I can't say too much for now, but indeed, I could see the effect the FIRST day i did it. It's difficult to define it, but I knew that feeling could not be placebo. I can't say I have reached the potential as I have only done two days. But, the effect of this substance is interesting. I feel like my brain is getting some kind of correction or reparation, and exactly, I feel more like I would feel some years ago, like has been said here. The most impressive thing is that it feels supernatural. At the first day, I got shocked, and I mean shocked by the sensation of having a more active mind so suddenly. Well, I'll try to sintethize my observations:

-There is an anxyolitic effect, that is mild but enought for day to day.

-The antidepressive effect is great. I haven't taken any antidepressive never so I can't compare, but Cere really rids off your depression in a natural way. Good mood all the day.

- Vision is better. More vivid colors and more sight angle, more periferic vision. Also, more intuition with people, it seems to be easier to know how others feel.

- More sociability, but I have seen a more apathic effect, maybe it's just me being more conscious about everything so I don't have the urge to be nice to people. However, talking with friends is more pleasurable. Also, I seem to have easiness to talk to unknown people.

- Better motor coordination. It looks like I walk with more sincronization.

- Music is 100 times more enjoyable. First day I heard one of my favourite songs and my dick almost got hard xD It's like you can appreciate better all the sounds in conjunction. And this is applicable to sounds in general.

- I am now more spontaneous, and I feel that what I say and I do is like a better choice. That should be the clarity effect.

- Smell sense is augmented. Also, I would say tactile sensation is too augmented. Definitely, Cere seems to connect five senses more between themselves. Normally, I would say that I had paid attention to one sense and the others "deactivate". But know, is like if you have a whole sensorial machine, you can process images, sounds, odors, smells and tact all the same time.

- I haven't studied or read anything yet, so, I will update to tell how concentration and academic hability improves.

Definitely, I like it, and I have done it only 2 days. I have the impression, the best things are coming. But for now, it looks like a legitimate medication to treat depression, anxiety, brain fog, social phobia, difficulty concentrating, even shyness. Wow, I'm happy to have taken this choice, I'm sure it will help me tremendously.



Interesting, this really gives me hope.

Did it help your sleep at all?

I can't wait to hear if it helped your working memory.

Keep taking it, it seems to really affect you.

Well, I'm yet not sure if it has helped my sleep at all. Now I have done 2 days On 3 days Off. I would say the 2+1 first days it helped me to sleep, to get a comfortable position in bed without moving too much. The fourth day did not get any positive or negative effect, and yesterday, i took some coffee (probably too much) and had a hard time getting to sleep. So for now, it's difficult to know if it helped. I will be able to say that when I leave the excessive amount of coffee.

And, respect to the working memory, yes, absolutely. Note I barely have started the recommended cycle because I wanted to go slow to know well the susbtance, but I can say this last 5 days, I have had a more consistent short-term memory, which normally would have crashed in stress times or events. Before, looked like when the situation or day was too demanding, short-term memory tended to dissapear and instead of that I just could use mid and long term memory. Like an overloading in my capacity to observe the situation and take a good choice. That's one of the classic ADD symptons as far as I know, something related to improper learned fight or flight response that causes an extreme sensitivity to cortisol and stress hormones release. These days, I have felt I'm more in control of my emotions and reasonings at the same time, more like if Cere wanted to leave you with a more consistent third intermedium state between emotion and rational thinking (maybe, something related to limbic system/hippocampus regrowth?) where you feel more spontaneus and falsely hipo-maniac but totally in control.

any effects on libido? mental energy? creativity? and sleep? thank you.

Libido: yes, but, it has reduced masturbation a lot. I have more libido in general but I have too more control in when get aroused, but once I get aroused, it's much better. Also, I seem to look eloquent, hot and fantastic women (in contrast to 'normal' women, let's say to no offend anyone) with more admiration than before, and although I want to get to their panties more than ever, I have more patience, mood and determination to make them feel good at any price.

Mental energy: yes. Eloquence is augmented too, the impact of a bad situation does not burns me as much and I can retake my normal thinkings and mood. I'm sure this is related too to working memory. Yesterday I walked with my dog to a dog closed area in the park to play and run with other dogs. The usual think is me waiting one or one half hour and then getting so bored and impatient that I had to go home. Well, yesterday, I was like 3.5-4 hours really chilled out, talking with a lot of people and just getting fun. And that was in an Off day.

And creativity: I would say it affected more to my curiosity than my creativity, while for example Piracetam did the opposite. However, with Pira curiosity is dead, and with Cere, I get a nice rebound on creativity too as a consequence of feeling better in general.

I have retaken the injections today. I wanted to wait to let, at least, cannabis dependece to leave a while to try this with more conviction in the official schedule. It's getting harder, but I notice, smoking tobbacco and pot is slowly getting less pleasant, as if I knew hour to hour that don't want to mess with that much more. However, the effect of alcohol has almost totally reseted, I feel it like when I was younger and even I like it more :laugh:



Three injections done in seven days. I can say, effect is lingering at 50% and I suspect I must go at a full month cycle to get all the benefits. It's possibe the accumulation of doses daily will bring a more radical effect. Maybe I'm experiencing just some acute benefits, but for now, it's totaly worth. Not sure what the long term effects will be. But I have to determine my ideal dose too. I'm focusing now in letting me quit from pot and cigarrettes at least partially, and when I see some advance (which I hope will be the next days) in that I will go for full course. I have the impression, daily cannabis use is interfering with Cere's benefits. That would sound reasonable if chronic THC limits some kind of growth factor.


Guys, an update.

I'm starting to feel the real effect, in a form which I would describe cumulative. Definitely, there is a loading phase, and I'm starting to bypass that barrier. Each day, the benefits become more extended in time during the day. They come and go, but now I can feel it almost continously now. I know they will get stronger in the next days.

From now, 8 injections 5 ml done, I'm doing it 1 of each 2 or 3 days, that way I will give time for the new shipment to come. Looks like estomach, GI and suvbjetive stress effects can be totally diluted doing each other day or every 3 days. For now, making experiments with it.

