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Rejection Sensitivity/Dysphoria

adhd mood anxiety

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#1 whiteelephant

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Posted 10 March 2019 - 02:18 PM

I have ADD with significant EF issues along with anxiety and mood issues.  Given the course of my issues (wasn't diagnosed until college, struggled my way through things with massive life  imbalance), missing social cues and not being able to consistently maintain relationships with friends, I have an ingrained fear of failure and rejection sensitivity.  I have tried therapy, and work with a coach, but I can't keep to anything because of my EF issues things fall off the table week to week and my frustration feelings are intense.  I spend most of my time trying to plan my work out because I can't do that efficiently.  My life is so discontinuous and imbalanced.


I've seen this now mentioned as part of ADD and atypical depression.  The only treatments for it that I've seen mentioned, nootropic/supplement wise or medication wise, are MAOI and intuniv/clonidine.  


What complicates any med decision is that I have some cardiac issues that pop up with medications.  Currently on strattera and pristiq and intuniv and have baseline tachycardia.  Several years ago, I had developed exercise induced tachycardia after being on wellbutrin.  I can only go up to 2 mg intuniv because I get pretty hypotensive.    As long as I'm on intuniv, I can't take advantage of a lot of things like Li orotate and fish oil.


Are there other medications that might work on the rejection sensitivity issues?  What neurotransmitter is believed to be responsible for this?  It seems intuniv and MAOI have very different mechanisms.  And if it were a norepi thing, the SNRI's would play a role as well.  My concern is that I will need to have something for EF in addition to whatever I use to manage my mood, and I worry that an MAOI isn't fantastic to combine things with.


Would appreciate any thoughts/suggestions.

#2 MichaelFocus22

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Posted 17 March 2019 - 08:33 PM

 Greetings I also Have ADHD-PI as well,  I've created a self-help thread on  ADHD  where you can see my fall from high achievement to unmedication to a higher normal baseline then where I was before. https://www.longecit...ons-on-adhd-pi/. Alot of what I post their you won't be able to find anywhere else. I've obsessively been studying this disorder for quite a long time in search of a cure and I suspect one will be coming sooner rather than later.  Rejection sensitivity dsyphoria is  simply an experience of pain that we often get from the chronic  failures that we have experienced in life and the shame we feel because  we are incapable of explaining why we have been unable to actualize are potential despise, the fact that we actively want to be successful but we simply haven't been able to. So yes, having an executive coach and therapist for the rest of your life is ideal. Ideally you merge them into one so you can save money. They will be of limited use to you because BY DEFINITION, your disorder is a disorder of NOT doing what you know despise knowing what to do. This is where you need to execute what you know, so that you can plan into the future and be able to sustain your focus and remember the task at hand. Like you a great portion of my life was a waste simply because my brain  was hiijacking my intentions because of chronic boredom also, known as understimulation. You need to get medicated and study as much as you can about the disorder before you lose huge quantities of your life and it will be too late.  I lost a good 2 years of my life simply not doing anything and now I'm playing catch up with the priviledged neurotypical peers who love to spout their privilege to me on a regular basis. Next, you need to STOP associating yourself with neurotypicals  you are not one of them and you never will be . You might as well be another species of human all together. You also need to make sure you have REAL diagnosed ADD, so that it's simply NOT something else.  It's not about being unable to, it's simply that your brain WILL fight you every step of the way despise, you NEEDING to do a task for the future. No matter how much effort and pre-planning I do, I make tons of small mistakes, no matter how hard I work to being consistent, I find myself consistently inconsistent DESPITE working as hard as possible to be CONSISTENT. This is a real disorder of the MIND. For your heart issues you need to make sure that you take the lowest dosage with the highest benefit with LOWEST side effects and DO NOT take it everyday. This should have a very mild effect on the heart while allowing you to get the maximum benefits from the stimulants without causing your own body unduly issues or problems. This is what DR. Barkley calls the sweet spot and this is effectively what you want. I'd give you more information but that thread has more than enough.  That is all.

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#3 jack black

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Posted 09 April 2019 - 10:32 PM

are you sure you are not on the spectrum of autism?

i have ADD/atypical depression/rejection sensitivity/social phobia/etc, but i believe it steams from mild hyper-functioning ASD.

the best thing that works for me now is agmatine. I have another thread on that in supplements.

and BTW, it's serotonin you are looking for. agmatine works via 5HT receptors.

Edited by jack black, 09 April 2019 - 10:33 PM.

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