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July 2020 Longevity Review

Posted by Chris Pollyanna , 27 August 2020 · 696 views

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Hello and welcome again to this month’s longevity review. July was another month of progress, as yet more studies show the potential of rejuvenation using a variety of methods. To further demonstrate the variety of these methods, I’ve added a section for all the lifespan extension studies in model organisms. Most of them are using yeast or roundworms, but give an indication of the breadth of studies that are coming out every month. This is one of the reasons that I am so optimistic - there are so many shots on goal that although most of them will not translate to humans, some of them just might.


My highlight of the past month (August), was volunteering at EARD 2020, where I had the fun task of recording and then uploading all of the sessions. The conference was a resounding success, though I look forward to it being back in person next year. In terms of any actionable takeaways, watch out for Alpha Ketoglutarate, which I’ve covered on these pages before and is an available, albeit pricey, supplement. Thinking about getting it for my mother, as it helps with frailty in mice and there has been some preliminary anecdotal evidence in humans. Here are a couple brief reports about the conference from two attendees & I will let you know when the talks become publicly available. Attendee 1 Attendee 2


Stay safe!


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NOTE: I’ve been having trouble linking to the science journal hacking site www.sci-hub.tw , so am only including Full Text links to articles not behind a paywall. I still have been able to download most of them, so if there are any that you are after, I can send them upon request, or you can simply copy the paper’s URL into the site above to get +95% of papers hidden behind paywalls.


July Round-Up:


Exercise is one of the best ways to maintain our health, both physically and mentally, and here researchers have found a blood factor which can recapitulate those benefits.
Brain benefits of exercise can be gained with a single protein Abstract


Here, a peptide has been found to improve heart function by targeting the mitochondria.
Late-life restoration of mitochondrial function reverses cardiac dysfunction in old mice Full Text


Once again biological material from a young animal proves to be rejuvenating when given to an older one. In this case it is an Eosinophil, a type of immune cell, which seems to reduce inflammation as well as improve immune function, endurance & frailty.
Frailty and Age-Related Immune Decline Reversed in Mice Abstract


In yet another case of taking something from the young to help the old, exosomes from umbilical cords have been used here to rejuvenate stem cells taken from older people and improve their ability to repair hearts.
Exosomes derived from human umbilical cord MSCs rejuvenate aged MSCs and enhance their functions for myocardial repair Full Text


Finally, in a more theoretical paper, researchers have discovered two ways in which yeast cells age and have also created a third way which leads to increased lifespan.
Scientists Induce a New Mode of Aging in Yeast Abstract


Covid-19 Longevity Related Papers:
Geroscience in the Age of COVID-19 Full Text
Curcumin: a Wonder Drug as a Preventive Measure for COVID19 Management Full Text
mTORC inhibitor Sirolimus deprograms monocytes in “cytokine storm” in SARS-CoV2 secondary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis- like syndrome Full Text
Podcast to listen to:
Excellent three-way interview between Peter Attia, Nir Barzilai & Joan Mannick about Metformin & Rapamycin and their effects on longevity and as treatments for COVID-19.
Rapamycin and metformin—longevity, immune enhancement, and COVID-19
Further sources of information:
Fight Aging! (quite opinionated about the damage theory of ageing)
Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) (best source of longevity information on the web)
Longecity (good forums where the self-experimenters reside!)
Aging Matters (good blog from the programmed ageing side)
Research Institutes:
SENS Research Foundation (I have a recurring monthly donation)
Buck Institute

Private initiatives:
Age-Reversal Network (good information & forums for those interested in self-experimentation – this is where I found how to get non-prescription Rapamycin)
Better Humans
Gerontology Research Group
Lifespan.io (Tied together with LEAF, I have a recurring monthly donation)


Supplemental Information

***Disclaimer 1 As should be self-evident to anyone receiving these emails, I am NOT a doctor or indeed a scientist. All the information pertained within is for information purposes only; use at your own risk. Please consult with a healthcare practitioner if needing medical advice.***
**Disclaimer 2 – In no way should supplements be a replacement for an unhealthy diet or lifestyle. A varied, plant dominant dietary pattern is the cornerstone for health. Try to eat the rainbow – the greater the variety, the greater the benefit. Even though I might take a supplement derived from a plant source, I still eat the plant in question. Also, make sure you move as much as possible – that is what we evolved to do.**
*Also bear in mind that most of the studies mentioned below are in rodents, not humans. Rodents, needless to say, do not always react the same way to drugs as humans do – witness the countless times cancer or another disease has been cured in rodents only to subsequently fail human trials. I have *bolded any human trials.*
Fasting/Dietary Restriction – certainly the cheapest & also one of the most effective anti-ageing interventions currently available. It comes in many flavours, but I fast for at least 12 hours every day.
*Is Caloric Restriction Associated with Better Healthy Aging Outcomes? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials Full Text
*Intermittent Fasting and Metabolic Health: From Religious Fast to Time-Restricted Feeding Full Text
*Two weeks of early time-restricted feeding (eTRF) improves skeletal muscle insulin and anabolic sensitivity in healthy men