The effects, generally:

- Less anxiety

- Faster fear extinction

- Better mood, more spontaneity in spoken and social situation. My language fluidity is far correct. I look that again, I feel more eloquent as I said. My language abilities have improved.

- Better reflexes, I'm now more in control of my motor skills.

- Better smelling, which seems to be closely related to deep memories more than other senses.

- Better apreciation of sounds (including music, harmonics of every kind, scales and human voices too). I understand spoken english much more widely (the only language I speak apart of spanish)

- Better comprehension of language, sarcasm, irony, deception, etc... I feel like more human, more alive, and much more empathetic.

- I have better vision, and panoramic wiew is vastly increased. I can read body language with ridiculous easiness. I can hold more time the eye visual contact. I can read faster.

- Increased working memory, and surely also mid and long memory.

- I can wake up in the mornings without so much tiredness.

- Libido is bigger.

- A medium antidepressant state has been settled.

- And I have much more motivation and decision to do the things I want to do (this has appeared today, and is which I called the cumulative effect). I am clear, and focused almost the entire day. Like a day-lasting meditation.

And that's it. All this happens in a sincronic and automatic mode.

The effects would be described as being able to have the mental freshness you did have a teenager age. However, I'm indetifying sensations I would say match with my childhood brain and memories.

And I add, although I can say the most precise for to describe it is as having a fresher and younger brain, I never saw anything like this being younger. It's like if you take the state of mind of being clear, fresh and happy (like after a shower) and expand it to last much more.

This is amazing, guys.

And I think you can get more benefits if you do every other day or so. Let's see the long term, if this preserves like it's right now.


Well I have already ended my cycle. Aprox. 50 ml in two rounds of 25 ml each one. I've adjusted the quantity as needed, doing it two consecutive days, other day, other 2/3/4/5 days and have done 2, 2.5, 4, 4.5 y 5 ml. Pretty random yes :ph34r:

Has been long time to consume that 50 ml, like a month and half or so. I can attest it has been a time of peace and changes, I've runned trough a month of more of total serenity, smartness, kindness, peace, clarity, freshness, spontaneity, and mood. I look back and realize time has passed more slowly and I have recovered my child sensation of living the time more slow. I notice that the days are full of things and go to sleep/awaken thinking how fucking long has this day been. Maybe stress makes your mind think more slow, and the time pass more quickly to your perception and your memory, while when you process fast as woth Cere, the time 'dilates' and lets you learn and process, and recall.

I now understand why some people said it was scary. IT IS :laugh: It's a privileged reality, like a door inside of your head being opened.

Has any user noticed that, like an emotional, motivational, mystic and skilled enhancing condition? Like being more in contact daily with your dreaming you. Like if you know what you want without a doubt?

I'm freaking out now but excited at the same time. I didn't realize until know, but it's a kind of spirit potion or something like that. I can say as I said previously (and the effect is strongly building up) I have a growing spirituality and feel even better than in my childhood, and more alive, and more in the evolution and survival career. It's big deal.

Pineal Gland is the only structure in the brain that is not two hemispheres, the only single piece, as has been named as the "soul chair". Probably, it just will be a gland related to cronobiology functions.
For me, looks like pineal gland is our personality and the rest of the brain is the processing machine of the senses and your body. Why couldn't the brain be seen just as a game itself? A little gland where our conscience is placed and a labyrinth between it and the world. Every stimuli, fear, curiosity, watching, smelling, hearing, touching, would wire us as a babies in the Pavlovian model. That places a personality and a condition, a limit of action, a circuit, a way. That personality of us and conditioned fear. That stress us, the limits and the modern life is dynamic and constantly stimulating and attention demanding. That's like being flashed in the face with images of your fears.

Hypothalamus, hippocampus, amygdala, thalamus, and the lymbic system are a biofeedback circuit also ruled by catecholamines, the entry of our body in our mind, the reaction. All that system, plus the lobes, pineal gland and other structures have the mission to make the being survive and learn how survive. Learn. The objective of you is that. And that expresses in NGF and other neurotrophins. If you can mimick- that process by a substance you are cheating on evolution. NGF and other growth factors may open an instant pineal gland signal. Now is like being with that signal more time, and for that could come the dreaming effect.

I think it is, and contemplative states lead to undo knots, as traumas, fears, wishes, and yes, DISORDERS. Disorders are just lack of time to make us grow. We have to unlearn wrong learned things. There is a kid, a kind of essence inside us, totally buried. We have to recover him/her. We must learn how think and feel. Some drugs or agonists won't give us what we want, neither Cerebrolysin.
Cerebrolysin is able to do this only if you want and put tons of work there. Is a lifechanger, yes, but you are going to suffer (not only enjoy, of course) the changes, in order to make you stronger. But you will. You realize everything is cyclic. You are happy, you don't know how you're gonna feel in a seconds. Today was a day. Tomorrow could be hell. And every of us, must own an unique way too deal with that, Changes, constantly.

It's just so little the little peace and meditation and intimacy feeling TIME we take with the modern era, we are just lost and depressed. Cere makes you that, slow time and not being so hurry for everything, with patience and judgement.

It's just too good to be true. Yeah. But you need to be wise using this, sometimes, you'll feel so in connection with everything, you feel it can be overhelming, like "life it's never ending", people causes me more impression (good or bad), feel more caregiving and critic, and more reactive to disapointness, but in a kind of hide expression of those feelings. I have the impression I'm in contact with a meditation, daily, not constant but ocassional state of higher thinking and feeling and remembering and more motivated. I perceive, my whole reward system is being corrected.


That just sounded manic. I am not maniac, it's more of an euphoric feeling. I maintain my theory about pineal gland. Every system in my brain is becoming more balanced, maybe that correct (if not artificially perfect) functioning of my whole brain is decalcifying or at least slowing the aging of the pineal gland. I think is the only structure in brain that changes so drastically over the time, among with the hippocampus. The dream living perception makes me be sure it is related to it.

