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The Immortal

Posted by Danae , 19 November 2014 · 1,596 views

social archetypes fear of aging immortality
The Immortal Social archetypes are everywhere, and we are subject to their influences. The social archetype of the elder can be divided into two categories : frail and demented or wise and vigorous. The former is the denizen of assisted living facilities, stricken by Alheimer's, wheelchair-bound, a shadow of their former selves. It is the spectre of old age we all fear, and we are surrounded by its power. If members of our own family correspond to this image, we approach our latter years with dread. The latter archetype can be found running voluntary associations in cities or striding up the mountains in rural areas with a gnarled baton.
There is third category however, one we rarely hear about these days: that of the Immortal. It usually only appears in fairy tales or legends. Examples are the founders of most religions, vampires and the Count of St Germain or "immortal count" who is said to appear during times of crisis, always looking around 45 years old.
The Immortal never dies, retaining both mental and physical vigour indefinitely. Occasionally someone will nudge the mythical archetype of the Immortal into the social category by suggesting that one day man will live forever. Techniques such as cryogenics, nanotechnology and organ replacement often accompany this narrative. It usually produces reactions of derision and disdain of its narcissistic connotations. It is therefore immediately rejected.
We need to coax the archetype of the Immortal out of the mists of fantasy. This is not an invitation to lunacy; it is a carefully calculated attempt to exorcise the archetype of the frail and diminished elder. By espousing the symbol of the Immortal we extract from our subconscous the idea that life can be no longer than the three scores and ten years mentioned in the Psalms, and suggest to it instead the longevity of the patriarchs of Genesis.
Do we have proof that Immortals belong in the real-life category? No, none at all. This is not the point. The question is, what image do we wish to imprint upon our subconscious, which stores information and produces it when the circumstances are right?
So what it is to be? The batty old curmudgeon who doesn't know what day it is, or the ageless wise and physically active individual who has preserved and enhanced their physical and mental appeal?
If embracing the Immortal doesn't work, we will have lost nothing but our fear. But it might.
Just a hunch.


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