Diet – let food be thy medicine…
*Myoprotective Whole Foods, Muscle Health and Sarcopenia: A Systematic Review of Observational and Intervention Studies in Older Adults Full Text
The Impact of Dietary Supplementation of Whole Foods and Polyphenols on Atherosclerosis Full Text
Long-term Low-Dose Ethanol Intake Improves Healthspan and Resists High-Fat Diet-Induced Obesity in Mice Full Text


Exercise if you could bottle the benefits of exercise, it would be the biggest blockbuster drug of all time.
*Perspective: Pragmatic Exercise Recommendations for Older Adults: The Case for Emphasizing Resistance Training Full Text
*Exercise Programs for Muscle Mass, Muscle Strength and Physical Performance in Older Adults with Sarcopenia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Full Text
*The impact of physical activity on healthy ageing trajectories: evidence from eight cohort studies Full Text


Non-prescription Supplements (in alphabetical order)
*Due to concerns about engendering homeostasis, I’ve begun varying my intake of supplements so that I’m not taking all of them every day. Haven’t worked out a rota so far.


Astaxanthinwhich is behind the pink colour of salmon & shrimp. Considered the most powerful carotenoid, it has anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, neuro-protective and skin-protective qualities. I take 4 or 8 mg intermittently.
*The effect of astaxanthin supplementation on performance and fat oxidation during a 40 km cycling time trial
Astaxanthin as a Putative Geroprotector: Molecular Basis and Focus on Brain Aging Full Text
Protective Effect of Astaxanthin on Blue Light Light-Emitting Diode-Induced Retinal Cell Damage via Free Radical Scavenging and Activation of PI3K/Akt/Nrf2 Pathway in 661W Cell Model Full Text


Curcumin – the spice which gives curries their yellow colour. Anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective. I take 1 gram intermittently. Needs to be taken with black pepper (piperine) to improve bioavailability.
*Curcumin Improves Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and Postexercise Lactate Accumulation Full Text
*The Effects of Nano-curcumin on Metabolic Status in Patients With Diabetes on Hemodialysis, a Randomized, Double Blind, Placebo-controlled Trial Full Text
*The Use of Curcumin as a Complementary Therapy in Ulcerative Colitis: A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Clinical Trials Full Text


Fisetina flavonoid found in highest concentrations in strawberries. Senolytic, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, neuro-protective & Sirt1 activator. I take 100mg intermittently.
Enhanced oral bioavailability and neuroprotective effect of fisetin through its SNEDDS against rotenone-induced Parkinson's disease rat model
Fisetin alleviates sepsis-induced multiple organ dysfunction in mice via inhibiting p38 MAPK/MK2 signaling


Melatonina natural hormone produced in the pineal gland, it makes us get to sleep every night, but it has many other functions, including as a mitochondrial antioxidant. I take 1-3mg nightly as a sleep aid.
Melatonin supplementation over different time periods until ageing modulates genotoxic parameters in mice
Oral administration of melatonin contained in drinking water increased bone strength in naturally aged mice
Lack of retinoid acid receptor-related orphan receptor alpha accelerates and melatonin supplementation prevents testicular aging Full Text


Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) NAD+ precursor.
*Safety Assessment of High-Purity, Synthetic Nicotinamide Riboside (NR-E) in a 90-Day Repeated Dose Oral Toxicity Study, With a 28-Day Recovery Arm


Pterostilbene found in blueberries. Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and Sir1 activator. Similar to, but with greater bioavailability than resveratrol. Taking 50mg intermittently. Works better in conjunction with NAD+ precursors.
Pterostilbene Protects Against Lipopolysaccharide/D-Galactosamine-Induced Acute Liver Failure by Upregulating the Nrf2 Pathway and Inhibiting NF- κ B, MAPK, and NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation
Pterostilbene protects cochlea from ototoxicity in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats by inhibiting apoptosis Full Text
Pterostilbene attenuates liver injury and oxidative stress in intrauterine growth-retarded weanling piglets Full Text