I was reading some weeks ago about fluoroquinolones poison. It seems so awful, I can't even start imaginating how it feels like. Is known, fluorides join strongly to Pineal gland, hence that poisoning is basically a deconnection between pineal and the rest of the brain. Fluoride is added to cities' water to prevent infections. That's an interesting part of the brain to be searched for nootropic benefits, although we know nothing about it.

Also, Rita Levi demonstrated (at least with her great lifespan) that NGF augment clearly provides a lifespan increasing. Perhaps, the expression 'make your dreams come true' has some wisdom. Maybe all we need and look for is dreaming awake.

I can discern an effect while on it (be this, the same day I used, some break days off, just after finished the cycle...) which matchs more or less with what you've said. I remember that feeling it's all being placebo. Until you realize it's not placebo, it takes me about half day since the first cycle dose. Since then, I can start to feel the acute effect clearly, with no anxiety, warmth wave in my body almost constanly, and a fine and maintained motor function (both sympathetic and parasympathetic muscles), better senses appreciation, that 'clean energy' as it's said. By the time I am taking Cere first days, I can't feel the effects at all. I'm just in a hyperattentive yet relaxed (not stimulated) state of mind, when everything upsets me much less, I talk to people in a fresher and more charming way, and I truly know I have more options, actions and thoughts daily.


Then, the effects cummulate over the first few days, until you have completed the loading phase, and then the real magic starts. I don't know if neuropeptides action needs some time, or you need to repair some brain damages by a few days. Anyway, at the moment this happens, you are in a second phase, that shares the properties of the first, but in a more complete way. This will be with you until you finish your current cycles. This is the phase where you start to understand the better mind you are enjoying, and when you can start working very hard  improving everything you need or want. Not that the first days you can't,  but now is when you feel like back of that confusing changes, and with your feet on Earth, you start to want, you're HUNGRY to learn new things, to improves acquired skills, to live new experiences, etc...  Here is where you also start to sleep 6-7 hours and wake up like you slept for 10 or 12, very fresh, and motivated. The annoying thing is, still in this phase, you're not self-conscious about your true potential, but you know to a certain degree you are improving faster at everything.


So, finished the cycles, there's a comedown phase, there you go from a 100% effect to 0%. It's not you loose all the learned things, I'm talking about the % of increased synaptogenesis and neurogenesis, and learning rate improvement.  It's lasting depends on many factors, mainly the quantity and time taken to use. I would say this lasts months (about 10x the time of cycle), and is the trickiest phase. It's like the effect starts to dissolve veeeery slowly in a way it's hard to notice it. While this phase last, you consolidate whatever improvements Cere gave you, you start to think the cycle at the first, the best part of cycle, you start to see how it goes knowing it's still there but not knowing how much time it will last... By the time you end this comedown, the result is a lot of new learned things in your mind, being "yourself" again, but with a lot of new information and thoughts and skills. Maybe you're not yourself at all, you're a slightly (or clearly, it all depends) better, refined.


This is WHY it's so important work hard on Cere. You simply don't know what you are learning at all, until some months later.




Rior, I don't know if are the aminoacids that give that effect until neuropeptides have their function done. I suspect, those neurotrophins we put in our brain, indeed, call to more neurotrophins, even when you are not using Cere (see the comedown phase). In a kind of "the more you spend it, the more it's left". Is this a surviving mechanism to it's maximum exponent or something? The happier you are, the  happier you want to be.


I need to read some things about neurology and neurochemistry to understand this completely. I can relate the psychological and conductual dimension of this. Now if I had to say something, I'd say whatever substance/effect Cerebrolysin enhances or products, is a very valuable molecule(s)/process in our bodies, probably designed to reward us, in order to the survival. That could be called: happiness. Happiness is the certainty you are doing things well and the faith you will keep doing them well. Isn't this the area Cere amps up?



PD: another day I will try to explain my opinion about the 5-0 ml table I posted before. This needs pages and pages and pages xD

Here is my observation...

First off, I have been using Cerebro for about a year. I began with 5ml/day for 30 days, and subsequent 1ml/day 5 on 2 off.. I feel that the effects at 1ml a day are perfect for me. The higher ML made me feel like my mind was working faster than I can handle.

Next, I think this peptide has a more pronounced affect on those who need it...

For example: A person who had a stroke and tried tCerebrolysin would tend to see quicker results than someone who is healthy.

Dont get me wrong..Im not comparing anyone here to being unhealthy.. but taking into consideration: the environment, prior drug use, head trauma, mental disorders (including ADHD), and whatever else could make the patient more responsive..

What I recommend is consider either a blast and cruise, or simply just cruise.. I wouldnt do more than 5ml a day...your throwing your money away at that point.. Considering the cost benefits, I feel that 5ml is more than sufficient.

One effect I do enjoy are the dreams I get while on it...very vivid... As for memory retention, I feel that it has helped.. If I had to quantify the results, perhaps 15-25% improvment on memory... I have been studying for board exams over the last year, therefor most of my time is spent studying..

I personally wouldnt call this a miracle drug, but compared to comporables this by far is the best drug available.


Now onto the Cerebroysin. At first I ordered 10x 1ml ampules. I ordered them some time ago as I really wasn't sure if I was going to give it a shot. Once i received the needles, I thought I might as well give it a shot. After reading most posts on here it seemed clear to me that 1ml wouldn't be enough, but I really just wanted to trial injecting myself. I injected 1ml per days over two days....increased to 2ml on the third day then 3ml for the remaining two days. I have to say I definitely felt most of the effects most describe on here, a clear head, ability to exercise more, no stress...just generally a clearer head. As far as formalized testing goes, I have played Lumosity for ~30mins a day for the past year or so and my BPI before any Cere was floating around 1280. It immediately went up to 1360 after the third day, my attention and speed are my strongest areas (1500+). I also play a game called 'Touch the numbers' on the iPhone, since taking the initial dose of Cere I beat my PB, several times.

