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Adrenal Fatigue Comprehensive Analysis

Posted by AlmostEasy , 11 September 2014 · 1,762 views

addisons disease adrenal fatigue adrenal
Alright so I've been doing a massive amount of research on adrenal fatigue and after seeing a few posts here about it, I realized almost nobody knew what the hell they were talking about in regards to it so I decided that I'd create a nice little blog post linking to all the resources that have really helped me understand this disorder and the steps needed to remedy it.

First off, the best comprehensive resource is this book:
Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndromeby Jonathan Wright

Invaluable online resources:If you spend several days thoroughly dissecting those resources you'll have a better understanding of adrenal fatigue than probably 95% of doctors, if not more.

If you're looking for some quick facts to get you interested/motivated, here is a basic simplification:
  • Extreme compounded and prolonged stress (OF ANY KIND) can induce a state of fatigue in the adrenals that is unlikely recoverable without delicate intervention.
  • 99% of doctors have no clue what adrenal fatigue is. It does not have an ICD number; therefore insurance companies don't care, so neither do doctors. Common scenario results in an "it's all in your head" diagnosis with a suggestion of a psychiatrist and/or an anti-depressant. **Note that doctors DO understand the adrenal insufficiency "Addison's Disease" which can be fatal if untreated.
  • Symptom clusters are the typical diagnostic tool with some of the best checklists provided in the book mentioned above.
  • a 24-hour cortisol test can also diagnose low cortisol; commonly used.
  • In low to moderate cases supplements and a lifestyle change can resolve the issue.
  • In severe to extremely severe cases Hydrocortisone along with a supplement regimen may be needed. Exercise caution with hydrocortisone. Dependence/crash/injury is possible with irresponsible practice.
I'm not going to list a ton of symptoms as they are all listed comprehensively in the resources above.

Treatment with Adrenal Cell Extract is one of the more powerful natural treatments. See a full supplement regimen recommendation here:


There you have it folks, that is all the information you'll need to get started, good luck!

(I'm in the process of treating this myself and am going to try to get baseline blood tests before I start treatment. Will update with results/experiences)

You have a zinc deficiency, just take get some quality multivit/mineral that includes methylated B vitamins. Everyone is low in Zinc, Zinc and good body alkali activates the enzymes responsable for adrenaline production. Kelp will serves to make sure you thiroid can make stuff that makes the whole thing ok

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