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Day 9 - Urges and Willpower

Posted by Rewire , 26 May 2014 · 1,401 views

#no porn #no tv #yourbrainonporn
I felt the need to update this blog, feeling slight decreases in motivation and my goal is getting fuzzier by the day. I to walk straight on this path ive chosen, i have to prove to my self that i can do it.
Before i wrote this, i was watching 18+ videos on youtube. I never knew how much nudity is on that site until today. If i didnt need that site for my studies it would be blocket after what ive just seen. It seems that i get hypnotized as soon as i see adult content on sites i though were safe! At least now i know it contains nudity, so it will be easier to prevent than it was today. I think i was lost for about 30 minutes watching naked bodies, it wasnt porn or anything but i want to abstain from all kinds of nudity as much as possible.
And.. Knowing that i have one unseen episode of Game of Thrones isnt making things easier. Fuck, i need more motivation. Myabe i lost some because i didnt write here for a few days.
I just finished chapter 4 "Acquiring Tastes and Loves" in the book "The brain that changes it self", even Norman Doige writes about the bad influence porn has on the brain. So there is no doubt that porn is bad for me, and that my brain is wired for it. I need to lose these wires fast.
Quiting TV has been easier than i though though except for not watching game of thrones. Since all my torrent sites are blocked i cannot see the new movie that would otherwise attract me.
Thanks blog for calming me down, now i feel that i can go on to do what i did before this nude video on youtube poped up.

What does porn do to the brain? And is it for everyone, or only people who get certain emotions, or certain types? Anything about D2 receptors?

Take up skydiving, scuba diving, boxing, weight lifting. yoga, etc.. find real life adventures.. and you will not have a problem with distraction... You are bored. Challenge life.. Go hitchhike across the USA.  Find real thrills. 

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