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Different Eyes

Posted by AmyHazy , 25 September 2014 · 6,177 views

visual snow vision nervous system serotonin dopamine caffeine cannabis hppd
Different Eyes Ever since I could remember I had visual snow in the dark. I knew this was different, because I ask my friends when I stay the night, they have no clue what I am talking about. I keep it to myself. Visual snow resembles as static, like as an old television turns on, with nothing on the channels. My static has different colors at night.
Then last year hit, I take a hallucinogen, at night then I fall asleep unexpectedly. Next day, I wake up, and I am still tripping out. I wait throughout the day for it to stop, but it will not. I can not focus, without my sight doing something completely different of itself. I get movement illusions, flashes of light, flashes of dark, flashes of color, rainbow halos around a full moon, rainbow halos around a perfectly circle shaped light, positive/negative after images, color change illusion, visual snow throughout my whole vision (not intense like in old movies, but makes colors not look like solid colors), trails of moving anything, light trails (different because it does not have to move, only my eyes do), star bursts, floaters and blue optic phenomena (which only occur in blue skies). Blue optic phenomena looks like tiny white sparks of fireworks in a blue sky. Star bursts happen with any bright light that has no lid to it, which looks like streaks of light spread across the area of where the light consists.

One time I was hanging up my hoodie, and as I move the hanger the trails of the white hanger were different colors. Similar to a rainbow, and it was not like anything I have seen before. I had very poor sleep the past few days before that happened. I know serotonin with all the HT agonists, GRM5 the neurotransmitter of the nervous system, adenosine receptors with caffeine, cannabis, and dopamine have many to do with nerve distortions. I have been researching for over a year and observing my senses.
Caffeine certainly effects my hearing senses, I noticed this when I was at a coffee shop. Two shots of espresso along with flavorful candy mixed drink and then slowly I begin to notice it was hard to pay attention. I can clearly hear other peoples' conversations and laughing across the room. Everything in that area seemed louder than it normally was. I notice sounds I did not hear before. I'm done with caffeine.
Cannabis makes me feel more out of it than usual, but my mind is on all sorts of ideas. All my senses seem to be greatly enhanced. Music sounds different than the last time I played it before. My pain hurts worse, since time seems to drag by. I can not stand the cold, it hurts. I quit weed and along with drugs.
I'm going to convince my psychiatrist to taper me off my mood-stabilizing medication, because it interferes with my nerves and there are bad side effects along with the meds that I do not want. I have an appointment coming up.
Stress and happiness interferes with my visuals. Depression and happiness make the sights worse. I love being happy, but perhaps these visions have made me focus more and become progressive. If I was not on any of my medications before I did that hallucinogen, I would be seeing more symptoms that are more intense than this. Some people do not have so many different symptoms as me and are not on meds, but I try to distract myself as much as possible. Clonazepam was the best I had, but my mom discontinued it. I had it when I was little and It made me see clearer. I have 20/20 vision, but not all the rest before that. I rather be more drug free and not dependent . I will like to see how that will go as I display myself. I try to be as much as myself every day, but I want to be more than that.
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Interesting.. Maybe you are perceiving the 4th dimension. Maybe you should try mediation.    

I do have a counselor at a professional facility. Not one that is at a school. I described to her the visual problems, but there's not so much she can do. It has gone worse, but I think it is from stress and this pain.

whatever you do don't take meds

my parents got me on meds anyway, I'm tapering off. The withdrawals are hell at first. I've always didn't want to be on meds. anyway. I got on ever since I was 12. :|

Afaik the effects of magic mushrooms can last for 1 year.

So this enhanced senses will perhaps disappear, if You´ve taken mushrooms.

In regards to other hallucinogens, I dont know.

Found this:

The Relation Between Migraine, Typical Migraine Aura and “Visual Snow”



Hope it helps somehow

Hello again. With regards to eye health, there are 7 nutients that when take will restore the eyes back to normal. The person proporting this is a world renouned eye professor who has a nobel prize I believe for his development of quick cateract removal. He come out after his retirement, and after explaining it in an interview said that most people after a week taking the assortment of amino acids and nutrients people can throw their glasses away for good. I discovered this fact in the nineties, whilst woking in the opthalmic industry, I didn't feel my trade was really helping people so I left! I can read the bottom line of an eye test chart, but if I'm run down I have no chance lol. Don't take drugs, if you must, then make sure your body has the reserves!!!! Have you got distilled water and some Pure gum Terpentine yet??

If the snow doesn't move when you move your eyes and is a pattern, that will be the mycotoxins mucking with your nerves in your visual cortex(which is pretty much most of the cortexs!) of your brain. I get it sometimes, usually when I have woke up in the middle of the night, I'll open my eyes and a net like pattern, sometimes a yellow colour, is veiled over my vision. I think it's where the myco toxins has slowed the cells ATP production down to have an exhausting effect on the matrix of exposed nerves. It's gone now after I started following Dr Daniels advice. I tried different remedies for over a year to manage the various symptoms, and realised Dr Daniels was the only way for me. I'm getting slow focus now from looking at my phone to looking at the TV, so Carnosine drops are next on the list(home made maybe!). Laser correction can lead to deep cateracts, the type you can't treat with eye drops!!! I started a new Topic on the immune system and viruses, should be lambs to the slaughter lol

All the visual effect you are discribing are retinoid/vitamin A deficiency, your body needs Zinc to absorb it and vitamin A to absorb Zinc. Retinoids are in all living foods like fresh veg, meat, its oxidises in stale or processed food. The stuff you see in a vitamin tablet is sythetic, the real stuff is quite expensive in tablet or liquid form. Just eat more food once your apetite sky rockets on the zinc thats in the multivit. A brown edge to your pupils is a sign of a vitamin A/zinc deficiency. I see close ups of actors and models on TV trying to be a social rolemodels, what a joke, most of them must be drinkers or need to eat more lol Nothing heals unless Zinc is involved FACT. Steroids are a zinc based compounds, go figure!

Aug 12 2015 05:21 PM

I can see the veins in my eye when a bright light enters them at some angle. Sometimes they are red, sometimes they are blue. I went to a doctor and he said it was congenital and not dangerous nor degenerative, only a defect in the pupile.

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