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Posted by Rewire , 20 May 2014 · 988 views

#fast entertainme #yourbrainonporn #revire #rewire #brain experiment
No "fast entertainment" for 3 months.
I once read about a writer who made a one year long ?no internet? experiment. Now I am about to do the same. Although my experiment will only last 3 months, it will be significantly stricter than his. (Since I am a ?new? user I am not allowed to post links, so if you want to read about his story google: ?Paul Miller? + ?offline?).
While reading his story I instantly felt ?This I want to do! However, I had a different purpose in mind, that?s why I will play by other rules. His only rule was not to use the internet, period! My experiment has a different purpose, I will not even follow his one and only rule. I will shut off all kinds of fast entertainment that is currently occupying my life. By ?fast entertainment? I mean: Porn, TV-shows, Movies, documentaries and social networks.
I will move to my mother?s country house tomorrow, a city 10x smaller than the one I live in now. I will bring my computer but clean in from all types of entertainment. The only thing occupying space on the hard drive would be:
5 predetermined books that I can transfer to my kindle
2 audio books
60+ YouTube downloaded tutorials on Android development
Office programs and IDE?s
I have a slow internet access there, but I will only use it for educational purposes like accessing my universities website to hand in, and receive assignments. I will also use it to write a report on this thread as often as i can. And to search for solutions to problems I might stumble upon while studying.
Why I do this:
Okey, I will divide this topic in three paragraphs, reading the first one will be enough to understand why I am doing this.
I?ve been addicted to fast entertainment since I was 13. I used to watch porn and masturbate 5-10 times a day, watched well over 5000 movies and over 50 TV-shows. After some calculation i see that I have spent almost 1 year of my life on movies and series, 8250 hours. I know I have gained a lot of life experience from watching all these movies and series, just imagine how many characters, choices and different types of life?s I have seen. When I say life experience I am referring to the knowledge people typically get from daily life situations, knowledge that can be read in a fiction book not in a textbook. I believe the consequences are that I lost joy in daily life, it?s not happening as fast as a serie or movie. This means less concentration when I?m reading a book, and an inner irritating feeling sometimes while having conversations. All the porn eventually destroyed my sex life. I didn?t get hard enough to enter, not even if I would abstain from masturbation 10-20 days.
Now I realized I had a problem. Worth to notice is that I have been attracted to all of the girls. <<Fast forward a couple of months>> I masturbated less (2-3/week) but still watched porn. Began using Kamagra 50mg when I took home girls, worked really well, although the side effects can be awful. This worked well because if I had a fling with a girl we usually only saw each other on the weekends, so I had the weekdays to rest. << >> Meet a great girl and became serious after a while, we spent almost every day with each other. And of course she wanted to have sex every day, man was this difficult for me. I upped my dosage of Kamagra (100mg), never initiated sex and made a lot of excuses to not have it. In the beginning when we only had sex once a week the sex was perfect. << >> I now live with this girl, she knows everything and is very supportive. She still initiate sex a lot more than I do but she knows that 1-2 times a week will take a lot of my energy. So our average is about that. <<>> Almost stopped porn, now only watch 1-3 times a month. I can now have sex 1-3 times but without big side effects, although I still need Kamagra 50mg. <<Now>> Been together with the same girl for over 2 years. We will have a long distance relationship for 4 months. 2 weeks have already passed and last week my bad habit came back, watched porn every day for the last 7 days.  I really need to win over this demon completely, once and for all.
I often see people saying - masturbation cannot harm a person, it is a perfectly normal activity. Probably they fail to consider the fact that people addicted to porn tend to masturbate, even when they are not horny nor hard. If you cannot see that masturbating with half a hard on 3 times a day will cause harm, I think you are very naïve. Your body is already telling you that it is enough by not letting you be fully erect, still if you have porn you can achieve a satisfactory hard on for some minute by watching more extreme porn each time. I strongly believe that watching this extreme porn every day for years has a desensitizing effect on your brains pleasure mechanism. You get such a high serotonin release from watching porn, that you will not even notice (feel happy) the release you would get from talking to friends or walking in the park etc etc. If you want to know more about this process I highly recommend the videos on ?yourbrainonporn?.
About me
I am in my mid-twenties. I am studying programming at the university from my home. People around me would think of me as always smiling, and interesting. This is probably because I seldom talk to them (apart from my gf I probably only talk to people once a week). So when I do, there is much to talk about and do. I always leave an excuse not be together to long. Or if it will be for a long time, I will make sure there are enough breaks where im off somewhere to minimize the time together with one person.
What I hope this will lead to:
I hope these 3 months of abstinent in a very natural(think trees) environment, will make me enjoy life more when I come back to where I live. I hope I will not feel this need to watch movies every day to feel that the day is complete. I want to enjoy conversations more and be able to study and focus for longer periods. I also hope that my libido will be better than ever, and that I won?t have to use Kamagra anymore.
- Ad-blockers and a software called K9 to resist sudden urges.
- Activities to improve some of the neuropathways i belive have been weaken due to fast entertainment
          Dual n back, crosswords, memorize chinese characters, learn handwriting (never gave it a though in school), learn to Hula hoop.
I will try to post a daily update on how I am doing here, I hope this will keep me motivated to continue this experiment. Feel free to ask any questions or suggestions. Maybe some advice that could help the process. I will probably use any of the three Nootropics (oxiracetam, indra-21, sunifiram) during this time. The negative I see in doing so would be that I will remembers past ?porn? that I basically want to forget. The positive is that I think it will make my brain more plastic to adopt to this new life style. It will also help me remember and achieve more during this period which will psychologically make it feel longer and that all the past habits happen a long time ago.
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