Resveratrolfound in the skin of grapes. Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and Sir1 activator. Taking 250mg intermittently in the same pill as pterostilbene. Works better in conjunction with NAD+ precursors & Spermidine.
Resveratrol inhibits TNF-α-induced inflammation to protect against renal ischemia/reperfusion injury in diabetic rats Full Text
Effects of resveratrol on the levels of ATP, 5-HT and GAP-43 in the hippocampus of mice exposed to chronic unpredictable mild stress
Comparison of the Effect of Local and Systemic Injection of Resveratrol on Cutaneous Wound Healing in Rats


Spermidinefound in wheat germ and a potent inducer of autophagy, it works in synergy with Resveratrol. I try to eat a few teaspoons of wheat germ every day in my berry & nut breakfast.
*Spermidine intake is associated with cortical thickness and hippocampal volume in older adults Full Text
Spermidine activates RIP1 deubiquitination to inhibit TNF-α-induced NF-κB/p65 signaling pathway in osteoarthritis Full Text
Mechanisms by which autophagy regulates memory capacity in ageing Full Text


Other available supplements (in alphabetic order)
Alpha-ketoglutarate for adipose tissue rejuvenation Full Text
Astragaloside IV Promotes Anti-Photoaging by Enhancing the Proliferation and Paracrine
Regeneration of Cochlear Synapses by Systemic Administration of a Bisphosphonate Full Text
Activity of Adipose-Derived Stem CellsEffects of Fish Oil Combined with Selenium and Zinc on Learning and Memory Impairment in Aging Mice and Amyloid Precursor Protein Processing
*Glucosamine Supplementation Correlates With Reduced All-Cause Mortality Full Text
Quercetin Mitigates Monosodium Glutamate-Induced Excitotoxicity of the Spinal Cord Motoneurons in Aged Rats via p38 MAPK Inhibition
Lipoic acid rejuvenates aged intestinal stem cells by preventing age-associated endosome reduction Full Text
Microdose Lithium Treatment Reduced Inflammatory Factors and Neurodegeneration in Organotypic Hippocampal Culture of Old SAMP-8 Mice
Niacinamide mitigates SASP-related inflammation induced by environmental stressors in human epidermal keratinocytes and skin
*A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial of an Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplement in Patients With Predialysis Chronic Kidney Disease
Royal Jelly-A Traditional and Natural Remedy for Postmenopausal Symptoms and Aging-Related Pathologies Full Text


Prescription Supplements
Metformin – Anti-diabetic medication, maintained by many scientists to be a safe longevity enhancing medication. I’m still on the fence about this.
Anti-Aging Effect of Metformin: A Molecular and Therapeutical Perspective
Association between metformin and neurodegenerative diseases of observational studies: systematic review and meta-analysis Full Text
Protective Effect of Metformin against Hydrogen Peroxide-Induced Oxidative Damage in Human Retinal Pigment Epithelial (RPE) Cells by Enhancing Autophagy through Activation of AMPK Pathway Full Text


Rapamycin (sirolimus) – first drug proven to increase the health & lifespan of mice. Currently used for organ transplantation and against cancer.
Topical administration of rapamycin promotes retinal ganglion cell survival and reduces intraocular pressure in a rat glaucoma model
Protective Effects of Rapamycin on Trabecular Meshwork Cells in Glucocorticoid-Induced Glaucoma Mice Full Text
Aging shifts mitochondrial dynamics toward fission to promote germline stem cell loss Full Text
mTOR sustains inflammatory response in celiac disease Full Text


Other Areas of Interest (in alphabetical order)
Ageing Clocks & other biomarkers of ageing
Epigenetic Clock: DNA Methylation in Aging Full Text
Epigenetic measures of ageing predict the prevalence and incidence of leading causes of death and disease burden Full Text
DNA Methylation Clocks and Their Predictive Capacity for Aging Phenotypes and Healthspan Full Text


Epigenetics & Cellular Reprogramming
*A decade of epigenetic change in aging twins: Genetic and environmental contributions to longitudinal DNA methylation Full Text
*Blood DNA methylation sites predict death risk in a longitudinal study of 12, 300 individuals Full Text
Wandering Along the Epigenetic Timeline Full Text


Multivariate genomic scan implicates novel loci and haem metabolism in human ageing Full Text
Precision and Personalized Medicine: How Genomic Approach Improves the Management of Cardiovascular and Neurodegenerative Disease Full Text
Healthspan Pathway Maps in C. elegans and Humans Highlight Transcription, proliferation/biosynthesis and Lipids Full Text


