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Resistance exercise and sirtuin/AMPK activator timing

sirt ampk resveratrol gynostemma exercise mtor

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#1 Captain Obvious

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Posted 26 April 2018 - 01:14 PM

I'm currently engaged in a heavy resistance exercise routine with my personal trainer and I have been getting pretty good muscle and strength gains for the last six months or so after plateauing with my own exercise for some time.


I'm also currently taking resveratrol, gynostemma and other sirtuin and AMPK activators as well as plenty of other supplements, adaptogens and the lot. From what I have understood some supplements like resveratrol and antioxidants can interfere with adaptive benefits of exercise when taken before or immediately after training. 


I exercise heavily about 3-4 times a week and do walking etc light exercise otherwise. I'm of course also eating more on exercise days, but less on resting days and attempting to follow 16h intermittent fasting protocol (by skipping breakfast). I would like to optimise the supplement intake so that I get most out of potential SIRT and AMPK activation without interfering too much with the benefits of my training routine.


Does anybody have an idea how long the effects of resveratrol and other supplements last and what would be a good cycling interval and time of day for taking those considering my 3-4 times a week strength training?


For resveratrol, I was thinking of taking high-dose (appr. 1 g) micronized version mixed with a small amount of alcohol (Malibu, yum!) on resting days but skipping it completely on exercise days. However, I was wondering if the SIRT activation lasts longer than 24h, and if the adaptation it attenuates actually happens during the resting days thus causing overlap.




- C.O.

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