Here's the bad news, It didn't give me an immediate 'real life' enhancement. I don't feel like I'm more creative at work, I don't feel I have a noticeably better memory. I do have a clearer head but it don't feel as though I have gotten smarter. I believe this is mostly because Cere obviously doesn't magically make you smart - It enables you to be smarter over time and that is something I feel I'll only see the effects of over months and months. having said that, upon reflection I have achieved a number of big goals at work lately under high pressure without stressing or loosing any sleep, but that is something I've done in the past too and wouldn't attribute it to Cerebroysin.

So, I ran out of Cere....but I had prepared and ordered 4x packs of 5x 10ml ampules. For the first three days I did 10ml in the morning, but increased to 20ml per day for the last two days. Why? Dunno, I must be an addict or something :) I just finished my last injection, so have done 5days on (3days @ 10ml, 2 days @20ml). I will take a few days off and cycle again. In the meantime I plan to order some more Cerebrosyin. The effects are definitely noticeable. My BPI on Lumosity is now 1416, I feel much clearer in my head and have near no stress. I have been ramping up with Piracetam, starting with 800mg in the morning and have been taking 800mg 3x daily for the last 2 days. I also take multi vitamins daily along with 2x 1500mg krill oil caps. The social interaction changes that many describe seem to be coming through for me too.

Sorry for not going through a more 'formalized' approach with the different cognitive tests, but to be honest I am not taking Cere to be better at 'brain games', I'm taking it in the hope that it gives me 'real life' advantages. FYI, I'm in my late 20's, do plenty of exercise, eat healthy never had a brain injury or anything (although some that know me may argue against that!! haha)

I'll try and report back here if there are any more noticeable gains, but what I really wanted to say is that for those that are scared of the needle....don't worry about it. Just follow the guides available in this thread and there's nothing to it! Another interesting note, both of my orders or Cere were inspected by Australian customs and they sent them on to me without question. All they seem to have done is inspect them, probably did a drug swipe and what not and re-sealed them and sent them on. I'm not sure how long that's going to last with everything that is going on with the drugs in sport scandals over here though. I have tried to buy some Cere in bulk from a Chinese supplier but they ended up being a bit stupid about it so I am just leaving it for now. If anyone in AU is interested in gettign a bulk supply, let me know and maybe we can work together to get some over here. I got my supply from nootrpic.eu and the service was impeccable.

I also ordered 100g of PRL 8-53 via a chiniese supplier and from new Star Nootropics 50g of Aniracetam, 10g Sunifram, 25g Oxiracetam and plenty of CDP Choline...I should have it all by the start of next week. I'm definitely looking forward to trying different combinations over the next few weeks and months!


Time for report from lurker.
I was using cerebrolysin with my gf for approx 2 month (last injection was maybe 3 months ago). Most frequently i was dosing 5ml for 6 days and sunday off. Some days i try 10ml but i feel it was too much.

I like that effects when i was on cycle, but i dont know how to describe it. It was best of best from all nootropics i tried. I tried piracetam and i have 3/4 times brain fog. I tried many other trings like all other racetams (pramira, anira, oxira), noopept (in some ways works good), sunifiram (no effects), huperzine (first day good, others nothing), alcar (like too much coffee), etc but cerebro is best albeit i was on it more introverted. Wandering more in my mind. But i dont know if it relate to cerebro. I was always high level introvert and i have periods when i do it.

But now after 3 months not using it from my subjective view i dont think it cause any significant long term effects.
I dont feel different from time before i was using cerebrolysin albeit i feel better but i think it is not because i was using cerebro but because i am trying changing my nolifer lifestyle :ph34r: . Mainly getting more sleep. I start running and this basic stuff.

I stopped using it because i get tired of injecting it. Some days i swap 3 needles only to find good spot which will not hurt only for 1 injection.

Another thing is my girlfriend which has bipolar. She has remissions every 2,3 weeks and she is in depression for 1,2 week and i was thinking cerebrolysin maybe help lowering symptoms but it dont. She can be on cycle and baaam and he got 1,2 day mania and after that depression.
I am in NSI-189 group and i am hoping that it will fix someway her bipolar disease :cool:.

Funny thing is when i ask my gf (when she is not in remission) how he can describe effects from cerebro she dont know. Its like LSD, you must try it to understand :mellow: . I think for everyone it is little different.


So i have just ended first 5 days of 5ml cere. Today is the first day off. The main reason i started cere is my 5 year treatment resistant depression which includes anhedonia, lack of memories, social withdrawal, poor cognition. During these 5 days i experienced something similar what others users reported. The memories came back and i could feel how happy i was before depression, how i perceived the world. For the brief moments i regained old - myself, my dreams, my personality , the emotions i used to feel. But these moments come and go. They are very brief i need them to be more consistent.
As for side effects two days ago and yesterday i felt strange tension in my head, i had problem sitting still and focusing. I didn't experience these clarity of thoughts what others report i would say it was on the contrary. I think that i will try another 5 days of 5 ml. If these don't disappear i will lower my dosage to 3 or 2 ml.
So to sum up i definitely felt the positives but hope they are going to be more frequent


I recently finished my nearly month cere cycle. For the first two weeks i definitely felt the positive effects for my resistant depression, i described them earlier in the thread, these effects were not consistent, but after two weeks i felt nothing all positive effects vanished. What's more i noticed that on my skin appeared a lot of moles, before taking cere i had some but within month nearly twice as many came out, mainly on chest, back and arms. I hope they disappear but i doubt that. So my experience with cere is rather dissapoiting.


a few notes about my experience with cerebrolysin:

RussianBear's experience and annotations about the compound are very accurate for me this far, minus the negatives. I have not had a single negative experience with it, but I also have not used it for nearly as long nor am I dosing as high as he was (mine @ 5mL/day nonstop vs his 10mL/day 4 days on, 4 days off).

Colors are richer, but not overwhelming. Brain stamina, which is fairly hard to describe until you go through it, is more/less unending. Driving is much more fun, relaxing, engaging, and exhilarating while on Cerebro.

