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Posted by timhill82 , 05 September 2014 · 2,112 views

Hi Guys

As you all know I have had side effects from taking too many nootropics and not having any knowdlege or background research. I want to start a blog and I need your advise guys Im very sure this will benifit us all.

If we as a communitey im sure there will thousands in numbers around the world voted the most tursted websites with the results obtained and got websites and sources. If we come to a conclusion that we dont have enough websites or evidence the stuff we are buying is real I think we should have at least 20 memebers who we all contribute to travel to the labs or factories to see if they are putting the stuff they are saying they are doing. There are more than plenty of companies that cut corners and put anything with real ingrdients so you do feel the effects jhave the tablets real and half fake to save them 50% costs. So what is everyone ideas to vote to see the legit source. THIS WILL BENIFIT US ALL. if we get tursted sources sorted that will be the first step than puting things in our body we dont know

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Hello Tim,


Looks like a good idea to me, but how are we gonna do this?

Maby we can make a database with all the nootropics in it?

And a list with reliable manufacturers in it.

MIck Petrick
Sep 08 2014 09:47 AM

I've tried Piracetam/Choline (stack) and Noopept.

I stopped using Piracetam many many years ago because I found I was saying words which were incorrect, like calling someone by another name and thinking I'd said the right name, even when told afterwards I'd just done that I'd still think I'd said the right thing upon reflection. This was happening with other words too, so I stopped using it.


Noopept is ok, but I only tried it a few times. A bit relaxing and makes you somewhat chatty, but I never tried it more than once or twice and noticed myself doing the same thing once, thinking I'd said one word when having actually said another word and that was enough for me to seriously rethink taking it again.


Whist not technically Nootropics, I find Omega 3 (fish oil, krill oil etc) to be the very best, also VItaman E works quite well. I tried Ginko Biloba, but it started to give me hemeroids, so I stopped that. Not to mention the "head thumping" when taking it in larger doses.


There was one product I really liked, which I'll have to look up. It was the best of the lot. I hope I can find the information on it again. I'll post back here if I find it.


Warning: DO NOT EVER TRY Ephedrine (also known as Ma Huang), it is REALLY BAD and will make you feel "wired" and that feeling won't go away for years and it will disrupt your life terribly.


I've tried Creatine (gives you a bit of a headache) but apart from that it's more for endurance than intelligence I thought.


CoEnzyme Q10 works suprisingly well as well, but gives me a bit of a stomach issue.


I've written more at http://www.longecity...&comment_id=869


Its  GOOD IDEA TO MAKE A DATABASE, BUT HOW DO WE DO THAT... in years to come or maybe even months I took different stuff from ebay nootropics and modafinil etc and ended up losing memory and dperession etc So everyone will eventually come to an idea or saving up and actually knocking the door down of the labs and seeing whats being put into the nootropics but mostly itl b too late I gues....

@ MIck Petrick HMM yh I will looko into it bud and will not try the stuff you said Cheers
We need alot of people in the manfuacturing and LAB tests guys.... WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK

Check out my posts, I've got the latest info.

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