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              Advocacy & Research for Unlimited Lifespans

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LongeCity science support: quick guide/FAQ

What is LongeCity?
LongeCity is a registered, members-based non-profit organisation.
More info here.

What THEMES of science projects does LongeCity support?
We support research into ageing and the extension of human lifespan. This means we support many types of medical research and research into basic biology, but there should be an angle that will allow people to live longer, healthier lives.

What TYPES of science projects does LongeCity support?
We support laboratory research, clinical research, bioinformatics and theoretical research in the ‘hard sciences’. We do not normally support social science research.
We do support some events, mentorship and travel to scientific conferences, but not under the ‘research budget’.

Where can the research take place?
Anywhere in the world. Laboratory research should normally be conducted in an established lab.

What does LongeCity expect in return?
Scientific integrity. Normally a written report. Interim updates for longer projects. Acknowledgement of the funding received. We may approach previous grantholders to be available as peer reviewers for future research applications.

What grant schemes are available?

a) Small Grants
Funding: up to $500
Who can apply: any LongeCity Member, it helps if you have a sponsor/supervisor with some track record
Type: typical cases are support for summer projects, internships, workshops, review paper writing, selected consumables
Next deadline: none, applications are welcome until the annual budget is exhausted
Details: http://www.longecity...s/action/grants

b) Matching Fundraiser
Funding: up to $20.000 (in total- matching fundraiser)
Who can apply: Scientists
Type: For selected projects, LongeCity will issue a call for donations and for every dollar received LongeCity will match (or better) the donation. The entire money goes to support the research project.
Next deadline: July 1st 2013
Details: http://www.longecity...ts/research2013

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