The feeling of being 'in the zone' so to speak, is pretty much every moment of every day. Emotions are easier to face. You deal with things in a very collected manner, yet everything is easy to express and articulate. There are no low points at all. When you're sad (and trust me, I've had two MAJOR life events going on that have made stress levels at all-time highs right now), you're able to handle the situations with relative ease.

I have not done any performance testing as I wasn't interested in any of that. I am a contract technology trainer for a top-five financial institution and I've increased my daily rate by 28.8% all within the boundaries and ethical means to which we are allowed to bill them. It took a little legwork, but I never would have come up with the ability to put it all together exclusively on my own. So, that real-life test has been a very, very high positive. I also plan to resume a side business and have already seen a TON of plans come together that normally wouldn't... but more importantly, the plans are already being worked through on my end. Cerebro gives you the power to formulate ideas, thoughts, and methods in your head - and the ability / drive / fortitude to follow through with them in a meaningful fashion.

I think earlier on in this thread someone mentioned how it should be used for "sports doping" (related to driving / competing / etc) and that was a very good observation.

I do not cycle it and have used it since ... April? off and on. I started at 1mL/day and felt the anxiolytic effects nicely around the 1-2mL/day dose. but there is a marked, marked difference on the entire experience at 4-5mL/day. I went to 6mL/day once and felt so good that I backed it off to 5. That's a little counterintuitive, but I'm a fan of using the lowest dose possible to achieve the results that I want. That said, I may push higher to the 7-8mL/day range over the next few months.

Hope this helps. I have dosed three different methods - IV, IM, and subQ. IV hits the fastest, but these are still a little scary as I had no experience in IM administrations prior to trying. I have done hundreds of IM/SubQ injections and I don't feel that either is more advantageous than the other, but going IM will be much less likely to leave any bumps or marks that you may see with SubQ.

I buy only from Nootropic.eu. You can get insulin or other syringes at East Coast Medical Supply, or Hocks.com as well. I have only used insulin syringes up until this point and will be using 25g 1" 3cc going forward for IM administration.

i also just typed out this entire message in about six minutes, so apologies if it's a bit jumbled. I'm listening to advisors while in the middle of it. :) Oh, yes - multitasking - the whole "hack the Matrix" remark by RussianBear - spot on!!


Another note - and I may follow up with more as time passes:

Cerebrolysin will enhance whatever you are already good at accomplishing. It gives you a tool, which puts your mindset in a place that seeks out other tools to accomplish what you are trying to achieve. Your points of view are much broader, much bigger than those around you. Stress is really not something that I know how to describe anymore, nor is anxiety.

anyway, back to "tools" - here's an example. You may have a particular skillset, or the desire to learn one. If you proceed with Cerebro, chances are that either a) you're going to become way better than you were before, even if you were at a fairly high level to begin with and/or b) you're going to acquire more skills / knowledge / whatever it is you need/want to acquire in order to get where you want to be. It's a form of relentless drive to reach goals. I can't state this enough.

I have been sleeping an average of 4.5 hours while on the stuff, but that's mostly related to my life's demands at the moment. My daughter is battling moderate anxiety and depression at the age of 9. 4.5-6hrs per day is really all that I have time to fit in for sleep, so thankfully the whole "brain endurance" upgrade has come in very handy.


More comments:

Conflict resolution. It's a breeze now. It used to be something where I'd be the type to want to keep digging the nail deeper into the coffin and be very, very hard-pressed to admit to others that I was wrong (while all the while knowing I was). Self-destructive behaviour is also a thing of the past. Now, there are the facts, and those are kept in check without the emotional aspects of it. You don't have a numbed emotional sense at all - in fact, I'd argue that they're even better while on the stuff. It's just that (again) you're able to deal with things better.

Sensitivity to substances: I can only vouch for caffeine and ephedrine, as I don't do any recreational drugs. Boy, were they spot on about this one too. I've had two cups of coffee today and I am cracked out as if it were the first time I've ever had the stuff. Oddly, switching to decaf over the last few weeks has not induced a single headache. I was a typical 3-4x/day cappuccino / Cafe Ole guy at Starbucks. Now they all have to be decaf, but I still get them. :) I think I like this effect overall.

I have many things to do around the apartment as I just moved about a month ago - so will go do those instead of going out driving like I really, really want to. :)


Today is the third day of my second five-day cycle. I'm dosing 10ml per day with a 2 day break every five days. The effects range from "extremely noticeable" to "not such a big deal". Here's a breakdown of my experience...

Day 1: I dosed at night time on day 0 and I actually felt some negative effects right after the dose. I used a 22G needle because that's all I had available to me. It could have been negative placebo, but I felt almost like I was on a roller coaster or like I had my head full of air. The next morning though, I woke up with exuberant energy and I really noticed the positive effects. The air-in-head feeling was still there but I was sharp, energetic and powerful. This wore off by night time though and I was left with that airy feeling.

Day 2: Still dosing at night but this time I used a 27G needle. I didn't feel a whole lot in the morning but still the same negative effects at night.

Days 3-5: These were all the same as Day 2.

Days 6-7 (OFF DAYS): These two days were horrible and full of exhaustion. It required significant energy to think, move, or do much of anything. This is blurred by the fact that I got very little sleep and a lot of stress on these two days due to work circumstances but I've been under similar circumstances before and never felt this way.

Days 8-10: I'm actually at the end of day 10 now. On day 8, I managed to get a hold of several 25G needles. I suspected the 27G needles were too small for some reason. I might be right because on these days, I felt a significant boost in focus. Still nothing out of this world like when I first used Piracetam, but quite powerful nonetheless. I also changed my dosing here to dose in the mornings before work. Worse negative effects came on these days though. Although I'm focused and full of energy in the daytime, I'm completely exhausted, lethargic and depleted in the evenings. I can barely get myself to even read or cook anymore. I'm so completely exhausted and lazy and just generally unmotivated. It was the worst on day 8, still pretty bad on day 9, and somewhat manageable on day 10. Here's to hoping the negatives continue to diminish.

