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  • Submitted: Aug 23 2017 09:35 PM
  • Date Updated: Aug 23 2017 09:45 PM
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lions mane reishi schisandra rhiodiola rosea ashwagandha clove


ʘ˩ʘ   FOCUS stack for REJUVENATION & MOOD - Aims to Improve Sleep, Mood, Neurogenesisrejuv-cic.png

Use this REJUVENATION & MOOD stack regularly in addition to your everyday supplements. Take this as a preventative, two to four capsules before bed on an empty sttomach. May work best with a hot, non caffeinated beverage, like ginger tea, for better dissolution in the stomach.

This stack is aimed at bringing the body into homeostasis and encourage healing during the rest portion of the day.

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a special purpose stack meant to be used AS REQUIRED and ONLY AS NEEDED!  Other prerequisites for best results are 1) exercise  2) healthy consumption of nutritious food 3) limited added sugar. The ingredients used are meant to contribute to goals of the stack, but may produce other unrelated effects.

IMPORTANT: Individual tolerances and needs for this special stack vary and are hard to determine for any individual. THE USE OF THE TERM “DOSE” IS A PURELY HYPOTHETICAL AND DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN YOU SHOULD CONSUME THAT AMOUNT OF SUPPLEMENTS AT ONCE!


These are works in progress. One of the biggest benefits of compounding your own stacks is the ability to quickly find what works for you by self-testing, then modify as needed. If you make only a week or two's worth of capsules at a time, it’s easy to keep trying new formulations.


With an assortment of the ingredients on hand to create this, compounding is fast and easy. I’m working on perfecting these through adjusting and changing ingredients as I feel necessary.


Please rate this stack, and add comments. I appreciate it!


Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
Lion's Mane 2000 mg Daily Before bed on an empty stomach
Reishi 2000 mg Daily Before bed on an empty stomach
Schisandra 910 mg Daily Before bed on an empty stomach
Rhiodiola Rosea 600 mg Daily Before bed on an empty stomach
Ashwagandha 1000 mg Daily Before bed on an empty stomach
Clove 200 mg Daily Before bed on an empty stomach