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The importance of using the right sunscreen, everyday!

Posted by Eva Victoria , 28 January 2008 · 1,045 views

Today it is common knowledge that UV rays harm our immune system, age our skin and at the worst can cause skin-cancer.

It is not enough to protect sun-exposed skin with a sunscreen and believing that you are doing the right thing though:( Not all sunscreens protect fully from harmful UVA-rays (320-400nm)!

The best are the ones that have min SPF30 and contain either the photo stable Mexoryl XS+XL (patented filters by L`Oreal, protection up to 387nm, partially up to 400nm) or Tinosorb M+S (protection up to 378nm, partially 395nm). None of these combinations are available in the US though :(

We have of course the good old particle filters like TiO2 and ZnO which can give just the right UVA protection if they are formulated correctly. It is a must that TiO2 (if micronized -protection up to 360nm-, particle size >100) is combined with ZnO. Min, content of active ingredients should be 20%! Under this the UVA protection wont be adequate. If ZnO used alone (not nano form which is prohibited in EU, allowed in the US and AU, particle size >35, protection 360nm)than the concentration should be between 20-25% (protection up to 520 nm, hence the white residue :). The general rule is that particle filters should leave a white-cast on the skin to be fully able to protect against the Sun`s harmful UVA rays (protection over 400nm!)
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NO, L-Cystine is an amino acid that stops the skin burning. Get low in that and you burn easy. Check out my posts. Omega 3 is good but you need a total mix of stuff to get it all working. Hope this helps.

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