Any thoughts on these experiences? I read something about CERE depleting glutathione, so I bought some NAC as well as sublingual glutathione and I'm waiting for it in the mail now.


3rd injection today, 5ml IM, and this morning I simply felt more calm and experienced my senses better. Right now my thoughts are somewhat sped-up, but they don't annoy me like they always used to when my head started revving. There is this everlasting calm at the same time. It is similar to dextroamphetamine in this regard (I have ADHD), which sometimes makes me more "engaged" but keeps the whole thing coherent and mostly pleasant. They both seem to make me drowsy sometimes as well. Etc.

Any way this works wonders for the extreme apathy/letharg, as well as bodily tension, that I have had since coming off benzos. Hopefully there won't be any crazy long-term (10+ years) side-effects. I am probably going to do 5ml as recommended (5 times a week for 3-4 weeks, and then some time inbetween cycles). Or maybe ever other day in the same manner.
So far it doesn't seem intelligent to use more than this, personally. This stuff seems to be strong for me to do that without becoming obsessed with something and wasting huge amounts of time. Or maybe these very noticable effects will fade, but having read this thread I don't think so. We will see.



@formergenius I think so, but I have no real experience with these terms to be honest.

A little update:

I used up my last 5ml ampule (5 out of 5) this morning, after using them 1 day on one day off more or less. Definitely not placebo...but I no longer get much of a rush after injecting it (dopamine from the "oh damn I just injected pig brain"-experience, I guess).

So far colors and smells seem to have more feelings and texture associated with them. Especially 2 hours after injecting it. Basically everything isn't as grey, and these things feel more like it did when I was a kid. I also much more easily get images when I think about stuff. (In fact the first day when I went to bed it happened a bit to easily, I "saw" in the dark this deformed face that seemed perhaps a bit too visceral....without really thinking about anything in particular to bring it forward.)
Most noticeable it seems to make me cope with stress extremely well. It also feels like I notice the effects more when I put myself in stressful situations. For example 2 weeks ago when I was in social situations for any period of time my body would start to cave, I would hold my hand up and see it shake, same with my voice. That is gone now.
There are more things but it might be coincidence just as likely, for example my body seems to be able to regulate blood flow better, i.e. my heart starts pumping hard when I get out of a hot bath and I don't get cold, nor do I get this horrible numbness and "pins and needles" feeling when I get in the hot bath.
Well my cognition & vision in general, and migraine-like symptoms are improved but I attribute that to stress-relief thus far.

I will probably buy 20x5ml or something similar and do it for a month, then wait longer before anything more.

The only real side effects that are clear to me is a mild allergic reaction on my skin. Nothing I have not experienced before from say my dog-allergy. The first time (which I did without taking an anti-histamine) I got some mucous production form my throat and it got a bit tight. Slightly harder to fall asleep is also noted. Possibly it makes it slightly harder for me to sit still (but concentration seems improved), and possibly a slight discomfort at times in the stomach/intestine general area.


One slightly disturbing/unusual effect I did notice... Perhaps it's only disturbing because I read too much into it (some type of relation between NGF, BDNF and various mental illness and so on). Just like when watching a familiar building with a certain color-scheme and then conjuring emotional content and memories freely and other associations, as with listening to music and imagining the intent and meaning in visual symbolic terms as it goes along... (All greatly brought on by cerebrolysin.)
What did become rather peculiar was when I went to bed a couple of times (days near the few 5ml injections I did), I seemed to be able to continue my basic thoughts or emotions in these fairly basic images. Like my thoughts/emotions continued and all became completely(?) represented in that one morphing image. Without any obvious outside stimuli to cause it. For example I got this image of a female face with uniform skin all over her eyes and so on. (I guess it was some anxiety and arousal towards the female gender that was rumbling underneath, or something like that, that it transformed from. Not too obvious what the connection was.) Well it felt fairly immersive, connected, whatever. Perhaps it felt too easy and almost automatic for me to do this.
Maybe I'm usually just really poor in my ability to think in images and so on, it's not like people really specify and quantify when they say "I think in images". Hopefully this is mostly just another manifestation of the anti-anxiety slash anti-stress properties, which can enable ones mind to operate freely and break old habits of fear and anxiety.

1 month or so since I did the 5x5ml over a period of 8 days or so. After 3 weeks the effects of stress-relief seemed to very noticeably decline. They probably weren't perfect to begin with, but immediate and very significant. I'm sort of just feeling OK right now, , but in november I was much more impaired by "stress" and it's inducers (protracted benzo wd and related complications like muscle tension, completely passive life in front of my computer, and perhaps a brain not designed for this society) cognitively and bodily. Am going to do a more extensive regimen ASAP.

Edit: That all also got me wondering if I could bring back my synesthesia using cerebrolysin. But now I guess this might in fact be something along those lines. (And in a way I think a lot of the human mind operates like synesthesia or ideasthesia. Our sense of being in touch with the "REAL world" is greatly inflated I believe, perhaps a product of a streamlined society where pruning the brain like mad is a good thing (all the way from the over-stressed under-stimulating kindergarten-experience to the monotone work-place). It's all mostly relations and language, at least that's what's apparent experientially.)


I was just going to write the other day that the prominent effects do not seem as obvious as the first test-run I did last year. Have been doing 5 or so injections again, this time, 15 to go, 5ml 5 days a week.

Some sort of attempt at a summary for me:
Things seem easier. I'm more relaxed and I can wrap myself around complex ideas, and less pleasant situation without my brain freezing, and so on.
I tend to enjoy music better, and my vision is 3d rather than 2d...
Perhaps I'm a bit more easily agitated. (I should probably stop taking this awful Ginkgo Biloba that's giving me headaches, and be a bit more active.)
I seem slightly tired in a rather different way than I used to be without Cerebrolysin (I used to have migraine-like symptoms and having quit benzos some time ago left me very void of energy). Perhaps the effects on GABA transmission. Or due to mild allergic reactions? Probably (my memory still isn't very good) I got a bit drowsy the first go-around by Cere, but also more energized than now, also I think effects were better noticed over-all once I let a few weeks pass.

