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[video] Brain News 011: Memory boosters, Increasing productivity by 60%, NSI-189 phase2, Melatonin, and more


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Posted 10 February 2019 - 11:23 AM

Brain Enhancement News in Video Brain News 011: Memory boosters, Increasing productivity by 60%, NSI-189 phase2, Melatonin, and more






Study links and timestamps:
00:30 Caffeine/Adenosine targets for neural regeneration
New Developments on the Adenosine Mechanisms of the Central Effects of Caffeine and Their Implications for Neuropsychiatric Disorders https://www.liebertp.../caff.2018.0017

01:58 Irisin for synaptic plasticity and memory
Exercise-linked FNDC5/irisin rescues synaptic plasticity and memory defects in Alzheimer’s models https://www.nature.c...1591-018-0275-4

03:26 Terminalia chebula (Haritaki) multi spectrum brain enhancer
Tannins from Terminalia chebula fruits attenuates GABA antagonist‐induced anxiety‐like behaviour via modulation of neurotransmitters https://onlinelibrar...1111/jphp.13007
Anti-fertility effect of aqueous-ethanolic (1:1) extract of the fruit of Terminalia chebula: Rising approach towards herbal contraception https://www.research...l_contraception

06:07 Astaxanthin for mitochondrial function
Astaxanthin but not quercetin preserves mitochondrial integrity and function, ameliorates oxidative stress, and reduces heat‐induced skeletal muscle injury

06:45 NSI-189 phase 2 clinical report study
A phase 2, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of NSI-189 phosphate, a neurogenic compound, among outpatients with major depressive disorder

08:51 Rhodiola Rosea big review
Rhodiola rosea L. Improves Learning and Memory Function: Preclinical Evidence and Possible Mechanisms https://www.frontier...2018.01415/full

10:21 Bacopa Monnieri augments BDNF
Bacopa monnieri extract improves novel object recognition, cell proliferation, neuroblast differentiation, brain-derived neurotrophic factor, and phosphorylation of cAMP response element-binding protein in the dentate gyrus

12:05 Sugar lifelong sentence, Imipramine
Unlimited sucrose consumption during adolescence generates a depressive-like phenotype in adulthood

14:18 Melatonin cognitive enhancement
Melatonin induces mechanisms of brain resilience against neurodegeneration

15:33 Improving productivity by 60% with biophilic design

16:05 5-minutes contact with nature
Nature contact and mood benefits: contact duration and mood type

16:24 Therapeutic effect of writing down emotions
The minute-scale dynamics of online emotions reveal the effects of affect labeling

17:14 Watching too much hurricane news
Media Coverage, Forecasted Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms, and Psychological Responses Before and After an Approaching Hurricane

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