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Longevity History Trivia


Historically, the pursuit of longevity has been full of interesting and unexpected facts. How well do you know the following six?

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Longevity History Trivia

  1. The man credited to be the father of gerontology, the science that studies the causes of aging, was Russian. Which of these people was it, and why?

  2. √Člie Metchnikoff was a fervent life extensionist who thought that aging should be treated like any other disease. He had his own hypothesis about what causes us to age. What did he think was the reason?

  3. We humans have sought rejuvenation for nearly as long as we've existed, and, historically, attempts to induce rejuvenation consisted in rather bizarre practices by today's standards, including injections of dog testicle extracts. Why was it thought that this might produce rejuvenation?

  4. Humanity's first great work of literature was the Epic of Gilgamesh, in which the title character, the king of Uruk, journeyed in search of a mythical item that could confer eternal youth. What was this item?

  5. Another weird try at attaining eternal youth and even immortality was allegedly what caused the untimely death of the Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang. How did the emperor kill himself in an attempt to cheat death?

  6. According to a Greek myth, Tithonus was the lover of the goddess of dawn, Eos, who pleaded with Zeus to make Tithonus immortal so that they could be together forever. However, while Zeus did grant Tithonus immortality, he did not grant eternal youth. What was the consequence of this?