It's possible I got such prominent effects last year due to the thrill of doing this whole thing. And perhaps now it feels as I've lost that momentum. Not in a bad way though.
I was thinking... Maybe it's dopamine that causes this tired feeling. At first, last year, I might've gotten a larger dopamine kick out of this experience, thus slightly more engaging. But in low doses I believe it can causes sleepiness as well.

Either way... I have always been rather sensitive and quitting benzos last year did not help. Cere seems to help very well with this.
Biggest help: I'm no longer in constant stress-mode


I have begun developing a definite feeling of being able to do a bunch of things I never would have thought about before. And it seems that it's building, i.e. my anxieties are going away. Mostly I've been doing very little, so that's partly why I only do 2.5ml 4xweek now. I can say that I also experience the effects more when I actually do stuff. Although there is an overall improvement present in my cognition and anxiety level.

Today I got a bit unfocused after my injection. And I still am. But I think that is due to masturbation yesterday. it seems to be a trend, and possible low testosterone in general (I have not received lab results yet for this). Otherwise it likely is other symptoms of protracted benzo-withdrawal, and too little exercise and stretching.

Recently I have started to remember a lot of old things. Also have noticed I do not as easily fall into negative thoughts that repeat themselves.


Hi all,

Just thought I'd check in. For reference, I'm the guy that made the "Cerebrolysin Injection" video on YouTube, and posted a bunch of research in this thread back in 2009.

I've done over 150 injections of Cerebrolysin, mostly back in late 2009 and 2010, starting with 5 mL IM for the first 50 or so administrations, then moving up to 10 mL IM with increased effect. I've never tried IV administration, I've only used the vastus lateralis site, and I've always used a filter for glass particles.

I haven't had any adverse reactions whatsoever. I haven't done any objective performance measurements, and it would be fallacious to think that I could quantify any changes in life outcome based on my experiences. Subjectively, I still enjoy the effects of Cerebrolysin, and consider it a secret weapon of sorts.

I took a bunch of time off for three reasons:

1) Potential immunogenic response, as discussed in posts #400 and #401 in this thread. It's unclear to me if this response would primarily affect efficacy (which would likely present as a simple tolerance), or safety. See PMID 22770604.

2) Possible presence of amyloid-beta in Cerebrolysin, due to amyloid-beta's size and the fact that Cerebrolysin is brain-derived. Again, it's unclear to me if this would actually be a risk of any kind (amyloid-beta is naturally present in serum), but its association with Alzheimer's disease is notable.

3) Daily injections are tedious.

To be clear, I haven't experienced any adverse effects that would suggest an issue, I'm merely pointing out areas in which I believe there is insufficient research.

I'm also still somewhat concerned about the counterfeit factor, and did a little bit of research on analytical methods. I think it might be worthwhile to send samples from multiple suppliers to someplace like Kendrick Labs for gel electrophoresis of the peptide fraction of Cere. (I doubt the injection of simple free amino acids is responsible for any effect.)

In particular, 1D slab gel electrophoresis with the low-molecular-weight peptide slab gel would probably be sufficient for comparing samples from multiple suppliers.

Though more costly, it would also be interesting to do actual mass spec analysis of the various peptides in Cerebrolysin...

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#5 Plasticperson

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Posted 08 May 2014 - 05:24 AM

you should add the eperiences from the nasal cerebrolysin lol

#6 foreseason

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Posted 08 May 2014 - 11:10 PM

you should add the eperiences from the nasal cerebrolysin lol

Basically, don't do it.
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Posted 09 May 2014 - 05:07 AM

epic thread :D

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#8 Sholrak

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Posted 15 May 2014 - 12:26 AM

Great thread foreseason! I was doing the same months ago but I lost the archive so I declined... :D


This is a great info and experiences point for those who aren't clear about the effect.


It's funny how one therapeutic action need many and many texts to come clear explaining. Is one of those feelings you think "I can't tell you, you must live it". So I hope this topic clears that a lot more.

#9 foreseason

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Posted 15 May 2014 - 12:57 AM

Great thread foreseason! I was doing the same months ago but I lost the archive so I declined... :D


This is a great info and experiences point for those who aren't clear about the effect.


It's funny how one therapeutic action need many and many texts to come clear explaining. Is one of those feelings you think "I can't tell you, you must live it". So I hope this topic clears that a lot more.


I don't blame you.  It was quite an undertaking.  I realized about halfway through what I had gotten myself into.  But, I'm glad I did it. 

#10 chemicalambrosia

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Posted 15 May 2014 - 01:02 AM

Thank you for taking the time to do this!

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#11 komputerhead

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Posted 09 July 2014 - 11:14 AM

Today is day 1
I found injecting it into my quad not too hard to do at all.
I felt quite clear and sharp and unworried and fairly productive and relaxed.

#12 Mr Matsubayashi

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Posted 09 July 2014 - 11:50 AM





Up to end of 2012

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Posted 09 July 2014 - 01:42 PM

Great summary, Mr Matsubayashi, thanks a lot!

#14 Strangelove

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Posted 25 October 2014 - 01:23 PM

An estimation of the ratio between the great experiences above, the just OK reviews and the people that did not experience much at all?



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Posted 08 December 2014 - 04:02 PM

I have been following cerebrolysin on this site for a quite long time, and I wonder, if anyone here by chance know about any study that proves efficacy of cerebrolysin for anxiety disorders( so far i have not found any of them) ? I am interested in trying cerebrolysin for my severe social phobia (currently bordering on social isolation).

#16 Babychris

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Posted 08 December 2014 - 04:41 PM

You should try you have nothing to lose I guess, if you are not too short on money ? Maybe Prion contamination is a concern but I guess the probability is quite low.

