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  • Submitted: Mar 11 2015 04:15 AM
  • Date Updated: Mar 11 2015 04:30 AM
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Quality of Life

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cod liver oil lef b-complex piracetam alpha gpc alcar ala noopept tmg (trimethylglycine) spirulina


Minimum effective dosage and regular logging should be a given. Notes, customizations & substances not mentioned in the stack:

  • Increase Alpha GPC if experiencing forgetfulness/anxiety/dull dorsal headache; be weary of cumulative buildup.
  • Take benadryl & decrease or eliminate Alpha GPC if you get fog/rumination/depression/pulsing ventral headache
  • Pause supplementation of all non-piracetam nootropics for 2wks every 3mo, piracetam/GPC for 4wks every 6mos.
  • CoQ10 and other antioxidants are opted out of due toof possible adverse effects on phyiscal performance / output.
  • Add 2:1 Malate:Citrulline, Beta-Alanine and Creatine/Theanine as desired for physical exercise / competitve sports.
  • Cerebrolysin is great but requires intravenous administration, making me nope out of this one as far as daily use.
  • Ashwaghanda is a GABA modulator similar to Phenibut microdose but overlaps with Bacopa/Rhodiola; do not want
  • Sulbutiamine/Picamilon/Pyritinol opted out of to prevent mild vitamin B overdoses and their associated side effects.
  • Eliminate, replace or reduce piracetam for other racetams (3.6g Piracetam / .8g Oxiracetam is popular) as desired.
  • Cycle NSI-189/PRL-8-53 as desired (synergistic /w Noopept) but do NOT take with racetams or GABA modulators.
  • Important meeting or job interview? take 8-10mg/Lbs of Phenibut 6hrs before - don't use more than once a month.
  • ALA vs r-ALA has been beat to death - whatever your view on this, substitute which one you use accordingly.

This stack should help you get the most out of your body and mind if you're healthy to begin with - if you haven't tried all of these before, keep a detailed log; there are many compounding/synergestic interactions which may not be right for you. Works best with 6-days per week exercise, 7.5 or 9 hours of sleep per night and a 10:30am - 7:30pm, 4 meal, eating window. The last week of every month I pause all physical exercise, food intake & supplementation from Friday 7:30pm to Sunday 7:30pm, at which time I have some light oatmeal to ease the digestive system back into work before resuming my regular diet the next morning. Water with lemon works great during the end of month fast. Some things to further increase your quality of life:

Meditate. Eliminate blue light for 2 hours before sleep - most displays and monitors emit blue light. Get f.lux to fix this on your Desktop, Twilight to fix it on your Android/iOS devices - this software filters blue light from the screen after sunset in your timezone. Sleep works best in a pitch black room, around 68-74 degrees Farenheit, in multiples of 90 minutes. Glass of water immediately after waking up. Fix your postural and muscular imbalances. Socialize regularly, even if you are an introvert. If you are learning or memorizing, Spaced Repetition is your friend - Anki is a great, free tool that works on all platforms. If you use lumosity for anything beyond benchmarks, stop wasting your money & get a free N-back training app instead.

Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
Cod Liver Oil 6000 mg twice daily CORE - COGNITION - 1 Tsp 8AM, 1 Tsp 4PM
LEF B-Complex 1 pill(s) twice daily CORE - COGNITION - 1 Pill 8AM, 1 Pill 4PM.
Piracetam 4.8 gram twice daily CORE - COGNITION - 4.8g 8AM, 4.8g 4PM
Alpha GPC 150 mg twice daily CORE - COGNITION - 150mg 8AM, 150mg 4PM
ALCAR 300 mg twice daily CORE - COGNITION - 300mg 8AM, 300mg 4PM
ALA 100 mg Daily CORE - COGNITION - 100mg with Water ~6AM.
Noopept 30 mg Daily CORE - COGNITION - 30mg with Water ~6AM.
TMG (Trimethylglycine) 3000 mg Daily CORE - DETOX - 3000mg with Water ~6AM.
Spirulina 3000 Daily CORE - DETOX - 3000mg with Water ~6AM.

I would take the noopept sublingually (so that none of its is wasted - more potency and also so it works more rapidly)

 - as well, I would only take the noopept in 10 - 15mg increments (i'm not sure if daily means each dose or within a day)


The piracetam is dosed pretty high. My max daily dose of piracetam is 1400mg and even at that dose, I have experienced tension in my neck and irritability.

(Just an fyi, if you do have these negative symptoms, you can go buy some liquid magnesium and it'll solve your problems)


Your alpha GPC seems a bit low - if I had it that low, I would feel brain fog and headaches all the time. We're definitely all different, but if you feel tired for no reason, or headaches - I would most certainly raise your amount (I take 450mg w/ each dose)


I used to take spirulina but it actually leads to deficiencies in B12 because it gives you a type of B12 that doesn't work for humans, and in doing so, binds to the places that the other B12 taken in by other food would normally bind to (leading to their excretion instead of their absorption)


On the cod liver oil - Nice choice!!! I hope you're using a cold-pressed kind w/o any kind of fortification (because that would mean that the oil has been sucked dry of its nutrients and is now being replaced w/ lesser nutrients)


All in all, nice stack. The piracetam and noopept really work wonders!