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Exercise like a girl -- a protocol

exercise nicotinamide riboside ribose nad(+)/nadh mitochondria quality control fission fusion

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#31 Turnbuckle

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Posted 11 October 2017 - 09:20 PM

Today when I tried the protocol, and made sure to note actually how the pumped-up appearance progressed. On bodybuilding sites, it seems that this is achieved during exercise, and for some in a matter of seconds. But it didn't work that way for me with N+R. Going to the gym 2 hours after beginning the protocol, I didn't note any hyperemia while exercising, and not until an hour later did it begin to appear, maxed out at two hours, and then faded away after another six hours. So that is suggestive of an initial decrease of ATP due to fission, and then a subsequent increase in ATP. I certainly did seem to have more muscle capacity during this time.


Allowing 4 hours to pass between beginning the protocol and the gym might give very different results.

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#32 aconita

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Posted 11 October 2017 - 10:18 PM

Pumping might be GH related since pumping is known to become evident at high reps with short pauses between sets and we know that leads to GH peaks, we know the pumping doesn't really last long and we know exercise induced GH doesn't last long as well.


While on MK677 (a strong oral GH secretagogue) the pumping is 24-24.


MK677 leads to sweaty nights (typical of high GH), N+R leads me to the same (or very similar anyway), I am getting no noticeable pumping from N+R...nor during, after or later on exercising.


N+R seems somehow effecting my hoariness in a very similar way MK677 does, I don't know if it is due by sensitization of receptors, increased testosterone or DHT conversion, while on MK677 my tested testosterone was average.


I am finding certain aspects of N+R similar to MK677 (high GH), not all of them and certainly each one has its own peculiarity but I can't help to find some similarities which is totally unexpected (hardly a placebo here).


Because of the above considerations, which I have an hard time to consider just as coincidences, I think there is some anecdotal evidence pointing to an influence of N+R to the hormonal equilibrium, GH and related IGF-1 in particular.


No data to support the above, of course, but nevertheless i wouldn't be too quick to dismiss the hypothesis. 

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