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Biological Replacement of Elements Theory

Posted by John Bumpus , 10 October 2019 · 2,146 views

minerals toxic metal heavy nutrition triage theory replacement longevity micronutrient

Excerpts from my original blog post, to read the whole post and see sources, please visit the original article found here: https://www.johnbump...lements-theory.


"The “Biological Replacement of Elements Theory” (BRET) is the most essential concept behind the Integrative Mineral Balancing program. It is crucial to understanding longevity, how minerals interact in the body, and how the ‘natural detoxification of toxic elements’ works. This theory is the core of my research, which is continuously studied and expanded upon by myself, and the purpose of this article is to outline the basic concept."


"For each metalloenzyme in the body, there is a mineral that is most effective to activate or form a component of the enzyme. This is called the preferred element for that enzyme. There is also an order of preference, with a second-best, third-best etc. The reason that preferred and less preferred elements can take each other's place in biological processes, is due to a concept called “molecular mimicry”. These less preferred elements or substitutes often share similarities in the number of electrons found in the electron shell, or valence, which allow them to perform similar functions."

"heavy metals serve as a back-up system. When the primary nutritional minerals are insufficient to protect the person, Nature uses substitutes. For example, lead can substitute for some of the functions of calcium. In bones, lead can substitute for calcium if calcium is deficient or cannot be utilized. Of course, lead will also make the bones brittle, but this is just a price that must be paid for using a back-up system. Then there is cadmium. Few realize that cadmium raises sodium levels. It is a toxic metal. Nevertheless, it is frequently retained in the body to support adrenal activity. In this way, it helps the individual avoid a burnout”.


"BRET appears to be entangled with or perhaps even an extension of the Triage theory that was developed by Dr Bruce Ames. Triage theory is the concept that essential nutrients are organised and utilised by the organism in such a way that when these micronutrients are limited, the functions required for short-term survival are of a higher priority than the functions of less importance (source). Throughout history, micronutrient deficiencies would be common over time. As a result, short-term survival favoured reproduction, rather than long-term health, supporting progeny (source) over longevity".

This a fascinating Subject  that I have never understood till now   .  I make ormus from Dead sea salt it has 83 monatomic elements I have taken it daily for over 4 years .  I sell it here in Ecuador and I have seen many people have great results with it .  Now I understand more about why because these monatomic elements are very easy to absorb they easly displace those Toxic elements that are needed when the good elements are not there for the body.

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