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nootrope's fitness evaluation

Posted by nootrope , 03 May 2008 · 398 views

I've started a new job, moved to a new town, and joined a new gym. As for the first, now I'll have to pay even more attention to managing my cognitive skills, and won't have the luxury of concentrating only on gradual long-term betterment. I'll have to pay attention to how I solve problems day to day and finish projects.

As for the new gym--they gave me a fitness evaluation. Apparently, I have 14.5% body fat, which isn't bad at 40 years old. (Though I think that accumulates more on my abdomen, giving me an "apple-like" instead of "pear-like" fat distribution.) Blood pressure is fine, as is my strength, flexibility, and workout capacity, although they found as usual that my resting heart rate is rather high (90 beats/minute or so). Overall, the gym told me that my biological age is equivalent to 34, and I can reasonably aim to bring that down to 28 with a good workout routine.

My new town offers a Whole Foods, a Vitamin Shoppe, and a GNC. It had been a while since I'd browsed a store as huge and "upscale" as Whole Foods. The country has pockets of extraordinary affluence immune to the relatively bad economic times. It was a little overwhelming. I was both drawn to all the healthy food and supplements, and a little repelled somehow. I'm not sure why, but maybe I expect a "grocery" to focus on what one "needs", and Whole Foods seemed almost to be selling more a way of life.

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