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Vitality, skin health and penile health


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#1 dosquito

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Posted 13 October 2018 - 03:06 PM

Note that I always opt for capsules over tablets and avoid fillers, particularly magnesium stearate.

This is the culmination of over a decade of experimentation and research

I am almost 27

My main philosophy is to be conservative. I think the main exception here is iodine since it’s controversial

I prefer to give my body the building blocks it needs as opposed to more direct approaches

I also think it’s good to take regular breaks, especially given recent research about antioxidants kind of being a crutch. I may just start taking sundays off and doing weeklies on saturday

1) Iodine regimine:

One half iodoral tab per day
200 mcg selenomethionine (switching to selenoexcell)
1g tyrosine
2mg boron glycinate (optional, it’s in my multi anyway)
Magnesium taurate (vary dosage)
1g quali c
calcium glucarate (500mg weekly as hedge against parabens)

2) skin health

pycnogenol (150 mg)
biocell collagen (2g)
astaxanthin (6 mg weekly, my brand of choice includes lutein and others for eye health too)
msm (1g)

3) general

one thorne two a day multi
e complex (once a week)
nac (600mg)
fish oil / sushi
carnosine (good research on this but i may stop)

4) penile (had an injury with some fibrosis. i take these as insurance based off peyronies research)

alcar (1g)
ubiquinol (200mg)
citrulline (.5-1g)

5) brain (not currently taking)

fiji water (silica)

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