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Genomics and Aging


The quiz focuses on the relation between genomics as a field, and aging, as a medical problem.

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Genomics and Aging

  1. What is a genome?

  2. What do “omics” refer to?

  3. When did the Human Genome Project start and end?

  4. Which subtype of APOE is most likely to cause Alzheimer's disease?

  5. What is the most commonly mutated gene in cancer according to its genomic profile?

  6. Which of these conditions has shown to accelerate epigenetic aging?

  7. Parkinson’s Disease has been associated with which of the following genes?

  8. What gene is involved in thymic involution?

  9. Which of the following genes has been associated with diabetes type 2?

  10. As a gene, what does mTOR do?

  11. Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome (HGPS) is caused by mutations in what gene?