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Supplementation: NMN vs NAD+ vs NR

nmn nad+ nicotinamide mononucleotide nicotinamide riboside

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#61 MikeDC

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Posted 29 November 2018 - 08:20 PM

So both NR and NMN need to be formulated for lymphatic delivery. That will improve bioavailability considerably. ChromaDex is obviously in denial of this need. Lysosomal formulation of NMN might appear first。


#62 able

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Posted 29 November 2018 - 08:22 PM

This study was misleading. It gaves you the impression that most NMN were absorbed within 35 mins. The data from Ling Liu’s Paper showed that most of the absorption of NMN and NR is after 45 mins. To reconcile the two studies, initially small amounts of NMN were absorbed intact through the lymphatic system and enter blood stream. The majority of NMN were absorbed later and most are hydrolysed into NAM before entering liver.


Ok, so now you admit that some NMN clearly make it to liver and beyond, intact and very quickly, and not all is converted to NAM, as you were cherry picking from the Liu study.


Still waiting for your reference to any study  showing more benefit with NR vs NMN, to justify your claim it is clearly superior.

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#63 joesixpack

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Posted 30 November 2018 - 02:52 AM

Hi guys, I am one of the people that struggle with taking high doses of NR and NMN. I get the racing heart, heavy chest, dizzy thing.  Also, an afib fluttering that is very disconcerting. So I backed off from 250 mg a day NR after three days. It was too much. I tried both of them. Went to 125 mg NR every other day and was fine. After a month of that, I am at 125 mg NR a day at 2 months. I have experienced positive effects. I suffered from vertigo at heights, or driving through mountains at height a year ago, it is much better now. The vertigo was a recent development in the last few years, so an improvement was noticed quickly. I also have better mental acuity. No scientific results, just anecdotal, but it is real. I smoke, and drink. I also exercise on a regular basis and use the sauna. 69 years old, generally good heath, the usual hypertension drugs. Pulse has dropped from 90 resting, to 80 in the last month. Blood pressure is controlled at 117/78. Also on thyroid replacement therapy.


I am considering adding 125 mg NMN to the mix, or adding 125 mg NR. I also take pterostilbene, and TMG, magnesium, D3. The TMG came from an article that indicated NR robs methyl molecules and you should take TMG to deal with it. I think that it helps me tolerate the NR, or NMN, which gives me the same issues.


That is my experience, I would be interested to hear any thoughts on it. 


Anyone have a positive result with such a low dose? It appears that you can acclimate yourself to take it, if you have an over reaction to a normal dose, like I did.



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