Lifespan Extending Interventions
Cyanobacterial pigment protein allophycocyanin exhibits longevity and reduces Aβ-mediated paralysis in C. elegans: complicity of FOXO and NRF2 ortholog DAF-16 and SKN-1
5'-Hydroxy-6, 7, 8, 3', 4'-pentamethoxyflavone extends longevity mediated by DR-induced autophagy and oxidative stress resistance in C. elegans
Hemiterpene compound, 3,3-dimethylallyl alcohol promotes longevity and neuroprotection in Caenorhabditis elegans
Secoisolariciresinol Diglucoside Delays the Progression of Aging-Related Diseases and Extends the Lifespan of Caenorhabditis elegans via DAF-16 and HSF-1 Full Text
Scientists may have found one path to a longer life Abstract
Tinkering with roundworm proteins offers hope for anti-aging drugs Full Text
In S. cerevisiae hydroxycitric acid antagonizes chronological aging and apoptosis regardless of citrate lyase Full Text
Peroxiredoxin promotes longevity and H 2 O 2-resistance in yeast through redox-modulation of protein kinase A Full Text
The phytochemical epigallocatechin gallate prolongs the lifespan by improving lipid metabolism, reducing inflammation and oxidative stress in high-fat diet-fed obese rats Full Text


*Gut Microbiota during Dietary Restrictions: New Insights in Non-Communicable Diseases Full Text
*Differences in the gut Firmicutes to Bacteroidetes ratio across age groups in healthy Ukrainian population Full Text
*Metagenomics Study Reveals Changes in Gut Microbiota in Centenarians: A Cohort Study of Hainan Centenarians Full Text


The Impact of CRISPR-Cas9 on Age-related Disorders: From Pathology to Therapy Full Text
Inner Ear Gene Therapies Take Off: Current Promises and Future Challenges Full Text
Lysosomes, Autophagy, and Hormesis in Cell Physiology, Pathology, and Age-Related Disease Full Text
Sirtuins and their Biological Relevance in Aging and Age-Related Diseases Full Text


Skin & Beauty
*Photoaging Skin Therapy with PRP and ADSC: A Comparative Study Full Text
*Comparison of mitochondrial transplantation by using a stamp-type multineedle injector and platelet-rich plasma therapy for hair aging in naturally aging mice Full Text
*The effectiveness of ferulic acid and microneedling in reducing signs of photoaging: a split-face comparative study


Senolytics & Senescent Cells
Senolytic Drugs: From Discovery to Translation Full Text
Navitoclax (ABT263) Reduces Inflammation and Promotes Chondrogenic Phenotype by Clearing Senescent Osteoarthritic Chondrocytes in Osteoarthritis Full Text
Senescence and Cancer: A Review of Clinical Implications of Senescence and Senotherapies Full Text


Stem Cells & Exosomes
Current progress in stem cell therapy for type 1 diabetes mellitus Full Text
Stabilization of heterochromatin by CLOCK promotes stem cell rejuvenation and cartilage regeneration Full Text
Extracellular vesicles derived from microRNA-150-5p-overexpressing mesenchymal stem cells protect rat hearts against ischemia/reperfusion Full Text


Shortened Relative Leukocyte Telomere Length Is Associated With Prevalent and Incident Cardiovascular Complications in Type 2 Diabetes: Analysis From the Hong Kong Diabetes Registry
Inverse relationship between leukocyte telomere length attrition and blood mitochondrial DNA content loss over time Full Text


Odds & Sods
Beaver and Naked Mole Rat Genomes Reveal Common Paths to Longevity Full Text
Genetic variation between long-lived versus short-lived bats illuminates the molecular signatures of longevity Full Text
The World Goes Bats: Living Longer and Tolerating Viruses Full Text
Impact of Cannabis-Based Medicine on Alzheimer's disease by Focusing on the Amyloid β- Modifications: A Systematic Study
Arts-based interventions to improve cognition in older persons with mild cognitive impairment: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials
Epidemics as an adaptive driving force determining lifespan setpoints Full Text
*Effect of new statin treatment on carotid artery intima-media thickness: A real-life observational study over 10 years Full Text
Multidimensional phenotyping predicts lifespan and quantifies health in Caenorhabditis elegans Full Text
[size=4][font=arial][url="https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32664361/"][color=rgb(17,85,204)][background=transparent]Impact of Whole Body Electromyostimulation on Velocity, Power and Body Composition in Postmenopausal Women: A Randomized Contro

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