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GABA for sleep?

Posted by nootrope , 04 February 2008 · 1,032 views

Last night I tried some GABA to see if it would help with sleep. Another one of ashwagandha's possible modes of action is that it may be a GABA-mimetic. Using GABA itself may not be very effective because it's not supposed to cross the blood-brain barrier easily. However, some people claim effects from GABA. I took 250 mg before sleep and then another 250 mg when I woke up in the middle of the night. I think it's too early to make any conclusions about whether or not it affected my sleep.

It's possible I'm taking too many supplements to be able to tell which ones contribute to which effects. Not that I have a supplement regimen as extensive as Kurzweil's! (Nor do I make such extensive blood tests.) On the other hand, I feel that if something has a clearly positive effect that stands out above the "noise" in my life, then it's better I should start taking that sooner than later.

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