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SKQ1 is a Longevity Game Changer

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#31 Kalliste

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Posted 08 March 2019 - 05:08 PM

What are the effects you are having? I used the lotin 1 bottle and felt that it helped but nothing dramatic.


This is important: I am most and first of all looking for anything that confers more vitality.

Is it a supplement, lifting weights, taking look walks in the forest. UVB and infrared Exo Terra lamps, I don't care. I'm looking for it.


When it comes to things you can eat I have only found a few things with a consistent effect: Beetroot/spinach, Whey+creatine powder, coffee in the morning, green tea in the evening, 500mg aspirin/Glycine 3g/3mg melatonin bedtime, 1000mg IP6 at nightly waking ups (thx Dorian Gray!)


And MitoQ! I have tried many pills debated on this site, I theoretically believe in many, Curcumin, Bacopa, L Citrulline, mangesium, Niacin/B3, C60oo, colloidal silver, colloidal gold.


MitoQ delivers, but it is EXPENSIVE. I'm poor, I wish I could take 80mg a day. I have taken as much as 20-25mg and it gave me a great boost. Even 5mg will check my vitality back to ~age 20 levels. Plz god Allotopic expression or some broad spectrum cheap mito antioxidant like stable forumla of C60oo.

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