#17 Diego55

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Posted 09 December 2014 - 08:00 PM

and are there any studies with cerebrolysin focused on anxiety disorders ? I am asking on it, because I have read some anecdotal reports from people who used cerebrolysin for anxiety issues with a lot of success.

If not cerebrolysin, what are your thoughts on Memoprove or Cebria supplements ?

#18 Babychris

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Posted 09 December 2014 - 10:41 PM

I'm trying it for anxiety and other concerns 


First injection did 2.5 for some very funny reason (I was on the road to make 5ml when something very uncommon happened) and I can't tell about any effect since I have a very disturbing headaches exactly the same I get with fish oil, I would qualfy it as a throbbing headache ? 


But I can notice than contrary to fish oil induced headache, I'm still in a pretty good mood whereas with fish oil I'm more anxious... But that's not enoughly strong to say that's distinguichable from placebo 


For the headache it could be to an allergic reaction ? Maybe my body don't accept pretty well the idea to have some pigs into my legs haha

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Posted 26 January 2015 - 06:54 PM



Links are down.. Could you reupload please?

#20 FeelsNumbMan

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Posted 06 April 2015 - 01:24 AM

Been a while since we had an update with experiences. Anyone else got something to add? I'm considering trialing Cerebrolysin some time soon but I was wondering if anyone else is still on it and having success with it.

#21 Ben

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Posted 25 May 2015 - 05:18 AM

Cerebrolysin diary: 


Day 1:


- Injected 5ml into my vastus lateralis. The injection went well and was easier than I thought. Once you have all the equipment, have it all lined up and organised and the steps memorised, the strangeness of putting a metal pin into your leg isn't as bad. I was shaky though and could feel the adrenalin.



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Posted 26 May 2015 - 06:35 AM

Cerebrolysin diary: 


Day 1:


- Injected 5ml into my vastus lateralis. The injection went well and was easier than I thought. Once you have all the equipment, have it all lined up and organised and the steps memorised, the strangeness of putting a metal pin into your leg isn't as bad. I was shaky though and could feel the adrenalin.


Keep us updated!  Also, where did you order yours from (you can PM me if you feel that's more appropriate)?

#23 Ben

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Posted 26 May 2015 - 07:02 AM

Day 2: 


- Injected another 5ml into same location as before (different exact spot).


- Yesterday I felt no perceptible change at all. Nothing feels slightly easier, there is no noticeable increase in the clarity of my thoughts. It's 3 hours since today's dose and this still holds true.


(Strelok: Nootropic.eu)



#24 Mr Matsubayashi

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Posted 26 May 2015 - 12:32 PM




Links are down.. Could you reupload please?



Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, I have stopped following cere threads.


Try Here: http://www.filedropp...researchpackage


I haven't tried cerebrolysin since I posted in the thread. For me the benefit wasn't worth the cost, risk of discovery, risk of complications, time required for administration and use of needles.


It definitely has a positive cognitive effect on me. I trialed it for three separate months.


#25 AlexCanada

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Posted 26 May 2015 - 11:47 PM

Does it take a lot of time to prepare for the injections? Do you need to find a vein or do you just inject into your muscle/fat? Is it as simple as a quick 20 second inject and that's that? Or do you have to prepare in a certain manner?   Also the 5mg injections.... can you just inject half one day and half the next? I am very sensitive to meds and would feel much more comfortable if I could take lower doses.  Is this possible? 


If it's not too expensive I am hoping to maybe try this as it is said to be suppossedly remarkable for PAWS, negative schizo symptoms, general cognition, energy and anxiety.     I'm sick of mind numbing SSRI's and other junk. 

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Posted 28 May 2015 - 06:41 PM





Links are down.. Could you reupload please?



Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, I have stopped following cere threads.


Try Here: http://www.filedropp...researchpackage


I haven't tried cerebrolysin since I posted in the thread. For me the benefit wasn't worth the cost, risk of discovery, risk of complications, time required for administration and use of needles.


It definitely has a positive cognitive effect on me. I trialed it for three separate months.



What do you have in mind when you say "risk of discovery, risk of complications"


The archive file is damaged :(

#27 Mr Matsubayashi

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Posted 30 May 2015 - 08:26 AM

Weird, try here: http://s000.tinyuplo...203110870946687


Risk of Discovery,

Some employers don't look kindly to off label drug use. You can hardly call this a supplement.

How would various people in your life react if they discovered you play with needles and inject almost experimental medication?


Risk of Complications,

Herpes virus reactivation, infection at injection sites, prions, unknown???


For those addressing disabilities there is a more appropriate avenue for trying this drug. It's not hard to get doctors onboard.

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Posted 30 May 2015 - 04:28 PM

Day 3: 


- Hardly any perceivable effect. There is a slight mood enhancement that is perceptible for 30 mins after injection (could be endorphin rush from the experience which is still a bit traumatic for me.)


- I did go to the gym for the first time in 6 months. Something I've been unable to will myself to do prior. I also started working on a project that I've been putting off. Not solidly though.


- I may have to wait. From what I've read, the effects are cumulative and build up slow.





I'm taking a break and will resume injections on Monday. If I detect a reasonable benefit after this course of 5 x 5ml, I'll continue this diary with a further course of the 10ml.


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Posted 31 May 2015 - 10:15 AM

Does anyone have any idea what happened to the main cerebrolysin thread?

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#30 FeelsNumbMan

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Posted 03 June 2015 - 11:59 PM

Yes, I'm curious myself. There were a good amount of information in that thread that you can't really find anywhere else... as it is probably the place with the most discussion on Cerebrolysin.


That is unfortunate but hopefully we'll get an update about it. It's just too bad Cerebrolysin isn't as active as other substances so it's probably not all that much of a concern to people except those that are already interested in it.


And Ben, anything new?


I have finally received all the stuff needed to perform an injection so I hope and pray that I could get started by next week on Monday or something. A bit nervous but I definitely don't wanna be procrastinating any longer. Hopefully I could see some changes for my depression.

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: cerebrolysin, experience, anecdotes

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