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About to under take a lot of sun exposure and stress

aging sun exposure uva rays

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#1 Qowpel

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Posted 15 March 2019 - 03:35 AM

Hello all. I am about to start a seasonal (8 to 10 months) of wildland, outdoor firefighting.

I am 27.25 years old now and already see some aging of my face. I avoid the sun often and apply sunscreen all the time.

With this position I will be exposed to roughly 80 to 100 hours of outdoor work per week. (Gonna be lowish on sleep. Roughly 7 to 8 hours a night).

What are some ways I can avoid the inevitable aging of my skin from both the stress and sun?

I of course will be using sunscreen all throughout. Also high doses of polypdium leucotomos, c60 here and there, lots of tomato paste in my diet, high dose astaxathin and white tea when I can. Supplemental gelatin for collagen I will also have, as well as supplemebtal lutein for skin elasticity and slight extra sun protection.

While away I will have no choice in what I eat, so methionine restriction is off the table, fasts longer than 36 hours will be impossible (I regularly do 5 to 7 day fasts, once per month, and at least one 2 day fast per week). I have a feeling all of my aging gains will disappear quickly over this whole season of strenous work and sun. At 80 to 100 hours a week, wow. I mean I only get 200 hours of sun per year, maybe 250. My external aging will likely go into overdrive this year, especially as I near 30 and lose my ability to fast for potential useful autophagy.

Should I avoid this position at all? Do you think with the measures above I can at least avert it significantly? (I feel like that isnt possible with the amount of sun I will be getting. Regardless of my zinc oxide sunscreen usage.

Plus, what do you guys will be more damaging? The sun itself, or the sheer amount of oxidative stress from the Huge amount of work?

Please advise my fellow longecitians.

#2 Oakman

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Posted 15 March 2019 - 02:49 PM

There are several good threads about skin aging and supplements. I noticed this one. I spend a considerable time in the sun each year myself, cycling around Colorado, abiet covered as much as possible and sunscreen. So far, no sunburn, just a bit of tan. As a firefighter, I'd imagine you would be covered too, so that should help you a lot.


But anyway, a couple years ago I researched and put together a list of supplements that gave innate UV and sun damage protection from the inside out. You might want to stock up and take as many of these as possible, and esp. if you can't choose what food you eat:


SUN DAMAGE CONTROL   Astaxanthin 0.009 Bilberry 0.435 zeaxanthin 0.002 beta-Carotene 0.001 ECGC 0.200 cocoa 0.050 Pine Bark (pycnogenol) 0.250 Lycopene 0.010 Vitamin C 0.500 Vitamin D 1000 IU Vitamin E 0.010 sulforaphane 0.0004 Omega 3 1.500 D-Limonene 1.000 Resveratrol 0.150 Quercetin 0.100 Apigenin 0.050 Curcumin 0.600 Milk Thistle (Silybum) 0.120 Bilberry 0.325 Lutein 0.030 MSM 1.500 CoQ10 0.200 Glutathione 0.100 Collagen Tripeptide 2.500 Glucosamine  



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