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New Study adds Credence to an Old Aging Theory

aging theory autophagy

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#1 OP2040

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Posted 09 August 2018 - 03:32 PM

A new study out today that once again confuses matters greatly on the aging theory front.  Here it is:



"C. elegans Eats Its Own Intestine to Make Yolk Leading to Multiple Senescent Pathologies"


It doesn't sound much related to aging theory.  But that's exactly what the authors are claiming.  They say it supports a theory by which genes that are beneficial in youth, continue on into old age when they are  not needed, and drive the senescence process.  Sounds like the old antagonistic pleiotropy to me.


The disturbing part for us is that they claim that the autophagy pathway is a big part of the cause of age-related damage.  That wouldn't be good for those of us always harping on about upregulating autophagy, because it's seen as an unmitigated good.


Combine this with a study posted in another thread, showing that autophagy does not decline in dermal fibroblasts, and we have some supporting evidence.


Anyway, I'm not sure what this means practically, but lets discuss.


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#2 XenMan

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Posted 09 August 2018 - 08:03 PM

There are some interesting ideas on why humans have different aging profiles to other animals. This is easy to see if you have pets or livestock, where there is an exuberance of youth, a long and productive middle age with a quick deterioration at the end.


In humans, women lose fertility half way through and in men there are big differences as each decade is added, from your peak at around 18. This idea has been around for a while with the ‘grandparent hypothesis’ for even allowing long and unproductive senior years, as well as the idea especially for men that you are ‘detuned’ so you don’t compete with your offspring.


The detuning theory is interesting as this programming must have started with early hominids due to brain size and developing complex cultures. It would make sense that if you had your first son at 15, and times where tough at his age of around 20, you would survive, out compete him, with equal strength plus the advantage of knowledge from your culture and the intelligence from a big brain. This is an evolutionary dead end as you are passing on older and more damaged DNA when you breed again.


Many of us here have demonstrated that our bodies are detuned and simply restoring circulating levels of specific biomarkers makes us almost as fit as our younger days; specifically testosterone, NAD+ and COQ10. Autophagy is similar in our case as it assists us up to around 60 years of age, which is where according to my research, the process is no longer productive.

“Life-limiting senescent pathologies” and the fact that “aging pathologies can arise from common underlying mechanisms” is well supported and a positive sign that we can manipulate our biology to reverse these actions, but probably not neutralise completely.


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