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Microbiome Labs

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    By John Bumpus

    Submitted Mar 26 2018 01:02 PM


Microbiome Labs was originally established as Physicians Exclusive in 2013 as an organization focused on providing probiotic bacteriotherapy.



In the past several years our business model has grown and so has public awareness for gut health issues. Microbiome Labs comes to you as an all inclusive resource center designed to address the needs of physicians and health care practitioners. Our goal is to provide integrative solutions and clinical research data to address indications that stem from digestive and immune health issues.

<a href="https://www.longecity.org/forum/links/goto/135-microbiome-labs/">Microbiome Labs</a>
[url="https://www.longecity.org/forum/links/goto/135-microbiome-labs/"]Microbiome Labs[/url]