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Is this all Anxiety?

panic attack anxiety various symptoms

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#1 TheFountain

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Posted 08 April 2019 - 04:38 PM

I had two ER visits in the past 3 weeks, same symptoms. Racing heart, difficulty breathing, dizziness. Only mild pain.


The first visit they set me up at a bed, looked at my pulse rate over and over, checked my blood pressure about 8 times, did my EKG, had me continually connected to a monitor for over an hour and then came in and said I have acute anxiety.


The second time, I actually went to an urgent care first and she did an EKG saying it was 'normal' if it wasn't for my various other symptoms that I described. She sent me over to another ER, where they did blood tests, took chest X-Rays, CT scan of my head and kept me hooked up to a monitor for over 2 hours.  They said everything came back within 'normal' range. I guess they tested my blood for cardiovascular events but nothing. 


I went to a third source, another urgent care, said that my EKG is normal and has normal slight variations like 'most peoples' do. 


34 Year old male by the way. Been taking supplements for the better part of about 11 years.


Any opinions here regarding this information? I need to put my mind at ease.


What would a chest X-ray reveal if anything? 


How reliable are the blood tests? 


I know EKG's are just basic snap shots an do not always show underlying causation, but in conjunction with all these other test results?


Yes, I have been through an incredibly stressful event recently incase anybody is wondering. 

#2 zorba990

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Posted 09 April 2019 - 12:46 AM

Re : "difficulty breathing" can you isolate this to your diaphragm? Some people easily get a mild hiatal hernia that causes feeling of being unable to breathe (at times).
Others simply get diaphragm spasm that can cause discomfort.

Definitely stop all stimulating supplements especially ALCAR/ caffeine/pantothenic acid/anything else . How is your sleep? Any new supplements?

But I would say it is extremely likely this is stress induced. It needs to be treated somehow. My personal preference is hypnosis or breathwork, but I am sure others will have their ideas.
I do not recommend self treatment with anti anxiety drugs or supplements as it is a short term bandaid at best IMHO and can lead to other problems at worst. However, have at it if you think it can help -- different things help different people.
Equally important to treating the stress is NOT ALLOWING yourself to spin down. Keep up exercise, stretching, healthy eating, social obligations, etc --- do not stop living your life. If you need to excuse yourself, to go relax, the bathroom is perfect.

Learn to meditate or deep slow breathing to bring the HR back down. Optimize sleep (Dark room, same time each night, white noise if you need it). Make sure you are hydrated and not at all electrolyte depleted (do not neglect sodium -- some crazy diets are woefully inadequate)

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#3 Artificiality

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Posted 09 April 2019 - 03:30 AM

Sounds like an anxiety attack. I'd recommend if you are able to, to stop all supps, ween yourself off of any stims and get on a simple elimination diet for a while.

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#4 Matt

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Posted 20 April 2019 - 05:40 PM

It does sound like panic attacks. 

Which supplements are you taking right now and what's your diet like?


Magnesium and zinc help calm me a lot. I used to have bad anxiety and the odd panic attack before I started supplementing magnesium.

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#5 TheFountain

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Posted 14 January 2020 - 04:22 AM

It does sound like panic attacks. 

Which supplements are you taking right now and what's your diet like?


Magnesium and zinc help calm me a lot. I used to have bad anxiety and the odd panic attack before I started supplementing magnesium.


Hey Matt, how you doing?


Yea I have been in the process of elimination lately to see what has or could have caused the symptoms I intermittently experience-d. I separated the D because I am still sort of experiencing some symptoms and still in the process of elimination. 


The burden of knowing is a bit of a bitch. For example, knowing all these 'details' about health and diet and bla bla bla but not being able to do much about it beyond make what we hope are 'informed decisions'. I say this because of the absolute horrendous abundance of contradictory data. 


I suppose there are some macronutrient related absolutes which relate to blood work, but there's people on this site who are so negative they started convincing me for a minute that nothing works and I don't truly believe that.


It's not possible that nothing works, if that were the case we wouldn't all be here. 

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