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Starting a small cut

Posted by LaViidaLocaa , 06 September 2014 · 1,247 views

cut diet c60
Hey guys! I'm now completely done with holidays and back home, so I'll be posting more again. After going through several months of slow-bulking at 3000 calories a day, I'm starting a short cut to trim off some body fat and improve my insulin sensitivity and other numbers. I'm currently at 66 kilograms, which is 18.5 more than when I reached my all-time low of 47.5 kgs in January 2013.

My average daily intake will range around 2100 calories, with about 50% protein, 30% fats and 20% carbs. I'll be eating in an IF-style from noon until 8 PM, usually 3 meals. Since I've been eating within this window for quite a while, I don't really have any problems with it, nor do I suffer from hunger. The amount of 2100 calories divided over 3 meals is still a lot for me, considering the fact that I eat clean, nutritionally dense and satiating foods.

My training will consist of alternate days of weightlifting and HIIT. I'm also active outside training, as I barely sit down and walk everywhere instead of taking a bus/car.
-Day 1: HIIT 25 minutes (1 minute sprint, 1 minute jog, etc.) including warming up and cooling down for 5 minutes & ab training
-Day 2: heavy weights, low volume lifting Chest & Back
-Day 3: HIIT 25 minutes (45 seconds sprint, 45 seconds jog, etc.) including warming up and cooling down for 5 minutes & abs
-Day 4: heavy weights, low volume lifting Legs

I have currently done day 1 and 2 without any problems, I will keep you up to date!

Cool, Try Nexgen vits, ZMA, NOS, and  phosphatidyl Choline oil caps(stops muscle injury with zinc n vit C). I used to train peolpe who would keep up with 20 stone steroid users! Don't forget your aminos from Myprotien. Body biulding is 80% diet and only train your body parts their heaviest every 6 week of you may OVER TRAIN!

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