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Cold Fusion: Ready to go mainstream..?

energy cold fusion sindre zeiner-gundersen svein olafsson

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#1 Logic

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Posted 06 April 2016 - 08:54 AM

If true; this is very interesting and welcome news.
I do hope it is true and actually makes it into mainstream use.






Even before newly funded research began, he experienced that up to 20 times as much energy coming out of the reactor as what he put in. Was it cold fusion he witnessed? Aftenposten wrote last summer about the research in this field, which is not accepted in science excellent (polite) company. But now the American Physicist Society, APS, which until this Norwegian work emerged has been dismissive, has begun to publish works of scientists who show the effect is real and offer a viable theoretical mechanism proven via classical physics procedures...


...The so-called Coulomb barrier between two atom nuclei suggests that what we see here is not possible. That I acknowledge. But I note that it still happens. Therefore we have focused on finding bugs in our own methods, through probably 1,000 days of tests. The result varies, but we note still that the reaction takes place. I’m guessing that within three years, ‘people everywhere’ will be thinking completely differently about energy than today. Perhaps as soon 5-10 years we will see this used in aerospace, for the propulsion of vehicles, boats and aircraft,” says Sindre Zeiner-Gundersen...


...Up to now Cold Fusion/LENR researchers have had difficulty getting published material in major scientific journals. They acknowledge as well that they have lacked a credible working theory behind the experimental results they observe in the lab. Most scientists believe that nuclear fusion will in fact not be possible without massive energy levels that simply can not be produced at any laboratory table. Take for example the work of physicists at CERN.

The results that have come since last summer are still more remarkable and carries with it a much higher degree of scientific credibility than before. Meanwhile, the team here are the only Norwegian physicists who will comment on the case that is based on their new and solid scientific findings now published and most possibly due to this new energy source...


There are several things that make disregard for cold fusion natural among physicists in general. Fundamental physical laws dictate namely two things: One is that any nuclear merger/fusion process must emit radiation, and the second is that the so-called Coulomb barrier must be exceeded to initiate fusion.

The Coulomb barrier is a force between atoms that prevents everyday nuclear reactions by pushing reactive nuclei apart. Traditional theory suggests that one must up the energy levels of atoms to the equivalent of a temperature of millions of degrees to start a process that will begin to allow nuclei to collide, merge and release large amounts of energy through fusion...


The physicists then knew nothing about, the extreme fabric ultra dense deuterium, which Holmlid later detected. This new cold fusion drug is admittedly not yet perfectly experimentally fully verified, but very close...


In ultra dense deuterium is the core particles according Holmlid theory become so dense that Coulomb barrier is no longer an insurmountable obstacle. With just a little extra energy begins nuclei to fuse and emit extremely high energy.

This theory may also explain why it is so difficult to repeat Cold Fusion/LENR experiments with similar results. The tests can appear to be simple to repeat, and it is published over 100 such repetitions since 1989, but the amount of energy that comes out is highly variable from time to time.

The reason is, according Holmlid the merger takes place in the microscopic fracture zones within the solid metal substances deuterium [is] loaded in. Since it is impossible to create the interior of a metal sample 100 percent identical from time to time, it may become violent fluctuations in the effect of attempts to experiments, depending on exactly how the metal is composed...


The interesting thing with the discovery of muons is that this is extremely coveted and rare particles. They can be used to conduct so-called muon-catalyzed fusion, which was discovered already in the ’50s. The method has never received special attention because muons are far too costly to produce...


Now therefore Holmlid discovered a rich source of the extremely coveted particles. The next step now is to use them to drive a fusion reactor. This he has already signed a contract with the so-called incubator at the University of Gothenburg to realize industrially...









These slides are from a talk delivered at Stanford, spring 2016 walk through the Rydberg fusion experiments and data.


This work offers both a demonstrably tested and proven theory for cold fusion as well as detailed description of the work and how it relates to other cold fusion studies going back to the March 1989 announcement of Fleischmann and Pons in Utah.  One startling discovery in this work is the observation of the emission of muons!


The key condition that enables this ‘cold fusion’ to occur is the development of ultra-dense Rydberg hydrogen that forms on command within microscopic domains inside of metals. This ultra-dense hydrogen/deuterium is said to be at a density 1000 times that found in the center of our Sun. With the nuclei squashed so closely together fusion readily is takes place and can be stimulated to become prolific by being simply illuminated with an ordinary green laser. This cold fusion occurs at a temperature that is very cold compared to that of normal hot fusion and in a very unexpected neutron free form...


Imagine how much better the world would be today if the mis and dis information campaign against cold fusion had not been so successfully waged for the past quarter of a century! Vastly reduced fossil fuel emissions would have put climate change under control and infinite low cost energy would have allowed trillions to be spent on the betterment of mankind, to say nothing of the elimination of 25 years of ‘oil wars’ and the millions of people violently killed.



#2 platypus

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Posted 06 April 2016 - 10:28 AM


#3 Antonio2014

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Posted 06 April 2016 - 12:39 PM

I will bet $1,000 that this doesn't work.

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#4 Turnbuckle

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Posted 06 April 2016 - 01:16 PM

The OP answers its own question: Ready to go mainstream? Obviously not when the researchers say "perhaps as soon [as] 5-10 years."

#5 Logic

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Posted 06 April 2016 - 09:33 PM

See slide 14 here:



Rossi: 1MW plant test is finished



The independent third party validation test was performed by Dr. Ing. Fabio Penon, a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering, at the behest of Leonardo Corporation and one of its licensees, Industrial Heat, LLC



I am not yet convinced, but worth keeping an eye on IMHO?




Edited by Logic, 06 April 2016 - 09:47 PM.

#6 Turnbuckle

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Posted 06 April 2016 - 10:03 PM



Rossi: 1MW plant test is finished






The inventor has a checkered past. From Wikipedia--



Andrea Rossi is an Italian entrepreneur who was convicted of fraud in the 1990s, and who claims to have invented a cold fusion device.
In the 1970s, Rossi falsely claimed to have invented a process to convert organic waste into oil, and in 1978 he founded a company named Petroldragon to process waste. In the early 1990s, the company collapsed upon discovery that it was dumping toxic waste into the environment, and Rossi was jailed and later convicted for tax fraud and environmental crime.
In 2008, after moving to the United States, Rossi attempted to patent a device called an Energy Catalyzer (or E-Cat), which is a purported cold fusion or Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) thermal power source. Rossi claims that the device produces massive amounts of excess heat that can be used to produce electricity, but independent attempts to reproduce the effect have failed.


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#7 Antonio2014

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Posted 07 April 2016 - 07:28 AM

So predictable...

Edited by Antonio2014, 07 April 2016 - 07:30 AM.

#8 SearchHorizon

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Posted 20 May 2016 - 08:31 AM

There is also cold fusion experiment going on at MIT.


It seems that scientists are beginning to understand why people had replicating the original Fleischmann and Pons (sp?) experiments.


It is a shame that cold fusion has a scandal attached to it. 

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#9 Dad

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Posted 31 July 2017 - 09:01 PM

I think it is quite clear these days that cold fusion cannot work due to clear physics rules. The closest really scientific possibility was probably the muon-catalyzed fusion:




but it has been shown that unfortunately it is impossible to get net energy out of it.

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