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LongeCity Research Support 2013: Mitochondrial Gene Therapy

After careful consideration of a very competitive round this year, we are delighted to have identified a research team and project that we can warmly recommend for community funding:


Mitochondria, the power plants of the cell, contain their own DNA. Unlike the nucleus, mitochondria lack an efficient system to repair damaged DNA, and this damage accumulates over time. As we age, these accumulated mutations result in an increase in oxidative stress throughout the body. It is no coincidence that organisms which age more slowly consistently display lower rates of mitochondrial free radical damage. Reversing and/or preventing damage to mitochondrial DNA may be a key factor in slowing the aging process.

The Research Project:
In this project, engineered mitochondrial genes will be used to restore function to cells that contain defective mitochondrial genes.
The SENS team is developing a unique method for targeting these genes to the mitochondria; this step has been the bottleneck in research on this topic over the last decade. In their system, the mRNA from the engineered mitochondrial gene is targeted to the mitochondrial surface before it is translated into a protein using a co-translation import strategy. Once imported, it is incorporated into the correct location in the inner mitochondrial membrane. The long-term goal of this project is to utilize this improved targeting strategy to rescue mutated mitochondrial DNA and thereby prevent and cure one of the major causes of cellular aging.

The Team:
Dr. Matthew 'Oki' O'Connor former Post-Doctoral Scholar at the Bioengineering Department University of California Berkeley (PI: Irina M. Conboy) is now a Senior Researcher at the SENS Research Foundation Research Center in Mountain View, California

--the team --the lab
Research brief here:
View attachment: LCSci2013_3.pdf
Or here

You can pose questions to the researcher here.



Tax deduction or no?
LongeCity is a not-for-profit organization ("501-3-c status" in the United States) - in many jurisdictions that means your donations are tax deductible. We are very happy to issue a certificate on request!
Please email treasurer@longecity.org.
If you want a healthier longer life, this is the type of leading edge research you need to support!

Contribute today for the greatest 'bang for your buck' effect in supporting anti-aging research you can find this year!
All donations are trebled!

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Congratulations everyone. Once again LongeCity/Imminst has reached the fundraising goal of $7,000. This will now be matched with a $14,000 grant and the research can begin.

In case you were not counting, our organization still has a 100% success rate of funding life extension research. Every fundraising goal for the last 5 years has been met or exceeded.
When is the study paper due to be published?
Are you still accepting donations?
You can always donate to SENS directly or donate to LC so they can run a matching campaign for the next research project.