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Quiz about telomeres.

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Questions in this Quiz


  1. When was telomere shortening first observed?

  2. Is telomere shortening associated with aging?

  3. How is called the enzyme that regenerates telomeres?

  4. How long are telomeres usually in humans?

  5. What organisms have the same telomeric repeat?

  6. Was telomere length in early life observed to correlate with realized lifespan?

  7. Are there animal species that naturally maintain telomere length throughout the lifetime?

  8. Can telomerase expression prevent epigenetic aging?

  9. Is telomere length regeneration crucial for cancerogenesis?

  10. What organism was shown to utilize alternative mechanisms for telomere repair?

  11. Can telomere length be affected by lifestyle factors?

  12. What diseases have been associated with shorter telomeres?

  13. Do centenarians seem to have longer telomeres compared to humans with average lifespan?

  14. Can telomeres be seen as repetitive nucleotide sequences?