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  • Submitted: Dec 03 2014 02:39 PM
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Rezin's Titanium Morning Tea (otc)

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matcha green tea coconut oil turmeric vitamin b complex ginseng zma


My goal was to create a rather 'safe' over-the-counter stack which I could consume daily. This is the outcome.

I consume the Matcha, Coconut Oil, Turmeric and Black Pepper all together as a tea in the morning by doing the following:

  • Put the turmeric powder, together with the black pepper into a small bowl
  • Pour boiling water onto the powder
  • Add Coconut oil
  • When the water reaches about 75°C add 2 teaspoons of Matcha
  • Stir very well or blend until you get a nice foam on top of the whole thing
  • Drink that bitch

Matcha is green tea powder which gives you the highest amounts of Caffeine (as much as espresso), L-Theanine and many other amino acids, compared to other teas.

Coconut oil's advantage have been discussed multiple times and it serves the Turmeric which is fat soluble.

You can read about Turmeric' or Curcumin's advantages in this thread. It improves your mood, is anti-inflammatory and so on. 

Black pepper increases the bioavailability of turmeric 20x.

Vitamin B Complex is good for your brain and can have a slight waking effect.

Ginseng increases energy and focus > good stuff.

ZMA (Zinc, Magnesium, B6) increases testosterone levels and gives you a good rest. Pay attention if you take ZMA and Vitamin B Complex, it most probably gives you a B6 overdose.


I am going to add folic acid to the stack quite soon.


Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
Matcha Green Tea 2 serving(s) Daily Morning
Coconut Oil 1 tablespoon Daily Morning
Turmeric 3 gram Daily Morning
Black Pepper (freshly grinded) 50 mg Daily Morning
Vitamin B Complex 1 pill(s) Daily Morning
Ginseng 1 pill(s) Daily Morning
ZMA 1 pill(s) Daily Before bedtime

Sounds like an very interesting cup of tea. My question: how does it taste?

Taste is not that amazing :D But it is not as bad as I thought it would be. You can add stevia to sweeten it a bit.

Haha, ok. I bought a  great blend of Matcha and will try that recipe tomorrow. If I run around with a yellow face all day long, I will find you :) I still have to find a way to handle that nasty coloured stuff. Usually, I add it to a bowl of rice. Putting it in capsules is a pain, so I ended up making a paste which is much easier to deal with: http://drarjan.com/t...te-golden-milk/

How was matcha for you? :)